How to organize games on PlayStation 4

If you have been a Ps4 user for a long time, it is likely that you have a wide list of the best applications and games in the same way, if you are one of those who prefer digital games, it is normal that you have many more games inside your console.

However, having a lot of games scattered around the system can get a bit awkward to be able to scroll on your console and find a game to play. For this reason many users were looking for a way to organize their games.

The main menu of PS4 usually organizes all the content in a list in the form of a carousel. When downloading or interacting with a game, they will be placed in the first places, but this does not mean that you want to open that game at that time. In fact, the other games are being rolled to the end, which can get quite tedious.

Due to this, an update came out for PS4 that allows you to be able to save all the games in folders in an orderly way , making navigation in the main menu much easier and more bearable.

How to create a folder on PS4?

The main menu of PS4 has only 15 slots in which games or applications can be played. For this reason, if you exceed these 15 spaces, you will not be able to see the other games you have.

This is one of the reasons for creating folders, since in this way, you organize several games in a folder and occupy fewer slots for other games or applications.

In order to create a folder, the first thing we must do is select any particular game that we want to create a folder for. With the game selected, you must press the options button.

After pressing the button, a menu will be displayed and the second option will be called “add folder “, we will have to select there and then we can add the game to an existing folder or create a folder. As in theory there will be no folders created, we will give the option “add to new folder” .

By default, the folder will be named “folder”, but we can change it as many times as we want and in this way we will have a folder. We can create as many as we want to organize our games by category, by release date or according to the criteria you want.

How to add content to your folders?

After creating the folder we will see that there is a field called select. By pressing this option, a list will appear with all the games, both physical and digital.

All you have to do is mark the games you want to add to the folder and select the confirm option.

If later we want to add content to folders already created, you will have to search for the game through the PS4 menu, after locating it, press the options button and finally select the “Add to folder” option and choose the folder where you will save the game.

Ps4 allows us to store up to 1000 contents per folder, so it is a good way to organize all your games and you will hardly be able to fill a folder.

It is important to mention that the folders created are not opened by pressing X on the remote. What you must do is press the down arrow to access the content of that folder.

How to create folder in PS4 library?

At the end of our main PS4 menu we can find the library where all the games and applications that we have installed or purchased on our console will be.

In order to create folders in this menu we must go to the folders option in the menu located on the left side of the screen.

And once inside we can create a new folder in the same way as the previous procedure, being able to manage its content or rename it as we want.

How to delete a folder?

In case we have created a folder by mistake or we simply no longer want to use a particular folder, we can always delete it.

To delete a folder from your PS4 you must locate the folder, press the options button and select the one that says delete only folder , this to delete only the folder but not its content.

If we want to delete everything, we will have to select Delete folder and content , but we will not be able to recover the games installed in that folder.


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