How to Pay Netflix with RUT account

With the pandemic, Netflix saved us from going through a boring and monotonous quarantine , this streaming entertainment company is the number one in the world with movies and series for the whole family, you are here because you also want to enjoy everything Netflix offers to these days at home.

Well, here we help you create a Netflix account and pay for your movies and series services with your RUT account. Without any pirated pages or extra costs, you just need to have your account, RUT card and keep reading.

Pay Netflix with RUT account

The first thing you should know is that in order to pay for Netflix services you need a credit card and you can have a virtual one completely free, here we will concentrate on explaining how to have a virtual card through MACH.

Keep in mind that MACH is a tool to have your virtual card that will help you in virtual purchases and pay for other services such as Spotify, PrimeVideo, Rappi among others.

You can enter its official page to know all the benefits of having MACH, we also assure you that you can trust 100% in this platform, since the company is supported by solid corporations in the market with the necessary security to take care of your money and card virtual.

With the above clear, follow these simple steps to enjoy all the entertainment that Netflix offers for you and your whole family:

  1. Download the MACH application on your mobile device, you can do it from AppStore, Playstore or AppGallery.
  2. After downloading it create your account. Go to the “visa card” section and follow the steps indicated
  3. Now with everything ready you need money on your new credit card, go to MACH> Top-up. And there, follow the steps indicated to transfer money from your RUT account to your MACH card.
  4. Now with money in your MACH account, enter the official Netflix page and select the option “try now” enter your Gmail create a password and then choose a plan to continue
  5. Ready, the moment you waited so long to pay! The MACH card works like a credit card, the best thing about this card is that as it is prepaid you will avoid getting into debt .

That’s how easy you can pay your Netflix account with your RUT account , without having to request an additional card from the bank, avoiding extra costs for purchases. Now just enjoy your favorite entertainment service with new movies and your favorite series.

If you are not convinced by MACH, you can also create a virtual card by SuperDigital or Tenpo, we assure you that they are completely secure virtual platforms, and the steps to pay for Netflix are similar regardless of whether you choose any of the 3 platforms, the important thing is to have a virtual card .

But you may wonder , can you also pay Netflix with a debit card? , the answer is simply yes, read on to learn more about this.

How to pay Netflix with a debit card?

Fortunately, this entertainment platform accepts payments with virtual cards, prepaid cards, credit and yes, debit . Follow these steps to pay with debit:

  1. Create your Netflix account enter your Gmail and create a password
  2. Then in the third and last step Netflix will ask you to enter your debit card information
  3. You will notice that they are the same steps you did when registering your MACH account
  4. Make sure to put legitimate data, that is, your name and data according to your identity document and those of your card
  5. Now you just have to click on “Continue” and your card will be registered in your Netflix account, you can now enjoy your favorite entertainment.

One of the advantages of registering a debit account is that you will feel more secure at the time of payment, since you can make small deposits to pay for the service, keep in mind that if you run out of funds in that account, Netflix will not be able to charge the service and cancel the service, so you should always be aware of keeping your account with enough money to avoid inconvenience.

Do not stay with only knowing one thing, continue on our page to learn more about the Netflix company and its news. Enjoy these days at home with the best of streaming entertainment.


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