How To Make A Ringtone on iPhone Step By Step

 How To Make A Ringtone on iPhone. Our today’s guide is for you!In fact.I want to explain how to make ringtones directly from your iPhone.Well, ready to start the guide and create ringtones directly from iPhone.

How To Make A Ringtone on iPhone Step By Step.

how to make a ringtone on iphone

  1. Open the email or message containing your mp3 file and click on the share button , then click on ” copy “
  2. Download the free Apple GarageBand app from this link (it is usually pre-installed on iOS )
  3. Fire up GarageBand and choose the tool ” audio recorder “
  4. Now switch to the multi track view by clicking on the dedicated button
  5. Very good! Now choose a random point in the Timeline and click on ” Paste “
  6. Press on the track and adjust its duration to your liking by moving your finger left or right
  7. At this point click on the button at the top left and then on ” my songs
  8. Well, you are well underway!
  9. Now press and hold on your new project and choose ” Share
  10. In the new screen choose the item ” Ringtone
  11. Now all you have to do is choose a name for your new ringtone and click on ” Export
  12. Now you can choose immediately whether to set your ringtone for calls or messages, you can also do it later by going to Settings -> Sounds and haptic feedback and set your ringtone.

I remind you that to delete the new ringtone created, all you have to do is swipe to the left and click on delete.Very good! I hope I’ve been of help with this new guide on How To Make A Ringtone on iPhone Step By Step.

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