How to put a ringtone on an iPhone

Many people are interested in how to download a song from a PC to an iPhone 5s or another Applelophone, because you want an original melody for a call, which no one else has. In fact, this is not difficult to pull off. The main thing is to keep close at hand this guide for installing ringtones on devices with iTunes 12.7, as well as newer versions for owners of computers on Windows and MacOS.

How to install a ringtone on an iPhone via a PC on Windows?

You don’t need to buy anything to set your own ringtone on an Apple phone. This section contains life hacks for those who work on Windows.

How to put a ringtone in iTunes 12.7 or an iPhone with a newer version of the application:

  1. In order to be able to load songs on a call, you first need to change one setting in Windows , namely, to give the ability to rename the audio file created by the user. To do this, go to the “View” (located in the properties of folders) and remove the check mark from the item that hides extensions for registered file types.

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  1. In the aytyuns application, you need to select an audio file from which you want to create a ringtone. However, you can use an alternative option by adding the file to the library. Now you need to listen to the track and write down or remember the time when the segment of the call melody should begin and end.

Note: The ringtone can be up to 40 seconds long.

  1. Now you need to trim the audio recording and convert it to the required extension and format. How to do this is described in the table.
How to prepare iPhone ringtone
“Song Details” opens when you click on the track, right- mouse
“Options” specify the start and end time of the ringtone
Confirm actions click OK or Enter
Create a copy of the ringtone in the required format 1. Click on the track with the right mouse button
2. Select: “File” → “Convert” → “Create version in AAC format”.
Change the extension to suit the iPhone ringtone format 1. Click on the new song with the right mouse button
2. Select “Show in Windows Explorer”
3. Rename the file to the m4r extension
  1. Now you need to connect your smartphone to your computer via USB and select it in the aytyuns window. The required file with the required extension will need to be sent to the list displaying ringtones. He’s in Sounds. The last step is to click “Finish”.
    That’s all: after these actions, the ringtone will be displayed on the iPhone. All that remains is to remove the time limits for playing the original track by unchecking the boxes that were set earlier.

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How do I set my song to ring on a Mac?

It is even easier for Mac owners to download their ringtone to iPhone. There is no need to download a special program, as in the case of Windows, you don’t have to buy anything either – everything can be done quickly and for free.

So, how to install a ringtone on an iPhone:

  • Launch iTunes and select the track from which you want to create a ringtone. Access the song details by right-clicking on the audio file with your computer mouse.
  • A window will open where you will need to enter the “Options” and specify the interval when the song should begin and when it should end.

Advice: before choosing the time limits, it would be good to listen to the song in advance and remember from what time to how long the ringtone will last.

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  • What’s next – the table tells.
How to create a ringtone for iPhone
In the aytyuns application, you will need to create a song in AAC format The desired item can be found in the path “File” → “Convert”
Immediately after the conversion, a new track will be displayed in the library – the trimmed one.
The new song should be right-clicked with a computer mouse (from Apple) Select “Show in Finder”
Click on the future ringtone in the window that appears with the right mouse button Click “Rename” and change the file extension from m4a to the iPhone ringtone format – m4r.

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  • Now you just need to connect your iOS phone to the Mac and select it in the application window. Move or copy the created song for a call to the “Sounds” section (located in the “On my device” column) in the list of ringtones. Confirm that everything is ready.

Advice: after adding a new ringtone to the device, you need to remove the start and finish time of the original track – just uncheck the checkboxes put before.

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As you can see, you can put your own ringtone on the iPhone for free. True, for this you will have to cut the track yourself and add it to iTunes in the desired extension. However, doing it yourself is not so troublesome, and on any computer OS, even Apple’s, even Microsoft’s. If you think about it, it’s even better than buying a ringtone: you don’t have to look for a piece of aytyuns song you like.

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