How to level up quickly in Call of Duty: Vanguard

We tell you how to quickly pump the player’s experience, increase the levels of weapons and operators

Despite the short Call Of Duty: Vanguard storyline , which many gamers and critics lament, the series has long been a strong point in its multiplayer modes. As in many games of this genre, gamers can perform various tasks, gaining experience points and leveling up. The higher the level, the higher you will be in the rating of the players. The Call Of Duty: Vanguard leveling system is complicated by the fact that there are three separate experience point systems in the game. Let’s look at them together and decide which pumping methods are most effective in specific cases.

How to get player XP faster and increase rank

Player Experience is the simplest of the three experience systems available in Vanguard. This option is the closest to the classic leveling and leveling up. It is he who influences what advantages you can get in multiplayer matches. With the help of player experience, you increase the overall rank of your account, unlock more and more varieties of powerful weapons, upgrades, kill streak rewards, perks and tactical advantages.

The fastest ways to earn Vanguard Player XP are:

  • Go to the “Trials” tab in the main menu of the game and complete all the available challenges, as they usually reward you with a large amount of player experience. Plus, you’ll get a substantial bonus if you complete all of the challenges in one subcategory, so focus on specific lists whenever possible.
  • Create a clan or join an existing one. If you are a member of a clan, you will receive 10% more experience points for all three systems, including player experience.
  • There is now a lot of conflicting information about which game mode is best for the player’s farming experience. So far I haven’t noticed that one of the modes is better than the others, but there is one good observation: it is better to focus on achieving goals, not killing. This way you can earn a lot more player experience per match.

How to earn weapon experience

Weapon experience is another key factor in your success at Vanguard. Gaining experience for a specific weapon will unlock more mods, skills, and sets for that weapon. There will also be new options for customizing it. Here are the most effective weapon upgrade experiences:

  • Each operator has a favorite weapon listed in their bio. By combining the operator and his favorite weapon, you will receive double experience points, as well as increased operator experience.
  • Playing in blitz matches (16 to 46 players) is a risky undertaking, but in such modes you will gain more weapon experience. This is due to the fact that this mode allows you to participate in very chaotic battles with a huge number of targets. On the other hand, you may be one of the first players to leave the battlefield.
  • Instead of completing goals, focus on killing. This is the only way you can get the maximum amount of weapon experience per match.

How to earn operator experience

Operators are essentially playable character skins in Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer modes. At the time of the release of the game, 12 different operators are available. While Operators can be unlocked for various in-game achievements, the Operator Experience provides access to new customization options, including alternative skins, gear, finishing moves, and more.

Fastest methods to gain operator experience:

  • Each operator has a preferred weapon, which is described in his bio. The use of such weapons by this operator in any match grants double the operator experience.
  • The Challenges tab in each character’s biography lists the specific challenges for that character. By completing these tests, you will gain an impressive dose of operator experience.
  • As paradoxical as it may sound, increasing the level of the operator, you will speed up its pumping. So, reaching the third, eighth, thirteenth and eighteenth levels with each operator, you will receive a significant boost to the set of operator experience.
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