One Piece Odyssey Combat Guide – How to Fight in the Game

Detailed instructions for the combat system in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey features a well-thought-out combat system that pushes you to take into account the characteristics of enemies, prepare in advance for fights and react with lightning speed to events taking place on the screen. In this guide, we will highlight the important features of the gameplay and talk about the useful features of the game.

Move system

When confronted in the open world with opponents, as in classic JRPGs, the battle begins in an arena separate from the open location. In these skirmishes, players take turns choosing a variety of actions, attacking opponents and trying to survive enemy moves. In each battle, you need to build battle tactics, use useful abilities and not mindlessly press all available buttons.

The current move in the battle is marked in the right corner. The player can use one action for each character. There are three types of skills in the game:

  1. Attackis a normal strike with no special effects that deals base damage without exceptions.
  2. A skillis a super move that has a special effect and differs in combat depending on the character used.
  3. An itemis a consumable item that a player needs to enhance certain characteristics or heal heroes.

In battle, we pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and independently decide on further actions. Also note that One Piece Odyssey has an auto-combat option that will allow the player to take a break from numerous battles.

It is worth noting that the player can distribute the sequence of moves of allies. With such a tricky option, the user gets the opportunity to think over the battle sequence in advance. Don’t forget to pay attention to the filled arrow around the enemy icon. It allows you to determine the speed of the opponent’s entry into the battle.

Principle of damage

During the battle, you can use only one action of the hero, so you need to carefully choose his choice. The combat system of One Piece Odyssey is based on the simple mechanics of Rock, Paper, Scissors and relies on three types of attacks – might (red icon with a fist), agility (orange icon with a gun), and skill (green icon with a dagger). Each enemy or ally belongs to one of the types presented above, which affects the amount of damage inflicted by the characters in different situations.

The idea of ​​”Rock, Paper, Scissors” in the game is based on the following principles of the combat system:

  1. Power is more effective than speed.
  2. Hurry is more perfect than skill.
  3. Skill is more useful than power.

Given this approach, the player will be able to select suitable characters to fight enemies. Be sure to use heroes with an advantage to get the highest damage in battle. They will also be helped by various accessories that increase the values ​​of characteristics. Don’t forget to switch characters in battle – this unique option allows you to react to the current situation on the battlefield without losing your turn and choose the most suitable squad.


Each character has a TP tech bar, which is spent when using a variety of techniques in battles. During an attack, the player can choose the next hit for the hero from some set unique to that character. Some of the abilities cost more than TP, so you will have to build tactics and make decisions on the use of one or another super move, depending on the need. When the gauge is depleted, the hero will be able to replenish tech points with normal hits or an excitation apple (consumable item).

Some of these non-standard attacks activate special additional effects – area damage, healing, and other options. Please note that all the necessary information about them can be found in the corresponding squad skills menu. Also, with the accumulation of a sufficient amount of experience, you can improve the techniques, get more destructive versions of them, or open completely new attacks.


All battles in the game are divided into normal (in the combat zone) and dramatic. The first occur constantly and are activated when the player collides with an opponent in the open world. In this case, each enemy fights the squad separately. In melee, you will only have to attack the adjacent enemy, and when using a long-range attack, you will be able to break through opponents on the back line.

Dramatic battles will provide the player with an increased experience reward, however, special conditions will have to be met in order to successfully complete the battle. There are many variations – options appear when activating certain actions in battle and range from protecting specific characters to destroying opponents before the end of a particular turn. When such a moment appears in a fight, a corresponding notification will be displayed on the screen with a condition for its completion.


The game has special conditions that change some of the principles of battles. You can activate them in the settings, using the corresponding parameter of the same name. At the very beginning of the game, six formations are available:

  1. The basic arrangementis the standard uniform arrangement of characters.
  2. Leave it to the captain– Luffy will be left alone near enemies more often, however, powerful opponents will become much easier to fight.
  3. Let the sharpshooter work– Usopp will often stand in empty areas without opponents and attack them from a safe point.
  4. Protect the Doctor– Chopper spawns more often near allies, and in this case, enemies will hardly attack him.
  5. Trio of Weaklings– Nami, Usopp and Chopper most often appear side by side in the same zone, so the battle is much easier for them.
  6. Swarthy eyebrows and mossy head– Zoro and Sanji often appear together in the same location, so they are able to endure fights more easily and withstand strong opponents.

The last seventh formation will open only after the successful completion of the game.


After the successful end of the fight, the player receives a certain amount of belli (money) and items. Depending on the complexity of the battle, the number of opponents, the activation of a dramatic battle and other conditions, additional rewards will be added to the user. All encounters are unique – allies and opponents become stronger, new techniques and accessories appear. That is why the amount of money received depends only on the success of the player. It is necessary to think over tactics in advance and try to get rid of opponents with lightning speed in order to achieve perfection in battle.



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