How to make a cauldron in Minecraft to make all the potions in it?

If it comes to brewing potions, one of the first steps you must complete is to make a cauldron in Minecraft . Although this was the original idea for which it was conceived, the truth is that the cauldron is much more than this.

How to Make a Cauldron in Minecraft to Make All the Potions in it

To have a fully functional base that performs at its best, the best thing is to have your own cauldron. Here you will discover everything you can do with it, including how to use it to do the inevitable positions.

Get or make a cauldron in Minecraft

To have your own cauldron, you can use two methods with their own advantages and disadvantages: making them yourself or finding a naturally generated one.


If you decide to make a cauldron in Minecraft, you will only need 7 iron ingots . To do this, arm yourself with a good pickaxe (at least made of stone) and look for some iron mines, in addition to creating rafts, cauldrons, tools, you can also make an iron bucket to transport water.

Once you get them and have mined them, you just have to cook them in an oven to get your ingots. When you have your iron ingots, you must place them on a manufacturing table making a kind of “U” leaving the middle and upper center empty.

Looking for a cauldron

If, on the other hand, you are short of resources or simply do not want to go mining, you can try to get a ready-made cauldron . To do this, what you must do is find a village or a cabin.

In the case of villages, some of them have a villager as a blacksmith and in his home you can steal the cauldron with which he works.

If you feel remorse about depriving a blacksmith of his livelihood, you can also take a somewhat more dangerous route. In this way, try to head towards a swamp and he may find the witch hut. Of course, the witch probably does not like that you are at her house or that you want to take her things.

Uses of the cauldron in Minecraft

As already mentioned, after making a cauldron in Minecraft, potion making is just one of the ways it can be used. It is now time to specify them.

Make potions

Although at first the cauldron was where the potions were made, for some time this function has been fulfilled by the alembic or support for potions. In this particular, the cauldron was relegated to a minor role in which it provides the water for the water flasks. If you do not know all the potions that exist here a list of them and the abilities that it gives you.

However, with each use, a third of the water is lost, so a block of water is much more efficient (as it does not wear out). In this way, the real usefulness of the cauldron is relegated to the Nether since it is the only way in which the water does not evaporate.

In another order of ideas, it is possible to assemble mechanisms using a network of hoppers, alembics, chests, redstone, repeaters, propellants and others that allow the potions to be automated.

This mechanism is somewhat complex to manufacture , as it requires space, special materials, and advanced building blocks. The funny thing about the system is that it will be enough for you to drop the ingredients in the cauldron and they will begin a long journey that will end with your potions ready.

To wash

Another use, and one of the most common, is to wash leather armor and flags . Holding it in your hand and applying it to the cauldron, it will remove the layer of dye that is on top, losing water in the process.

Fire system

As a water container, you can immerse yourself in the cauldron to put out the fire in case of fire. It also keeps a block of water that you can extract and use with a bucket in an emergency. In addition, the flames around it tend to gradually extinguish so it is extremely useful.

Water Generator

Last but not least, you can make a cauldron in Minecraft and leave it exposed to rain to collect water. This is especially convenient if you don’t have a river nearby. Another way to get water when you don’t have a river nearby is to create a well and thus have infinite water .


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