How to make an animal farm in Minecraft?

If in real life growing your own food was that simple, everyone would have a garden in their homes. Minecraft was not created as a country game. However, agriculture and livestock in him is very good. For this reason, here you will be explained how to make an animal farm in Minecraft.

In the following guide you will see the basic elements when creating an animal farm in the game. An essential element if you want to develop your adventure without going hungry. It’s so easy that you won’t be able to believe it, read on to find out.

How to Make an Animal Farm in Minecraft – Farm Crafting

Start making an animal farm in Minecraft

An animal farm can be placed in the place you like the most. However, it is best to do it in a very green space full of trees that will give life to your construction.

The first thing you should do is keep in mind the plan you want your farm to have and from there raise the walls of it. The structure can have the shape that you like best and best suit your needs.

In the same way you can be guided by the following image and replicate it in your game. Also, on Google there are thousands of animal farm designs that you can take as inspiration to make an animal farm in Minecraft.

You will even find tutorials on how to create a bee farm and a cactus farm , which you should see to expand your adventure.


Attract the animals to your farm

The next thing will be to attract animals to start making an animal farm in Minecraft. For this you will have to attract and tame them. Each one is tamed with different objects and foods, here are some tips to have cattle, pigs and horses on your farm.

Tame horses

One of the best animals you can tame in the game is horses. The item needed to get a horse is a mount. You can get it in the chests that you get around the game.

To tame a horse what you have to do is try to get on as many times as necessary. The time it takes can be very variable, you can achieve it in a short time or it can take many attempts. You will do this until the horse has icons of hearts that show that the domestication was successful.

In order to control it, the next thing you should do is place the mount on it. For this you must get on the animal and put it on by pressing the ” E ” key .

Tame pigs

To attract and tame pigs you will need raw potatoes or carrots . By showing either of these two foods, the animal will follow you wherever you want. To take it with you, you just have to climb on it and show it the food with a fishing rod.

Having pigs on your Minecraft farm is equal to having almost infinite food within the game. To reproduce them you will only have to feed two pigs at the same time with potatoes or carrots.


Attract cows

Cows are animals that cannot be tamed, however, you should not give them up when making an animal farm in Minecraft. To have them you just have to attract them using wheat. When you show them the food they will follow you wherever you go.

The main use of these animals is to obtain food and leather. Leather is very necessary in the game, since thanks to it the enchantment table can be operated. A necessary tool in the development of history.

Attract the chickens

Like other animals, you can attract chickens by offering them food, preferably wheat seeds . Not because other types of seeds don’t work, but because wheat seeds are the easiest to get.

Chickens are an important source of food and especially feathers. These are used to create an arrow, a very useful tool at the time of combat.

With that you already know enough to be able to do what you want in Minecraft, so you can move on to more complicated things like building an automatic fishing farm , or building a stone or wood bridge , your imagination is the limit.


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