One Piece Odyssey walkthrough – game guide

A detailed walkthrough of the One Piece Odyssey storyline with a description of the location of treasure chests and cube fragments.One Piece Odyssey is a new game set in the cult anime universe. Players will visit a fantasy world, meet many popular heroes and defeat restless villains. In this guide, we will walk you through the story missions of One Piece Odyssey.

Prologue. Crew search

After the introductory video and the crash of the ship, we gain control over Luffy. The task “Investigation of the mysterious island” is activated. We study the control buttons and get the first goal. Pay attention to the “magnifier” icons that can be seen throughout the game. With their help, the player will be able to get acquainted with the environment, living creatures and other objects of the universe.

Looking for other crew members:

  1. Franky – To the south, close to the coastline near the starting spawn point.
  2. Usopp – North of the pirate ship, near a narrow path.
  3. Sanji – in the east, you have to climb up the mountain to the large stones.
  4. Robin – a little further east, after finding Sanji, we continue to move in the same direction and find the hero near a small cave.
  5. Chopper is next to Robin.

Be sure to approach each hero and communicate with them to continue the quest. After finding Chopper, we get a clue about Nami’s whereabouts. We pass through the cave and find ourselves in a new zone. We follow forward and inspect the artifact on the left, which will fully replenish health. Also, this monument serves as a checkpoint.

Please note that upon death, the hero will return to the last activated artifact, and not to the closest of all. We leave the save point from the cave to the north and watch the cut-scene, which will show the location of Nami.

Save Nami from the beast

We run past a small path that goes to the left, and immediately go to the northeast. On the way, we notice glowing dots and get information about a rubber rocket, which is used as a hook. With this item, Luffy will be able to cross holes and climb some walls. We cross the abyss and continue to follow the straight path, jumping over the logs.

We move up the path and get over another hole. In a small area, we collect items and break the pots. After cleaning the area, we climb the wall in the northwest. We fight with small opponents and learn the basics of combat. All upcoming battles are necessary to teach the player the combat system. Defeat the enemies and continue forward. We move through another pit and defeat a detachment of opponents. We continue to move north.

At the fork we go west and meet penguin opponents. After the battle, we climb the vines and climb up. Do not forget to collect all the items found and break the boxes and bowls. At another fork, we leave in a northwestern direction. We fight off opponents again, save Nami and meet with a powerful gorilla – Del Kong.

How to beat the Del Kong boss

In this battle it is better to use Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Robin. Immediately activate a healing item for Nami. We destroy all the small minions, switch to Zoro and use his technique damage against the enemy.

There will be no difficulties in this tutorial battle, so you can kill the boss in a few successful moves.

After the fight with the gorilla, the player will return to the south beach and meet up with Brooke. We watch a short cut-scene and go to the next task.

Chapter 1 – Island of Storms. Find the Straw Hat

We approach the black door. At the end of the video, a further path for the heroes will open. We move forward and go into the Southern Forest. Activate the save point. We move on and at the nearest edge we fight with the Fiery Colossus.

How to defeat the Fire Colossus boss

It is best to take Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and Robin to the squad for this battle, however, there are variations with other characters. Zoro and Robin are needed to deal damage with the technique, and Chopper to play the role of the main healer and support hero. You will have to go through the training battle without prompts, but there will definitely not be any particular difficulties.

We defeat the boss and meet the girl in white. After a short cut-scene, we fight the Fiery Colossus again, but we won’t be able to damage him. We use normal attacks so as not to waste useful points and observe the appearance of a mysterious man.

Follow the mysterious man

We move in a straight line through the tunnel and get to his house. We watch the next video and go inside Adio’s dwelling. The man will tell about the girl in white who stole the powers of all the heroes. Adio will offer to go to a special cave and try to regain strength there. On the balcony of the house we find a treasure chest . We also climb the stairs to the top floor and inspect another treasure chest .

Talk to Adio

We get out of the house and talk to Adio. We head north to the specified destination. The man will also join the squad. “Exploring the Mysterious Island” will be completed – the mission “Return of the Lost Power” will be activated.

Challenge yourself in a cave by the lake

We get to the next zone. On the beach around the sea we defeat opponents. Meet a new type of crab enemy – Sazae Kanteu. We follow the northeast path and find the entrance to the cave. We talk with Adio and go inside. We continue to walk and get to the save point.

We follow north up the wall and find the third treasure chest . We rise further, cross the bridge in the east and fight off the attack of opponents. We kill bats and squirrels.

After a short battle, examine the green fragment of the cube – each of the heroes will return part of their strength.

Return to the entrance

We break obstacles and find three fragments of Luffy’s cube . We use the vine and go down. Open another treasure chest. We go forward and kill the enemies. We turn around in the opposite direction and use the capture point. Climb up the vines and open the fifth treasure chest . Ahead we find a fragment of Nami’s cube .

In the north, we cling to the capture point and cross the abyss. We fight enemies again and get an artifact from the sixth treasure chest .

We destroy the walls and find a box with an energy apple. We climb the stairs and get a fragment of Zoro’s cube , and then we leave towards the west. We climb the vines.

We approach the large metal gate and receive a notification about the change of squad members. You need to use Zoro’s skill to get inside. We go further, destroy the walls and destroy the enemy. Open chest with energy apple .

Until we leave and move a little to the north. Use the hero’s skill and get a piece of Luffy’s cube . We pass to the south, we break the wall and before using the hook with the help of a rubber rocket we grab a fragment of Usopp’s cube . We go down and fight with new enemies. After the battle, we leave the cave.

Return to Adio’s house

We move to the house of Adio and on the way we get an encyclopedia. With it, the player will be able to find out useful information about the enemies. Before returning to Adio, we can return to the fork in front of the cave and take another path. She will lead the heroes to a small tunnel. Use Chopper and go to the save point. We follow to the east, grab the vines and with the help of Luffy we jump over the river. Here we will find some useful artifacts and a sea tablet, which will come in handy later. We go towards the house of Adio.

On the way we will meet another road leading to the island to the northeast. It is not necessary to go there, as in this location the player will find a locked chest. There is no way to open it without a key. We climb the slope to the east and behind the grave we find a fragment of Nami’s cube . On the main road, we pick up a fragment of Sanji’s cube at the base of the destroyed column. Without stopping we return to Adio. In the conversation, we learn about the installation of the camp. We arrange a party and talk with Adio.

Follow Adio

We continue to go south and go through the tunnel to the open arena. We collect shiny objects and follow Adio east to Thunder Bluff. First we head south and find a piece of Luffy’s cube . At the end of the southern path we will also find an apple chest . We continue to move for Adio.

After a short cut-scene, we go a little forward and find a fragment of the Chopper cube . Use the hooks and climb up. We get to the main building and go left. In the chest we find energy apple . We save the game and approach the gate. We go into the cave.

Explore Storm Ruins

The heroes will find themselves in the first dungeon. We look through the abyss to the east and find a fragment of the cube Robin . We jump over and go down the stairs. We kill enemies and we go to the south into the small room. We go down the stairs and find a room with an unknown device. We turn the mechanism twice and connect the disk to the door in the west.

First, we move north and find a fragment of Zoro’s cube in a small room . We’re going west. Open the chest and grab the fragment of Zoro’s cube at the other end of the room.

We return back to the device and leave along the other path to the west. We find two devices. Rotate each one twice and head east to find a chest . We destroy the enemy and open the box.

We return back to the fork and leave to the north. We follow to the right after the cut-scene and pick up the storm tablet in the corner. In the next room we find golden jelly in a chest. We return back and go north. Be sure to save the game before the battle with a strong enemy.

Defeat the Thunder Colossus

First of all, you need to disable the barrier. First, we go west and find a chest with an energy apple . We go up the stairs and double-click the button on the device. This will open both doors and turn off the power to the barrier. We pass through the large door, kill the enemy and find fragments of the Zoro cube on the left and right. We climb the wall and return to the main room. We use the button on the device and open the chest with golden jelly .

We follow to the entrance to the room and go to the east side. We kill enemies and with the help of Chopper we pass into the tunnel in the corner. We pick up items and find vines. We grab the fragment of Zoro’s cube in the corner and climb the vines. At the top, use the button and inspect the chest . To the south of the door on the left side, you can pick up a fragment of Sanji’s cube . We go down, rotate the device and completely disable the barrier. Let’s go to the boss fight.

How to defeat the Thunder Colossus

The battle can be easy if the player has carefully explored the dungeon, cleared it of enemies and gained a high level. At levels 13-16, the battle will take place without much difficulty. We use the strongest attacks against the opponent. A team of Luffy, Robin, Zoro, and Nami would be suitable for the fight.

We use Luffy’s pistol more often and quickly deplete the opponent’s health. We are afraid of a paralyzing attack. Adio will join the battle and heal allies. We defeat the boss and proceed to the quest “Restore your strength.”

Return to Adio’s house

Along the way, pay attention to a small narrow path in the west. On it we can go down to the foot of the waterfall. Here we examine the tablet of the Forbidden Valley, and behind it we find a fragment of Sanji’s cube . Through the northern cave we will go out to the locked chest. Haven’t been able to open it yet. We return to the house of Adio.

Find Lim. Solve the mystery of the cube

After the cut-scene, head north from Adio’s house. We get to the sea and to the east of the island we reach the burial place of the girl’s parrot.

We watch a long video and talk with friends. The player will receive a variety of useful artifacts.

Chapter 2 – Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta. Defeat Crocodile

We save the game, go east and talk to the merchant. We follow the street to the north and communicate with the owner of the tavern. We examine the building to the west of the fountain. We notice the wall and climb onto it to find the chest .

We return to the place of ascent to the wall and on the western side we find Yaya’s cube . This item is currently unusable. We follow south to the docks and talk to the man near the camel. The quest “Go to Rainbase” is activated.

Go to the western lagoon. Prepare for the Overland Journey

We follow the path and break the pot in front of the entrance to the cave. Inside we find another Yaya cube . We pass through the tunnel and watch a short cut-scene. The party will find Merry’s boat. We approach the ship. We return to the city and by the marker we find a person lying on the ground. Now the player will have to complete a series of short tasks.

Help the patient. Return stolen drugs

After talking with the man, head north to the locked gate. We communicate to the left of the gate with the merchant. We move along the marker to the ship and defeat the guard.

Return the medicines to the shop. Give an apple to a sick person

We pick up the medicines and return to the merchant. We grab a special energy medicine. We return to the patient and get the key to the gate.

Return the key to the gatekeeper. Gather food and water supplies

We take the received item to the guard and open the northern gate. We go to the tavern and communicate with the bartender and the chef.

Find sand shells

We return to the beach to Merry. Near the boxes we find the necessary item in the sand. We watch a short cut-scene and go to the tavern. We get useful information from Chef Krin.

cook soup

We leave the institution and follow the marker to get to the western part of the city. We follow the tunnel and exit into the desert. We save the game and go down the slope. We go along the path and meet hostile monkeys. We can climb the slope on the west side and continue south. After the battle with the scorpions, examine the chest .

We kill these enemies and get the necessary ingredient – scorpion legs. We return to the tavern and communicate with the cook. We create soup and give it to Krin.

Cross the desert near Nanohana

We leave the city and move north. After the video we will be able to justify the camp. We pass along a narrow path and meet a traveler with a bird. Behind the save point at the top, we find a fragment of the Zoro cube .

To continue the storyline, you will have to complete a side quest with a bird. If you wish, we can inspect the location and find some useful items. We pass through a series of caves and find nuts. After collecting all the items, we return to the bird.

We continue on our way and fight Sandora’s lizards. They have increased health, but are easily destroyed. After killing the enemies, we continue the journey with the squad.

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