How to open Samsung tablet

Your Samsung tablet lately is doing a bit of “tantrums”: for example, you have noticed that even after a long charge cycle the battery runs out very quickly, or you are experiencing some strange behavior of the display that prevents you from enjoying peacefully of the device and, therefore, you would like to investigate the matter better.

Maybe it is also a somewhat dated model for which you do not intend to spend money by contacting a service center, although my advice is always to rely on expert hands for this type of operation: in any case, you think to be able to manage it independently with regard to simpler interventions such as replacing the battery, but you have some doubts about how to access the internal components of the device.

In fact, the body gives you the impression of being firm and recessed: before proceeding, therefore, you would like to understand how to open a Samsung tablet avoiding damaging its surface, the screen, or the internal parts. Well, just spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next paragraphs to find out which tools are suitable for this operation and the correct procedure to follow. How do you say? Are you curious to know more? Perfect, then I just have to wish you good reading and good work!


  • How to open Samsung tablet
    • Preparation
    • How to open Samsung tablet TAB A
  • How to open other Samsung tablets

How to open Samsung tablet

Before proceeding to the practical phase of this guide it is necessary to make some essential clarifications. In particular, I strongly advise you, before carrying out any intervention on the device, to check the presence of a valid guarantee and to make sure of its expiry .

Also consider that Samsung has planned a rather widespread distribution of its service centers : to find out which one is closest to your home, just connect to this page of the official Samsung website and press on the Service Centers Map item in the Smartphone section , Tablet, Wearable located a little lower.

On the next page, then, press the word Mobile Telephony located at the top, then fill in the field that appears on the left with your address , specify the mileage within which you want to move and press the magnifying glass symbol on the side.

If you do not find anything, I suggest you increase the search radius and repeat the operation: always in the left panel you will be listed the results starting from the nearest laboratory, but you can also visualize them graphically in the central map .

You can also make an online contact to ask for any clarifications on the warranty or the costs of the intervention by calling the toll-free number 800 726 7864 : the operators for assistance on mobile products are available 7 days a week from 09.00 to 21.00 , but I suggest you first find the model code , serial number or IMEI .

Alternatively, on the Samsung online support site you can also find other communication channels, such as Live Chat , accessible by pressing the Start a chat button , or email , by filling out the form that is proposed by clicking twice on the Write us button . email .

Having said that, I would like to inform you that for the realization of this tutorial I used a Samsung tablet of the TAB A series , model SM-T565 . The operation, as you will be able to see shortly, does not involve particular difficulties, but a fair expertise is still required to avoid causing damage to both the cover and the delicate internal parts of the device.

I would like to warn you in advance, therefore, that I take no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the tablet during the execution of the next operations. If, at this point, you are still confident about the success of the operation and want to test your dexterity, then the time has come to roll up your sleeves and try your hand at this new job.


The first phase, essential for a successful operation, consists in preparing the device, the work space and the tools necessary for opening. The tablet, of course, must be turned off and disconnected from any other devices and from the charger and any SIM and memory cards present in their respective slots must be removed .

Secondly, it is important to lean on a smooth and spacious surface , possibly covered by a soft cloth to prevent the display from being scratched during the procedure.

Next, get two spudgers , one of which is small (you will need it to create the first slot between the display and the cover of the device and keep it open) and the other slightly larger: the latter will help you to continue with the separation of all the remaining rear cover.

If you’ve never heard of it before, the spudger is a very simple and handy spatula-like tool, specially designed to limit damage to a device’s components. The ones I used for the opening of the Samsung TAB A model are made of metal and are equipped with a non-slip handle and a flat but slightly curved end , with a width of 0.5 cm and 1 cm respectively .


I recommend using a metal spudger to create the first slot, while to separate the cover you can also opt for one made with a more flexible material, such as plastic or nylon , in order to reduce the possibility of scratching the object.

How to open Samsung tablet TAB A

As you will be able to verify for yourself shortly, it is not absolutely difficult to realize how to open a Samsung tablet TAB A , but it is very important to follow the instructions I am about to give you to the letter in order not to damage the device.

First locate the memory card slot , then take the small spudger (with the 0.5 cm wide spatula) and insert it, without forcing too much, into the upper part of the aforementioned entrance, gently levering it to the right and left in order to create a first crack and avoid deforming the edge.

As soon as you succeed, leave the small spudger inside the slot to act as a thickness and prevent it from closing, then, holding the tablet firmly with one hand, take the larger spudger (1 cm wide) and slide it along the perimeter of the cover .

Consider that approximately every 3 cm and at the corners of the device there are joints : to free them you will necessarily have to pry them upwards, always with absolute delicacy and patience (I am repetitive, I know, but it is really very important!), Until you will hear a very discernible click , confirming the success of the operation.

Continue like this for the entire length of the device, without haste: only when you rejoin the first slot can you open the cover completely and separate it from the display and thus have access to the internal components of the tablet.

If, at this point, you need to replace the battery because you have ascertained that after several charging cycles it is no longer sufficiently performing, in this case you must first remove the connectors that connect it to the central body with tweezers , acting with slight upward and inward movements. Once this is done, it is also necessary to remove the screws located at the edges of the same using a Phillips screwdriver with size 0 .

Closing the tablet, on the other hand, represents the easiest part of the operation: you just need to put the two elements together again, taking care to match them correctly (if necessary, take the camera as a reference ), then press with your fingers along the edges to fit the cover again. to the display.

How to open other Samsung tablets

The indications provided in the previous chapter relating to the Samsung SM-T565 tablet were very useful to you, but in reality you have a different model available to the one in question? Well, you can still refer to the instructions provided in the previous chapter to understand how to open other Samsung tablets , for example the SM-T585 version : keep in mind, however, that there may be some small differences regarding how to remove the battery .

The procedure is also basically valid for learning how to open Samsung TAB 3 tablet or how to open Samsung TAB 4 tablet , since the assembly of the two units takes place in the same way. In the TAB E series , for example in the SM-T560 model, on the other hand, the edges may not be on the side but on the flat surface of the display: for the rest, also in this case, the procedure is basically the same.

As for the S2 model, the opening mode differs slightly from those mentioned above, since the edges of the cover are slightly more internal than the display: in any case, the spudgers must always be used , but since there is no correspondence with the memory card slot I recommend starting from one corner to create the first slot.

How do you say? Would you like to know if I have any advice to give you to help you realize how to disassemble Samsung Note 10.1 tablet ? Well, you should know that this version has an additional panel at the camera that must always be removed in advance using a spudger. For further information, I refer you to a simple search on YouTube , where you can find many video tutorials useful for the purpose.

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