How to put a video as an iPhone ringtone

You just shot a funny video with one of your friends and would like the video to appear on your iPhone screen every time he calls you. Well, in this case, I have bad news for you: it is not possible to set a video, i.e. image plus audio, as your smartphone ringtone . What you can do, however, is to extract the audio part from the video and use it as a ringtone. How do you say? Have you already thought about it but don’t know how to put a video as an iPhone ringtone ?

If that’s the case, don’t worry: I’m here to explain it to you. As I told you, it is not possible to make a video appear in full screen every time someone calls you and you cannot even set the MP3 of the video without first having extracted it using a special tool. In this guide, therefore, we will see how to do it easily.

Going into more detail, we will see how to set the background audio of a video as a ringtone both directly from the iPhone and from a PC. If you already have your devices on hand, get comfortable and start reading: find all the information you need right below!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to put a video as a ringtone from iPhone
    • Extract audio from video
    • Convert the song to a ringtone
    • Set the ringtone
  • How to put a video as a ringtone on iPhone from PC
    • Extract audio from video
    • Convert the song to a ringtone
    • Set the ringtone

Preliminary information

To begin with, I would like to reiterate that it is not possible to “put a video” as the ringtone of the iPhone in the proper sense, that is, to have a video displayed on the screen every time a person calls. What you can do, however, is to associate a photo to a contact, opening the address book on the iPhone (the Contacts app , in fact) and selecting the contact of your interest. Then, touch the Edit item located at the top right and, in the screen that opens, press again on the Add photo item .

At this point, click on the photo icon and select the photo of your interest from the Gallery. Then proceed by moving and resizing the image to make the subject fit into the ball, finally touch the item Choose located in the lower right corner of the screen. In the next step, you can also decide to retouch the photo with a filter. When you are done, press the End key , at the top right, to confirm the operation. That’s it: photo set!

By taking a picture of the screen you can also think of setting a screenshot captured from a video instead of a photo from the Gallery as an image to be associated with the contact: the choice is yours!

How to put a video as a ringtone from iPhone

To use a video as an iPhone ringtone , all you need to do is follow this tutorial, which is divided into three steps: extracting audio from video, converting MP3 to ringtone, and finally setting the ringtone. on iPhone. It is possible to proceed from both iPhone and PC. To proceed directly from your smartphone, here’s what you need to do.

Extract audio from video

First you need to understand how to convert video to iPhone ringtone . Switching from video to iPhone ringtone is very simple, thanks to a quick command that you can download from here . Once the download is complete, the shortcut will flow into the Commands app that you should have already installed on the iPhone (if it isn’t there, you can still find it in the App Store ready for download).

From the Web page I indicated above, then press the Get Shortcut button and you will be immediately redirected to the Commands application . At this point, click on the (+) button Add the shortcut and then select the item My shortcuts located at the bottom. You will see that the command will be added to the app gallery: press on it and select the location of the video file ( iCloud Drive or Photos ).

Suppose the file is in Photos: then touch the Photos item and scroll through the Gallery until you find the video to convert; click on it and select the final destination of the converted file ( iCloud Drive , Dropbox or Share Sheet , if you want to share it in some other app). By tapping the iCloud Drive button , you will have to decide in which folder to save it: whether directly on the cloud or locally on the iPhone. When you’re done, tap on the Done item at the top. Well: your audio file is ready to use!

Convert the song to a ringtone

Let’s see, now, how to convert the audio track to a ringtone with another app that you should already have available on your iPhone: GarageBand (otherwise you can always download it from the App Store ).

Then open GarageBand and select the audio recorder tool (swipe your finger on the various tabs to find it). When you are there, press on it and – from the screen that opens – touch the small icon located at the top left with three audio tracks drawn on it . To import your audio file to turn into a ringtone, at this point, just press the buttonhole icon at the top right.

Then select the File item , press the Browse items button from the File app and select the audio file previously saved with the Commands app. You will find it in the list of files to import into GarageBand: touch and hold the audio in question and drag it into the Tracks view (towards the left).

Operation complete! Now, you just have to make the final touches before saving. In fact, every self-respecting ringtone is no longer than 40 seconds and – in case your audio exceeds them – you will have to cut it.

To do it, touches the small button (+) located in the upper right of the screen and press on the item Section A . At this point, tap the Auto lever and close the screen by touching an empty spot on the display. “Play” with the ends of the track to cut it properly and make sure you drag it all the way to the left (the initial part must be exactly under notch number 1, while the final part must be within notch number 20, which corresponds to 40 seconds not to be exceeded) .

Then save the result by pressing the icon with the small inverted triangle , at the top left, and then touch the item My songs . Don’t close GarageBand: you can set the ringtone right from this view!

If you followed the steps above, in fact, you should be in the GarageBand folder which contains all your recent works, including the appropriately shredded audio. Long press on it and, in the menu that opens, select the Share item . You will be asked to choose a format: you need the second one, Ringtone .

From this screen you can choose the name and proceed with the actual export (just press the appropriate button at the top right). Wait for the process to complete until an Export Successful warning appears . You can set the ringtone right now by selecting the Use ringtone as … option , or alternatively press the OK item to do it later.

Pressing the Use ringtone as … button will open another small menu where you can decide what use to make of your audio: whether to set it as a ringtone for calls, messages or assign it to a specific contact.

In the latter case, you will have to select it from the contact list and decide between message sound and call sound as before. That’s all: now you can close GarageBand.

Set the ringtone

As mentioned, you can also set the ringtone later, after having already inserted it in the list (exported) in the way we have seen before.

To do this, go to the iPhone Settings and scroll down to Sounds and haptic feedback . From the Vibration and sound styles section , choose which alert you want to use the newly created ringtone for; presumably you need it for calls, so just tap the first item and you’ll find your audio on top of all the other songs. Set it as a ringtone by pressing on it and finally go back: ringtone set!

If any steps are not clear to you, however, you can always consult another guide I wrote on how to set ringtones on iPhone . You can do the same thing for a single contact, by selecting it from the Contacts app and then pressing the Edit button (top): Scroll to Ringtone , set it and then press the End button .

How to put a video as a ringtone on iPhone from PC

You can also use your PC to set a video as an iPhone ringtone . In this case you need to use a program to convert the video file to M4R (the iPhone ringtones format) and, if you use Windows, iTunes , to export the resulting audio to iPhone (you will find it at the top of the list of ringtones ). On the most recent Macs, however, iTunes is no longer available and some of its features have been incorporated into the Finder , including that relating to importing ringtones).

Extract audio from video

The first step is as usual to extract the audio track from the video you are interested in. Then proceed with the download of Adapter : a free multimedia converter available for both Windows and macOS: just click on the appropriate blue button in the initial part of the official website.

A download is complete, if you are using Windows , start the ‘ executable obtained and click on the buttons Yes , OK , and Next , check then the box I accept the agreement and press on Next , download and install FFmpeg (an indispensable tool for converting audio formats and video) and Download and install VLC (another useful program for viewing and previewing converted files). Then click on the Next , Install , Next and Finish buttons, to conclude the setup. You will have to go through a similar installation procedure regarding VLC, if you have decided to install that as well. Read more here .

On Mac , on the other hand, you just need to drag the Adapter icon into the Applications folder , open the application, click the Open button and click the Continue button each time you will be asked to install the necessary components for the conversion.

Now that you have installed it, you can open Adapter and load the video to convert into a ringtone by dragging it to the appropriate box, or by clicking on the Browse button (the procedure is the same on all operating systems). Remember to select the output format from the menu below: in this specific case, you have to click on the items Select Output Format> Audio> iPhone Ringtone (.m4r) .

From the settings (the gear icon in the lower right corner), go to the Trim section and type 40.00 in the End box (a ring tone cannot be longer than 40 seconds). Next, click the green Convert button . It shouldn’t take long: once the operation is complete, you will find the ringtone file in the same folder as the video file.

Convert the song to a ringtone

You can export the song as an iPhone ringtone via iTunes on Windows or Finder , on Macs updated to macOS 10.15 Catalina and later (the previous ones can be relied upon on iTunes as on Windows).

First, then connect iPhone to the computer using the appropriate cable. If this is the first time you are connecting, give their consent on the iPhone and PC and type the unlock code on the phone. Now, if you use Windows , open iTunes and, from the menu on the left, under the name of your iPhone, select the Ringtones item .

Then drag the converted file with Adapter into the iTunes window; in this way you will find it in the list of ringtones also on the iPhone. Close iTunes and disconnect the device as you normally would.

On Mac , on the other hand, open the Finder (the smiley face you find on the Dock bar), locate the audio file and drag it over the item corresponding to your device, iPhone of (your name) . You don’t need to do anything else: the file in M4R format will automatically position itself among the other ringtones.

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