How to reduce digital eyestrain when using your PC and mobile – Tips

It is very clear that in recent years, new symptoms are appearing that are caused by prolonged use of the mobile phone or exposure to computer screens. Although there are applications or platforms that have tried to reduce these symptoms with the implementation of new functions. In the following article we will teach you how to reduce digital visual fatigue when using the PC and the Mobile, tips.

Direct messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram or social networks such as Twitter have implemented Dark Mode, Night Mode or Night Mode. This is to protect the view of its users and thus guarantee more time glued to the screen of the mobile or computer, with the least possible discomfort in the view or visual fatigue.

It is that the damage that they can cause to sight, the intense brightness of the new screens that our mobile devices or desktop computers use is already known. And we have shown other articles, where the use of these functions is shown, for example, how to activate the dark mode of Instagram in Android and in Google Chrome.

How to reduce digital visual fatigue when using the PC and the Mobile

It is that today it seems that it is impossible not to be glued to our mobile phones or personal computers. Since we will always find an excuse for it. Either for work reasons or simply because we want to know what our friends have commented on the different social networks or communication platforms .

But it turns out that those long hours of being glued to the screens have produced certain symptoms that are typical of visual fatigue . These can be, itchy and dry eyes, visual exhaustion, blurred vision, sometimes severe headaches. That if they continue like this, they can cause our visual health to deteriorate significantly.

It is for these reasons that are more than evident, that certain precautions must be taken to avoid irreparable damage to our eyes. Of course, one of them must be, to avoid prolonged use of these devices, where we do not ask you to dispense with them but to use them for short periods, rest and use it again.

Tips to reduce digital eyestrain when using your PC and mobile

To avoid eyestrain , you can follow these simple recommendations, first if you have already established periodic breaks of between 5 to 10 minutes. You can also try to adjust the brightness of the screens, to avoid high brightness. Remember that these settings will depend on the brightness of the place where you are.

If your mobile device has the dark mode function , it is good to have it activated so that it starts working when night falls. If not and you use a messaging application like Twitter, you can activate dark mode in it. Remember that intense brightness is the cause of eye fatigue or fatigue .

One of the settings that you can modify in the advanced options of the screen properties is the screen refresh rate. This corresponds to the number of times the monitor screen is refreshed. These parameters must be between 70 and 75 Hz.

Believe it or not, having a minimum distance of 60 cm  from the monitor and that it is a little below eye level, would be ideal. In the case of using mobile phones or tablets, they must be at a distance that ranges between 35 to 40 cm.

It is also important that you change the size of the letters or use the Zoom to be able to read and thus avoid having to approach the device. These are some basic tips that we can offer you to avoid this serious eye problem and in this way we end with this article that showed you how to reduce digital visual fatigue when using the PC and the Mobile.


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