How to go back to iOS 14 and leave the iOS 15 beta

Following the WWDC inaugural conference Apple released the first beta version of iOS and iPadOS. The joy of trying all the new features can sometimes lead us to install these beta versions, versions in development, versions with errors, on devices that we depend on for our day to day. If for whatever reason we want to return to the latest stable version of iOS 14, we will explain, step by step, how to do it.

A few preliminary considerations: backup and the Apple Watch

There are several details to consider before considering downgrading. The first and most important is if we have already updated our Apple Watch. Recall that in Apple Watch it is not possible to downgrade , so if we return to iOS 14 on our iPhone we will not be able to link our watch to the phone.

The other important consideration is that iOS 15 backups are useless for version 14 of the operating system. This means that, unless we have done a local backup using our Mac , since iCloud copies are incremental, we may have to configure our iPhone again from the beginning.

How to go back to iOS 14 and leave the iOS 15 beta

With the considerations exposed, let’s go on to detail how to carry out the process. The truth is that it is quite simple. First we will open the Settings app, we will touch on our name, we will enter Search , we will touch Find my iPhone and we will deactivate Find my iPhone . Later we will download the iOS 14.6 IPSW file and leave the file in the Downloads folder . Then the steps to follow are the following:

  1. We open the Finderapp on our Mac.
  2. We plug the iPhone into the Mac.
  3. If the message Trust this computer? We answer affirmatively and enter the code for our iPhone.
  4. We touch our iPhone in the Finder sidebar, under the Locationssection .
  5. We hold down the Option (⌥) key while we click Restore iPhone …
  6. We select the IPSW that we have just downloaded.
  7. We touch Open.
  8. We touch Restoreagain to confirm.

After the process the iPhone will restart and show a big “Hello” on the screen. At this time we can configure it again or restore the backup when requested.


First impressions on iOS 15: excellent stability for a beta and many new features ready to try

The truth is that the process is, as far as possible, quite simple, especially if we have taken the precaution of making backup copies before updating to iOS 15. Either to wait for the release of iOS 15 officially or To return to the beta in an already more polished version, these are the steps to install iOS or iPadOS 14 on our devices again.

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