How to make the cursor appear in a screenshot

To learn to make computer screen captures , it is of great interest to us at the moment; since practically everything moves through technology, such is the case to study or perform a job.

This resource makes us live life in a simpler way, so below we will teach you how to use tools through different programs and commands to achieve screenshots quickly and effectively. It is important to note that with screenshots we can quickly save valuable information.

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  1. What is the way to include the cursor in a Windows screenshot?
  2. How do you normally take a screenshot in Windows?
  3. What tools allow the cursor to be included in a screenshot in Windows?
    1. IrfanView
    2. Screencasting app
    3. Greenshot

What is the way to include the cursor in a Windows screenshot?

To include your cursor or pointer in a screenshot, there is only one way to do it from the Windows system and that is with a tool that you already have. Which is called Steps Recorder , a program that will be very useful for you.

Windows gives us the opportunity to see the saved captures and where they are stored. Likewise, this program is free, and through it, we will teach you how to capture your screen by incorporating the cursor as follows:

  1. We open Steps Recorder, press the record button and continue with what you want to capture, then press the Stop Recording switch.
  2. You will then be able to view the recorded steps, especially the screenshots or screenshots with the mouse pointer.
  3. When we find the screenshot we need, we right-click on the image and click on “Save image as”. Next we select the location of the image, finally obtaining a screenshot with the attached pointer or cursor.

How do you normally take a screenshot in Windows?

We know that screen captures (screenshots) are quite convenient to show someone what you are observing on your computer, either for entertainment or for support problems. For this reason, we will show you below, how a screen capture is generally made, since the Windows operating system has two ways to do it:

  1. First, you must press the Imp Pnt button on the keyboard, which is usually found after the F keys. If you press on it, you will immediately save the screenshot to the clipboard.
  2. After having the capture, you must open an image editor, for greater comfort we have Paint, already in the program press the Ctrl and V keys at the same time to paste our capture.
  3. The second way is more useful: We are going to press the Win (also called start) and Imp Pnt keys, the screenshot will be automatically stored on your computer, the format in which the image will be saved will be in PNG, and will save in the folder located in Images – Screenshots. After this process, you can use the editing program of your choice, for when you need to use it.

What tools allow the cursor to be included in a screenshot in Windows?

The Windows system provides us with different alternatives to take screenshots or screenshots, among them we can mention:


It is a free-use screen capture program, which allows us to take screenshots giving access to edit, transform and process them in the same application. In addition, with it we can make slide shows, convert image files, as well as make audio and video reproductions.

Screencasting app

It is a digital video recording of your computer screen, usually containing an audio narration called a screencast. Screencasting or Screencasting saves you a lot of time. In the same way as a screenshot or a screenshot. Screencasts can be called screen recording or screenshot video. It is also an extraordinary way to show or share our ideas.

Considering that one of the most outstanding advantages of screencasting is that the user will be able to see the screencast at the best time for them. Allowing the person to absorb the information in their own time, so that they can pause and replay parts if necessary. In addition to this, we can say that with Screencasting we add a personal touch in a way that we simply cannot do with other methods.


This application is free and open encryption, to take screenshot. Greenshot offers us complementary photo editing tools without using photo editing software, as well as efficiently adapting to taking screenshots using the mouse cursor in Windows.

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