How to empty the recycle bin in Mac OS X?

Do you have a MAC computer with the OS X operating system ? Do you want to delete any file permanently, without anyone being able to recover it and without downloading any programs?

If your answer to these questions is yes, this article will be very useful, because we will show in an easy and simple way how to delete those files that we want to permanently delete on our computer .

This is possible, as they have currently created a wide range of programs that allow you to recover files that are deleted from the recycle bin .

But here we will teach you how to permanently delete these unwanted files and that not even a special program can be recovered.

Needless to mention, you should be careful which files you are going to delete, because you won’t be able to recover them, you need to be sure you don’t want to have them back on your computer.

Instructions to follow to empty the trash

Next, we will show you the best way to delete these files , without downloading any special programs.

Follow the steps carefully and carefully, so that you don’t have trouble deleting the files you don’t want :

First step: go to Applications

You should go to the Applications section , then you will find all the components of your system.

Second step: select Utilities

Next, you will have to check the box with the name of Utility, in which you will be shown the specifications of your computer and mainly its memory.

Among these options, you will find the Disk Utility.

Third step: switch to the partition

After entering the disk utility section, you can view the specifications and requirements of the hard disk and all related components. Here you will select the partition where it matches your HD.

Fourth step: browse your computer

You will have to navigate through your computer, to get the card with the name of Delete. In this you need to click on the box with the option to clear free space.

Fifth step: select the deletion

As a last step, you have to choose the type of deletion you want to use in the file in question. Interestingly, all of these types of cancellation are mostly similar or the same.

If for some reason the delete section could not be accessed, you can access as follows:

  1. You need to click on the identifying icon of the Tool Dock.
  2. When you press the key, you need to press the command

In this way, you can access the file delete tab on your hard drive , easier and faster.

Thanks to this article, you can now delete any file you want to delete and not restore .

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