How to modify the space reserved for the recycle bin

The storage space inside a computer is an extremely important aspect of it. Beyond the obvious fact that if you take up too much space, you won’t have enough to download new things to a computer; There is the fact that the computer also slows down due to the use of a program that occupies a large part of the memory, and it also becomes less reliable as you fill it with files.

And, in order to control this, every computer comes with a very effective tool: the recycle bin. Through a recycle bin, you can give yourself the luxury of deleting a large number of files . All those files are unusable, such as images or videos you’ve downloaded that do not use or you’ll never use, can go straight to the trash recycling .

And, in addition, through the recycle bin you have the luxury of being able to restore what you have deleted. Many times we can accidentally delete something, but when this happens we can go to the recycle bin and restore it to its original place. In turn, you have the option to permanently delete files from the trash .

Luckily, the Windows system today is thought about the user experience and how to make the experience much easier and more comfortable.

This is why the Windows Recycle Bin has also become more convenient to use, to the point of having an option to assign a specific space to it on our hard drive. That is why it is considered important that you know the size of the recycle bin on your pc .

So if you tend to work with very large files, or just want to better manage the number of files that may or may not end up there, you can easily change the reserved space with the following tutorial.

Changing the recycle bin space

Whether you are on Windows 7, 8, 10 or another, the process to change the space reserved for the recycle bin is the same, and in fact a very simple one. In addition, it is completely reversible, so if you want to change it you always have the freedom to do it. To do this, you have to follow the following steps:

  • First, you must locate yourself in the icon of the recycle bin . This can usually be found on the system desktop and, if you don’t have much knowledge about it, it will be in the form of a small trash can.
  • You must direct your cursor over this icon and right click to see different options. Among these, you will see the Properties option. Click on it.
  • Next, a window will open where you can see different options regarding the recycle bin. But, for now, you should make sure that you are allocating space to the correct hard disk in case you have several on the same computer.
  • Now below this, you will see a field with multiple numbers. These numbers are the space allocated to the recycle bin in MB. You just have to click on it and modify it as you see fit. You just have to remember that every 1024 MB is one GB . Click accept once you are done.

Deleting files directly

Within the same options that we have illustrated previously, you can activate an option where every time you want to delete a file from the system , it does not go to the recycle bin, but is permanently deleted.

If this is something that benefits you in any way, you just have to go back to the Recycle Bin Properties and go to the option that says “ Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Directly remove files upon deletion ”.

On this option, you just have to click on the box next to it to activate it and that’s it. No need to worry more for trash recycling and files that are in it.


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