How to make a business card or presentation in Word

Although it is true that Microsoft Word is characterized by being an excellent program for editing all kinds of texts, it is also true that it fulfills other functions that classify it as one of the best office programs. Thanks to all its tools, you’ll be able to create photo albums or collages to share with your friends, as well as add text to images or create custom graphics.

How to Make a Business Card or Presentation in Word with the Best Templates

Whereas, if what you are looking for is to create business or presentation cards, either to publicize what you have to offer in the professional field or if you have just started a business and want people to have your contact information. Therefore, the design of these cards is extremely important because it is your cover letter and through this element you will leave a first impression, which must be the best.

For all these reasons, today we bring you the best way to create your own personalized business cards, from the comfort of your home and without spending a lot of money in the process. In addition, we recommend that you inform yourself about Google ads, so that you can further promote your small business through the Internet.

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  1. Steps to create the best business cards in Microsoft Word, easy and fast
  2. What kind of templates can I use to complement my business cards?

Steps to create the best business cards in Microsoft Word, easy and fast

In the next section, we give you all the information you need to know to create the best cards, where your style and personality are faithfully reflected. Likewise, we tell you that it is also possible to create labels or stickers with the tools provided by the program, in case you want to mark or identify the products that are part of your commercial store.

  • The first step you must follow is to open a new Word document, but you will not work in the traditional format of the sheet,but, on the contrary, you will have to go to the Home tab and from the Print options, you will You’re going to select the Pages tab and instead of choosing Letter, you’re going to select A4.
  • The next thing is to access the Insert menu that is located right next to Home, and from there, you are going to choose the Table option, placing in the information field the option of two columns and a row to proceed to insert your name and your data or those of the company.
  • Now, you will have to click on Insert again, but this time you will go to the Images option and from there you will select either a personal photo or the logo of your company’s brand, which will be positioned in the second cell of the table you just created.
  • It is necessary that you edit the size so that it fits perfectly and when you have finished, you are going to select all the elementsand right click with the mouse to choose the Group option.

Notably, you can also add page borders to your cards to give them whatever color and texture you want to make them look more appealing. In addition, it is recommended that you adjust the size of each card perfectly so that they fit on the sheet and you can take advantage of all the available space.

What kind of templates can I use to complement my business cards?

Now that you know the general way to create business cards in Word, you need to know that you can use templates that you can download from the Internet for free. Among these, several styles stand out, such as minimalist, which is the simplest you can find on the web and allows you to place your data and those of your business in an organized and simple way.

On the other hand, the design called Lotus also stands out, which is more for companies, as well as the blue spheres that have a beautiful blue design that attracts a lot of attention. Likewise, in the list you will also find the sales design, which, as its name indicates, is ideal for giving a professional style to your business data.

Finally, we recommend that you download the Real Estate template, as it lends itself quite well to highlighting professional and business profiles.


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