iPhone on which OS version is faster: iOS 14 or iOS 15

I recently wrote an article on why you shouldn’t install the iOS 15 beta . As the main reason, I cited the instability of test assemblies compared to the final ones. But many considered this not a reasonable enough reason to deprive themselves of the pleasure of testing the update that had not yet been released. Moreover, from the point of view of the correctness of work, those who have already tested the current beta version did not have any complaints about iOS 15. But stability is not everything, because you need a little more to work comfortably on the iPhone. For example, also performance, with which iOS 15 is still having problems.

iOS 15 beta 2 turned out to be quite stable, but still not as stable as iOS 14

The author of the YouTube channel iAppleBytes, specializing in testing fresh versions of iOS, has published a comparison video in which he compared iPhones of different generations based on iOS 14.6 and iOS 15 beta 2 . Not to say that the result somehow surprised me too much, but there is clearly something to talk about.

Comparison of iOS 14 and iOS 15

The full video is quite long – over 30 minutes. But youtuber compared as many as six iPhone models:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11

Yes, there is no flagship iPhone 12, but for those devices that were presented in the test, you can get a pretty clear impression of how the update works.

Как откатиться с iOS 15. Полная инструкция по возврату на iOS 14

And it works, I must say, not bad. From the very first minutes, you can see that iOS 15 beta 2 is a fairly stable update, which practically does not buggy and does not provoke application crashes, regardless of the iPhone model. Except that Twitter took off, but some friezes showed themselves when scrolling through the photos. Otherwise, there were no problems with the updated OS.

Moreover, iOS 15 beta 2 works the same on all devices, regardless of the year of release. This once again confirms that Apple initially creates its updates taking into account the peculiarities of proprietary hardware, while Google makes Android without taking into account the interests of smartphone manufacturers. As a result, we see that iPhones are updated for 5-6 years, and Android devices – at best for 2-3 years.

Which is faster: iOS 14 or iOS 15

While iOS 15 is slower than iOS 14

Yes, in terms of performance, iOS 15 clearly merges iOS 14.6 in most tasks. It takes longer to start, and spends more time on launching key applications, and loads their contents clearly slower. However, there are several important clarifications to be made here:

  • Firstly, this is only the second beta, which Apple clearly did not care about optimizing. Now the developers of the company are faced with the task of introducing and testing the work of the planned innovations, and optimization can be left for later.
  • Secondly, iOS 15 has potential because some applications run much faster on this version of the OS than on iOS 14.6. These apps are in the minority, but they show that Apple has worked on them, and this will become even more noticeable in the future.
  • Third, there is almost no difference in synthetic performance between smartphones running different versions of iOS. This proves that the reason for the slow work of the update is precisely the lack of proper optimization. That is, iOS 15 does not reduce the power of older iPhones, as many people think, and this is the main thing.

Should I install the iOS 15 beta?

Despite the fact that iAppleBytes convinced me of the stability of iOS 15 beta 2, I still won’t install it, because I haven’t changed my opinion about test OS builds. They do not suit me for exactly the same reasons that I voiced in the original article: problems with launching applications (whatever one may say, they come across) and the prospect of encountering hidden bugs.

It is definitely impossible to install the iOS 15 beta on the main device yet

But there can be a lot of hidden flaws in test versions of iOS. And usually Apple prefers not to trumpet about it all over Ivanovskaya. Instead, the company just pretends that nothing happened, not offering users any way to defend themselves if it’s a vulnerability, or return the device to normal operation if it’s a bug. And only after a week, or even two, we receive an update with a fix, and sometimes without it.

А что если все приложения в iOS 15 будут выглядеть как новый Safari?

Well, and if you install a beta, then only on a secondary device, which if it “flies”, it will not disrupt your usual way of life. After all, when the main iPhone refuses to process applications normally or starts to blunt for no reason, this is a real problem. Therefore, test iOS on what is not a pity. You never know what can happen.


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