How to make money in One Piece Odyssey

Detailed instructions describing all the ways to earn money (Belli) in One Piece Odyssey

In One Piece Odyssey, belly (berries) are used instead of the usual money or credits for players. There are several ways to earn money in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to get berries in One Piece Odyssey and how to unlock the Economist Scientist achievement.

What is belli (berries)

Belly or Berries is the default currency in One Piece Odyssey and is required to purchase various items such as the Yois Shop. Without this credit substitute, users will not be able to get some artifacts that can make battles easier. The cost of some particularly expensive accessories can reach one million berries, so the player will have to do his best to get money in the game. In addition, players who collect 20 million Bellis will earn the Savings Savan achievement. The game has several options for earning them. The following sections will describe each of them.


Closer to the middle of the game, one successful battle can bring about 20-50 thousand berries. The amount received depends on the number of defeated opponents, their strength and the complexity of the battle. Set up the best moves and go exploring locations in search of enemies. In addition, the successful completion of boss battles will bring the user approximately 100 thousand belly.

Nami’s Special Skill

The heroine has a special ability of a thief, which allows you to earn additional berries from opponents. This skill brings very little money from ordinary enemies, however, bosses, when using the skill, will add 12-25 thousand belly to the player’s piggy bank.

Exploring locations with us

This option is unlocked after clearing the rebel camp in the desert in Chapter 2. With the help of this skill, the girl determines the location of places with a large number of belly. Such cash bonuses can be approximately 20-80 thousand berries. If you have free time to explore the location, it is recommended to switch to the heroine and go in search of coins. One of the special places is a stairwell near a store in the City area. In this zone, Nami is able to find 200,000 Bellis.

Side quests

The game has special missions for a reward that allow you to earn good money. Pay attention to every available task and complete them during the storyline.

Sale of accessories

Many unnecessary artifacts of not only special, but also simple rarity can be sold in the store. If there are such garbage items, go to the nearest shop and get rid of them. Heroes will not need them, and the player will be able to get an additional bonus in the form of a belly.


Throughout the game, Luffy and his friends will find item boxes. In addition to accessories, you can always find a certain amount of belli inside. Explore locations, open chests and get extra berries. This is where all the available ways to make money in One Piece Odyssey end.


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