How to Play Blu-ray Disc Movies on Windows PC and Mac?

Suppose you want to watch your favorite movie without downloading from the web, and you have a Blu-ray disc  However, you don’t know how to play this type of disc on your PC. It will encourage you to know that you are in the right place, today we will teach you with a small guide how to play movies on Blu-ray discs on PC.

And the thing is that movies are very important elements in our lives, they convey emotions, feelings and capture stories that go beyond the screen. But, we cannot always have them on our Windows or Mac computer. Therefore, see the solution to play Blu-ray disc movies on your PC.

Do I need programs on my PC to be able to read Blu-ray disc?

In this step we will teach you how to play your blu-ray movies with some programs and a simple tutorial, we hope it will be very useful for you and thus enjoy the maximum experience in a short time.


First of all, something that you must have is the  drike disk drive  . Why? Simply because it may be the case that your PC does not have a disk drive incorporated.

Now, when you find your disk drive, the next thing you should do is download the software known as “VLC Media Player”. If you don’t have it, download the latest version . It will allow you to maintain a high quality in your movies or series. How can I download it? Let’s see:

  •  First, go to this link:
  • Once there, proceed to click download, once downloaded, left click and then select run and install your vlc player program. And voila, you can start using the vlc player .

Remember, to take advantage of it, do not forget to configure it to have clarity in the video . By having your vlc program installed, you just have to make sure that your disk drive is fully operational and insert your Blu-ray CD, doing so should start playing your movie as if it were a blu-ray device.

As you can see, it is very easy to start your favorite movie, we hope you can achieve it successfully.


As in the case of Windows, you must have a working disk drive, then proceed to download a software known as; “VideoSolo Blu-Ray Player”.

Then when you install it, proceed to insert the blu-ray disc and click on the play option.

And your favorite movie will start playing in no time.

Why do we recommend the VLC program to play Blu-ray disc movies on your PC?

Really the vlc player is the most suitable for watching your favorite movies or series on blu-ray. Did you know that you could include filters to your video or your vlc player audio? Yes, this program has this option improving the quality of brightness or contrast which will give a higher quality to your movies.

What are the best Blu-ray disc movie players on PC?

Here we will give you a small list of the best blu-ray players for your PC

  • · KMPlayer 64X: In addition to vlc, this is a very good player that allows you to play any video format on disk or in download
  •  DVDFab PlayeR: It has a high quality video and sound which will make you more comfortable with your blu-ray movie. In addition, it supports other formats such as 4K and HDR10, we hope it will be very useful for you.
  •  DAPlayer: You can be very comfortable downloading this player, since it has the ability to play videos up to 1080p. Likewise, it will allow you to edit the video and audio formats, thus increasing the quality.

These are some of the best players that are available to you. They will allow you to enjoy your movies. If in addition to watching, you are considering recording in this format (Blue-Ray), we can help you . We hope that all the information provided today will be very useful in any of the formats of your PC, Mac or Windows. Do not forget to leave your comments.



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