How to listen to text messages from iOS?

WhatsApp has become today one of the most used instant messaging applications, because from this application, you can make use of these messages in an unlimited way , through the use of a data network of your telephone company, or from a wifi network.

With this application it is possible to send any type of message, be it text, images, videos and even voice notes, thus allowing accessibility to the user in different ways.

It is also possible to make your cell phone read these text messages on loudspeaker so that in this way you can listen to it, which is ideal for those who have some visual difficulty . This can be done by modifying your cell phone settings or by using applications.

How to listen to text messages from iOS?

In the most recent updates, this application has managed to make this function possible from the iOS system, since it is only necessary to use the virtual assistant, called “Siri”. This is accomplished as follows:

  1. The first thing to take into account is that it is necessary that you have both your cell phone and the WhatsApp application updated, and also go to the assistant’s setting and allow access to WhatsApp.
  2. Then this is only enough to use Siri, which is achieved by saying the following command ” Siri, read me the latest WhatsApp messages “.
  3. Automatically, this virtual assistant will begin to narrate all those WhatsApp messages that you have not read before.
  4. When coming across unread messages, this assistant will tell you the name of the contact, the time they arrived and what the message says, including even the emoticons .
  5. Then, the assistant will ask you if you want to answer using voice commands.
  6. Remember that this option only works when there are unread messages in the application. There is the option to use the Google assistant “Google assistant” you just have to change it.

How to listen to text messages from Android?

From our Android devices, it is possible to listen to our messages, thanks to a virtual assistant , which is also installed by default which can help us with our goal of reading text messages.

The main virtual assistant for Android is ” Google assistant “, this will help you to listen not only to WhatsApp text messages, but to any other message from another application that you want. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Once on your cell phone, you must enter the applications panel and click on the « settings « application.
  2. Then you must go to where it says ” notifications “. Press on this.
  3. You look for the option « access to notifications « and once there we just have to activate the Google option.
  4. After this, you just have to say the following command to your Google assistant «ok Google, read my messages.

Sometimes it is possible that the wizard does not recognize commands in Spanish, so you can say it in English “ok Google read my messanges”. In this way the assistant will read the messages found in the notifications.

Assistant on Samsung devices

It is also possible to read any message or statement from our Samsung devices, by activating the voice assistant function,  which is achieved in the following way:

  1. Once on your cell phone, you must go to the central panel of applications and go to where it is «settings» . Press.
  2. Once inside it, you must slide and press where it says accessibility.
  3. You press where it says “vision” and then on “voice assistant.”
  4. Once there, you just have to activate the assistant switch.
  5. Immediately this happens, the cell phone will show you and teach you the step by step to make use of this assistant.

One of the problems of this is how tedious it becomes to handle the cell phone, because things change a bit, an advantage is that you can read everything that is written.

Other alternatives on Android

If the assistant has no effect, does not work or is not installed, there are other applications that will help you, to be able to read the messages, which are in the notifications area, these applications can read both those of WhatsApp, as those of any application, among the most used is Hatomico, MacroDroid and ReaditToMe.


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