Call of Duty: Vanguard guide, tricks, tips and secrets

Relive WWII again in Call of Duty: Vanguard and make the most of its multiplayer modes with our guide where you will find the best tips and tricks.

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Welcome to our official Call of Duty: Vanguard guide ! The new installment of the Activision franchise , which this year is run by Sledgehammer Games, takes us once again to the largest war conflict in history: World War II .

Either putting ourselves in the boots of Task Force One during its campaign, or jumping onto the battlefield like just another soldier in its addictive multiplayer and Zombies mode , buckle up and prepare by consulting our guide full of tips and tricks to squeeze the game to the fullest, from which are the best weapons available, its different game modes, Operators and … much more!


  1. All weapons
  2. Earn XP and level up
  3. Casualty streaks
  4. Zombies
  5. Advantages
  6. Field improvements
  7. Operators
  8. Maps
  9. Multiplayer modes
  10. Frequently asked questions

All weapons


War never changes, does it? This year Call of Duty takes us back to World War II and with it brings us back an entire armament composed of weapons from that time of the 20th century , from bolt-action rifles to classic revolvers. The variety is assured since its launch with more than thirty different weapons . You, as foot soldiers, should take a look at all this available arsenal to know which one is best for you to use in each game.

  • Assault rifles :the most balanced weapons.
  • Submachine guns :high cadence, ideal for short and intermediate ranges.
  • Shotguns :with great impact force, perfect for short distances.
  • Light machine guns :with a lot of ammunition and of great caliber.
  • Tactical Rifles –Hybrids of an assault rifle and sniper rifle.
  • Precision rifles :with long sights, the ideal weapon for long distances.
  • Pistols –Every soldier’s basic secondary weapon.
  • Launchers :for those who want to blow everything up.
  • Melee :in case you plan to get too close to your enemy.
  • Tactical and Lethal Equipment –All tools in these two categories.

In addition, in our guide we also do a review of which are the best weapons available and we recommend the best weapons customized according to your class or style of play.

Earn XP and level up

As is often the case in all Call of Duty, progression is essential in its multiplayer modes and is determined by the amount of experience points we get playing and leveling up . In Vanguard this is not very different from what was seen previously, the title presents up to three types of levels and XP and if you want to unlock all its contents as quickly as possible there are several methods that we recommend applying.

Please note the following:

  • How To Get Weapon XP :The best tips to quickly level up your arsenal.
  • How to Get OperatorXP : Apply these methods to increase Operator levels.
  • How to raise your account level :don’t forget to raise your rank to unlock all the contents.

Casualty streaks

The Rachas casualties are a classic franchise Call of Duty and, of course, Vanguard also brings their own to the battlefield so we can use and receive an excellent starting support. This time there are a total of 16 different streaks that will only be available to players who manage to kill a certain number of enemies without dying . Do you want to know them all in depth? We teach them to you.


After a long time, the zombie Nazis have returned to the franchise thanks to Call of Duty: Vanguard . At its launch, the title has the experience of the Zombies – Der Anfang mode , which we can enjoy in the company of other friends to survive the terrible hordes of infected.

Since this is one of the pillars of the game, we have created an in-depth guide to give you the best tips and tricks when playing your games, and we also reveal all its secrets , such as where the sources of the rituals to activate special perks . All this and much more, do not miss it!


From customizing classes of Call of Duty: Vanguard can use another year of different playable advantages ; what would be like the passive abilities that our character can have. Whether it is moving faster, making less noise, locating enemies on the minimap … There are up to 18 different advantages and we can equip a maximum of three at the same time. Without a doubt, it is worth taking a few moments to choose them, since they are very useful .

Field improvements

Field upgrades are another support tool that we can use during our games that are back this year at COD. In this installment we have at our disposal a total of 9 different ones and, you know, they all work as a kind of active ability that can be very useful at certain times (after activating them you have to wait for them to recharge). If you want to know them in depth , we will show you in this section.


Operators are the playable characters available in the multiplayer modes of COD: Vanguard. Some are the protagonists of the campaign itself, while others have been meticulously written to be part of the online campaign. Each of these operators must be unlocked by completing different challenges, they all have their personal story, their favorite weapon, and a lot of cosmetic rewards that can be obtained by playing with them and leveling them up.

At the launch of COD: Vanguard there are 12 operators available and these are divided into the following 4 task forces or squadrons:

  • Hellhounds Operators :Daniel Yatsu, Wade Jackson and Halima Zambardi.
  • Shadow operators :Polina Petrova, Solange Hardewijk and Shigenori Ota.
  • Barbarian Operators :Roland Zeimet, Lucas Riggs and Beatrice Mercier.
  • Sentinel Operators :Arthur Kingsley, Constanze Trude Muller and Padmavati Balan.


Maps are the main attraction of COD multiplayer every year, and at Vanguard we have had a total of 20 maps at our disposal since the game’s launch(not counting the one in Zombies mode). This is the largest number of starting maps a Call of Duty has hadto date, so variety is assured. From fronts in North Africa, Germany, France or Japan, if you want to consult all the available maps and scenarios , their sizes and characteristics, you can do so here.

Multiplayer modes

Curious about the multiplayer modes available at Vanguard launch? Well, look no further, we will teach you in this section of the guide. In total, we already anticipate that there are up to 8 different game modes , Colina del Campeón being one of the great novelties designed for this installment. Of course, other must-have classics return like Team Duel, Against All, or Search and Destroy. And much more is expected throughout the months!

Frequent questions

Finally, we are going to dedicate a space in our guide to collect the frequently asked questions that any player can ask during their game experience with COD: Vanguard. We want to give answers to the most typical and general questions , such as the following:

  • Minimum and recommended requirements :know if the specifications of your computer are sufficient to move the game.
  • Crossplay and cross-progression :we clarify if this installment has cross-platform and cross-save play.
  • Play with friends :we teach you to enjoy your games in the company of friends.
  • How to create a clan :the steps to follow both to create a clan from scratch and to join one.
  • Gold, Diamond and Atomic Camouflages –The requirements and challenges to unlock these Mastery Camouflages.
  • How long is the campaign? :we tell you how long the campaign lasts for a player in total.
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