How to memorize numbers

How to memorize the numbers? Here are some memory techniques to easily remember numbers, alone or in pairs. Here’s how it’s done according to the experts.


How to memorize the numbers? Here are some techniques – Source: Istock

One of the biggest worries of students of all levels has always been the same: memorizing what you study. But it is one thing to memorize notions of literature, it is another thing to keep in mind the dates of history, yet another to remember many different mathematical formulas by heart.

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Memorizing numbers , in particular, is universally held to be a much more difficult exercise than memorizing abstract concepts. Could it be for this reason that the great memory samples demonstrate their skills by remembering very long numerical sequences?




Experts in memory techniques provide four specific techniques of increasing complexity. Let’s see them immediately. Here’s how to memorize the numbers:

  1. Transforming numbers into images … and creating a story around them
    The first piece of advice is to transform numbers into images that our brain can remember more easily. Experts suggest starting from the rhymes, associating a rhyme to each number: six = lei, three = king, and so on.
    The next step is to come up with a story that helps you remember a sequence: 6318 = lei, king, bruno, bang = she goes to a brown king and explodes with a bang.
  2. Transforming the number into the corresponding form
    Have you ever noticed, for example, that the number 2 is similar to a swan? Or that the 4 looks like a sail?
  3. Using phonetic conversion
    This method is quite complex: it derives from Leibniz, who argued that every number can be associated with a sound. For example, 0 can be associated with sibilants, 2 resembles a lowercase n … in short, this method consists once again in transforming numbers into something else. In this case, words.
  4. PA System
    Developed by Dominic O’Brian, this method consists of remembering numbers in pairs, using mental associations of names and actions. For example, 25 can be associated with Santa Claus bringing presents, 88 to grandmother (who is 88) making a cake. If we have Santa making a cake, we have automatically created sequence 2588.
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