When is the One Piece card game coming out?

One Piece is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year after it premiered in 1997. While it’s crazy to think about, part of the celebration means great new things to come from the hit franchise. Here is when the One Piece card game will come out.

When will the One Piece card game come out?

There is good and bad news in this. The good news is that the Japanese release of the card game will arrive in July 2022. However, the bad news is that the English release does not have a set date other than the Fall/Winter 2022 window.

There’s an official trailer that gives a pretty comprehensive rundown of what you can expect from the card game’s release.

You can see trailer here.

There will be four starter decks released simultaneously at launch titled:

  • Straw Hat Crew
  • worst generation
  • The seven warlords of the sea
  • Pirates of the Animal Kingdom

The current expected price is yet to be defined at this time.

There will also be a special FILM Edition starter deck featuring characters from the One Piece movies. Alongside these, the first booster pack, titled Romance Dawn, will launch with the four starter decks and will be made up of 12 cards.

This card game news comes shortly after the announcement of the next video game in the series titled One Piece Odyssey. Also, for those who might be looking for some advanced knowledge about the characters included in the FILM Edition Starter Pack, you can currently watch One Piece: Episode of Alabasta on Netflix.

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