How to organize Outlook inbox into folders

The transition from Hotmail to Outlook brought several benefits, among those benefits we have space, thanks to its simple appearance it allows you to see more messages than hotmail, if you want the outlook inbox to be organized, keep reading and you will see how easy it is to do it.

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  1. How can you organize the inbox to only see the emails you want?
  2. Methods to sort your Outlook email
  3. How are folders used with my emails in Outlook?
    1. Create folder
    2.  Move emails from one folder to another
    3. Add a folder to your favorites

How can you organize the inbox to only see the emails you want?

Cleaning the inbox and keeping it organized can be easy and to achieve this you have tools that, if you use them, will make searching for emails quick and easy, tools such as: filter, command bar, tray rules input.

One way is by using the ” Clean ” option so you can delete all the unwanted emails in the inbox. This option will allow messages that come from a specific person to be permanently deleted, or if you prefer to keep new messages or clean emails that are days old.

Remember that there are junk or spam emails that fill the inbox, these unwanted emails can be blocked and thus you will free up the inbox more.

Another way is archiving, so you can save the messages that arrive in their corresponding folders, for this you only choose the messages you want to save and select file, and if you want to access the folder you only go to folders and download to the file option and you will find everything.

Through the filter you can sort the emails by date, by sender or by size, you can choose the category that is easier for you. The inbox rules allow you, depending on the version of your Outlook email, to create some that automatically move emails from one folder to another and you can even delete them according to the options you set.

If you put these steps into practice you will be able to find the emails you want, dare to change and organize the list of Outlook folders easily

Methods to sort your Outlook email

To achieve that the Outllook inbox is organized, accounts with several forms one of them are folders and categories, let’s first see the option ” Folder ” in this way you will find two types: the default folders , these will always appear in the panel.

Likewise, we can find the personal folders , these are those folders created by the user, these will help us organize the inbox, that if we have to use them moderately. The first thing you should do is locate in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen, once there you will see a menu, you will choose to create a folder.

Then you put a name that identifies it, you give it in and that’s it, you already have a new folder to save the emails you want. If you want to change the name, just click on the folder you want to rename or if you want to delete the folder.

You can create a new category if you click on the box that you will find in the Categories column, choose ” All ” from the menu that will open. Locate Color categories, click new, type the name you want for the category. Then on the down arrow you give it a touch and you can choose the color you want.

How are folders used with my emails in Outlook?

Create folder

You can also create subfolders, mark as read, rename, delete the folder, delete everything, choose the command you need, this can be done if you tap the right button on a folder .

 M over emails from one folder to another

This option allows you to sort your tray according to the importance of the emails , so it will be easier to locate them.

Add a folder to your favorites

With the right button, if you want to move it, add it or copy it you can do it, for example if you want to move all the emails of someone in particular from the inbox you must choose the person who sends you the emails, select ” move to ” and choose the option ” move all emails from (person’s name) ”

Then you choose the folder where you want the information to go, once you are sure that it is correct you click “accept” and you will have all the information in the folder.

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