Vanguard Walkthrough In Call of Duty

Detailed guide to all story levels and operations of Call of Duty: Vanguard.Vanguard Walkthrough In Call of Duty.In Call of Duty: Vanguard, we have to play as four different characters, each of which has its own unique abilities and is good at wielding specific weapons.


Hijack a train to Hamburg

As soon as you receive instructions from Kingsley, the doors of the moving train will open and you will see Hamburg, ravaged by war, drenched in torrential rain and explosions. Follow ahead and get into the carriage occupied by opponents. As soon as the allies eliminate the soldiers, go along the train and approach the closed door.

Advice . Aim and click on the “square #” (X) to slowly open the door.

Go through the empty carriage to another door, open it and find Polina. The girl will deal with the soldier, after which you can jump onto another train and get close to a lonely enemy. Duck down to silently sneak up on the enemy from behind and perform a stealth kill. In this case, no one in the area will know about your presence. Destroy the second soldier in the carriage and shoot at one of the two on the opposite train. Once on another train, you will run into a locked door. Follow the narrow ledge on the left side of the train to find another passage. Standing on the edge of the ledge, slide the door, but be prepared for the fact that this action will attract unwanted attention from opponents. Destroy them. Despite their best efforts, the Axis is aware of your presence and therefore begins to attack the team. Kill all the soldiers on the train and then deal with the enemies in the lower levels. Having done this, move to another train, where you will find two trucks with soldiers.

Advice . Shoot the drivers of these trucks to stop the oncoming reinforcements as soon as possible.

Having dealt with other trucks and many opponents inside both trains, you will find tracked vehicles with a built-in machine gun. Climb it and destroy the remaining opponents. Once the path is clear, leave the vehicle and continue towards the engine. There will be another enemy point a little further, but Riggs will instantly deal with it. when you get close to the engine, follow Kingsley’s order and shoot the driver. After splitting up, jump into the minecart Kingsley is on.

Infiltrate the submarine base

After watching the video, the train will approach the submarine base, where the next part of the mission will begin. When the first train approaches, kill the two soldiers and the dog. The main enemy group is guarding the door ahead. There is a sniper on the nearest balcony, who should be eliminated first. Axis forces will drop several smoke grenades, making it difficult to see, so use your frag grenades to clear your way forward. Once inside, go left along the small stairs to the office, where you will find the necessary data on Operation Phoenix.

Capture Phoenix Data

After spotting soldiers transporting valuable cargo into the submarine, Kingsley will come up with a new plan to preserve intelligence. Go down the stairs and go along the corridor, destroying all opponents on the way. Having cleared the way, climb onto the submarine and go down through the hatch.

Advice . When faced with soldiers on board, try to aim at their heads in order to finish off each enemy as quickly as possible and save ammunition.

As soon as Kingsley blows up the hatch with a grenade, follow through it and find a box. Try to break into the safe, but the process will fail. Opponents will suddenly appear who will neutralize your group and take it prisoner. Watch the closing video.

Operation Tonga

During the flight over Merville, Kingsley will talk about the mission. When he jumps out of the plane, his parachute will ignite and he will fall to the ground. A reserve parachute would save his life, and he would end up in a relatively safe place.

Meet the allies at the mill

The first goal is to regroup with allies at the burning mill. Move forward through the forest to find a Nazi hideout. The soldiers use torches, so try to hide behind bushes and trees to avoid unnecessary detection. As soon as the light sources move away, continue walking through the forest until you meet an ally hanging from a tree. Unfortunately, the Nazis will finish him off. Kill the soldier and pick up the Kar98k rifle that fell to the ground. It will come in handy in order to destroy a lone soldier who found out about your location. Once you take care of them, climb the hill to an open field dotted with opponents.

Advice . You can walk through this field without raising an alarm. You can walk past most of the soldiers without them noticing you. If you need to kill someone, do it by sneaking up from behind.

Before entering the house, follow the truck to collect your sniper rifle ammo. Enter the house where you are attacked by several opponents. Use your sniper rifle to destroy enemies, then pick up the dropped weapon to finish off the remaining targets outside. Having cleared the way for yourself, climb the hill to the burning windmill, where the allies who have fallen under enemy fire are located. As soon as you clear a small building from enemies, Richard Webb and his team will go there. After heated debate, Webb will agree to complete the initial mission of destroying the turrets. After a short walk, you will be offered two options for attacking opponents. Choose any of them and eliminate the entire enemy group.

Use smoke grenades lying in a box nearby and impair the view of the enemy behind the machine gun. Move to the left and order the squad to get rid of all the soldiers standing in front. After eliminating enemy resistance, move along the bridge until you find another machine gunner. Throw a grenade at him before he opens fire on your group. A German armored personnel carrier is located under the arch. Follow it to see a cut-scene.

Destroy artillery pieces

After watching the video, go to Webb to learn about the next stage of the attack on the Nazis. Use binoculars to examine the cliff top to assess the situation. Having drawn up a plan of attack, go to the truck and drive to the minefield. Having dealt with the protection, go down into the trench to hide from the Axis machine gunners. Unite your troops and head together to the artillery pieces.

Advice . Walk through the field on the left. There are hiding spots there that are perfect for taking a break and recovering if you’re low on health.

Order your troops to clear the bunker, then head up the stairs and open the double door. Next, you need to quickly overcome the site so as not to get a fatal wound. Move through the trenches until you reach two transporters. Use them as cover so the squad can regroup. Having captured both armored vehicles, move with them up the mountain to the next bunker. As soon as you destroy all opponents, head to the small window, where another machine gun is installed. Ask one of the military to throw a flash grenade at the window. After clearing the bunker, follow Evans to the locked door.

Advice . A torch can be found on the ground near where Evans is standing.

After picking up the torch, follow Evans through the corridor to the first of the two artillery pieces. Come closer and plant the explosives. After you do this, regroup with Evans and open the green door to get deeper into the bunker. two soldiers will set up an ambush, so get ready to carry out a bayonet attack. Go through the bunker and open the second green door. While you are moving through the sleeping quarters, the fascist will try to finish off Evans. Perform a quick melee attack to keep him alive.

When you get close to the stairs, a grenade will suddenly fall. Wait out the moment when it explodes, and then move on. Make sure to clear the room, then open the green door and get to the last artillery piece. Place explosives on this weapon, climb the stairs and prepare a signal flare to signal the successful completion of the mission. then run as fast as you can to Webb.

Advice . Ignore the enemies trying to shoot at you. If you spend too much time, you will be destroyed by mortars.

When you get close to Webb’s location, the mortar will knock you off your feet, you will be stunned. However, as soon as you come to your senses, go down the stairs and get close to the wounded Webb. Grab the rocket launcher and shoot into the air.


The mission begins quite calmly: Polina has a friendly conversation with her father and brother Misha. Then Misha will leave the room and you will continue to communicate with dad. As soon as Polina gets up from the table, take the box with Molotov cocktails and take it to Misha, who is waiting for you at the nearest military outpost.

Get to the medical unit

Since there are a lot of military personnel in the city, the easiest and fastest way to get to the medical unit is through the rooftops. Climb the boxes to be on the roof. Use the ledges and boxes of yellow rags to climb higher. Move along the roofs until you reach the medical unit located on the other side of the residential building. When you approach two guards, they will report that the entrance is blocked, which means that you will have to look for a workaround. Bend down and move to the right to get further. Get to the medical unit, and when the commander starts giving instructions, German bombers will appear in the sky and will mercilessly destroy everyone on the streets of Stalingrad.

Come back home

Concerned about the safety of her father and Misha, Polina flees home through the ruins of the city. Return to the rooftops in the same way you came here and follow home.

Advice . When jumping from the roof to the balcony, do not forget that you must be above your destination. Jumping from the bottom up will not work. Do not try to grab onto the bottom of the balcony. It’s useless.

When you jump to the balcony, it will fall down. After the building starts to fall, Polina will be able to grab the remaining bricks. Climb the wall and climb inside through the window. A short cut-scene will start soon. Get on your feet, walk past the bomb and go down the stairs. You will hear a soldier who asks Polina to stay inside. Move to the right and make your way through the narrow place from the side of the doorway. Take the knife sticking out of the cutting board and kill the soldier standing in front of you.

Two soldiers will see that their friend was killed, so they will immediately open fire on you. Pick up the lying shotgun and eliminate both targets as soon as possible. There is another enemy behind the barricaded wall. Climb the bricks and climb the ledge for a better view. Armed with a sniper rifle, Polina’s father will lean out of the window and open fire on the soldiers from below, and then hide in the house. The soldiers will enter the building and detain him. make your way through the destroyed buildings until you reach the window. Open it and climb inside to try to find your father.

Kill soldiers

Polina will hear her father’s voice from the street. Armed with a sniper rifle, look out the window and attack the fascists. Finish off most of them, after which the enemies will enter the building. At this point, switch to the previously picked up shotgun. Follow through the building, killing all enemies that prevent you from going outside. Run to Polina’s father, who is lying against the wall. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save him.

Find Misha

Misha was last seen at the post office. When you try to cross the street, a German tank column will appear in sight, forcing Polina to hide. Move left under the makeshift table to get to a safe place. Use the ramp to get to the nearest building. Pay attention to the yellow rags that indicate the place of the hook. Climb inside and go to the other side, into a room with many soldiers. You can act stealthily or destroy all enemies using Polina’s powerful shotgun. After getting out into the street, follow the inside of the tram through the open doors and climb the wall, on which there are yellow rags. Inside the office is the Molotov cocktail box you found earlier. take throwing projectiles, as they will soon be quite useful and effective. Make your way to the main lobby of the post office, where there are many Nazi soldiers. Use Molotov cocktails to kill them, then find and free Misha.

Provide cover

While on the roof of the post office, use your sniper rifle to distract enemies and allow the guerrillas to reach the sewers. Use Molotov cocktails to destroy armored trucks in sight and kill any targets in the hotel (with a sniper rifle). After you deal with the ambush, go downstairs and regroup with Misha.

Battle of Midway

After receiving instructions for the upcoming mission, follow Co-pilot Mateo to the upper deck of the aircraft carrier, and then board the plane and complete the pre-flight checks. Use the hints that pop up on the screen to check the status of the aircraft. When you fly in formation, you will be ambushed by a group of Japanese fighters, because of which you will be forced to join the battle before the rest. Shoot down several planes, after which you will receive a command to drop the first bomb. Aim the plane down, zoom in and drop bombs at the right time. While you are preparing the second dive bomb, the Japanese will counterattack you. Your squadron is outnumbered. Hold on to your last strength for a set time period, then hear a command over the radio to drop a second bomb. Reaching the perfect height

Advice . You will come under heavy fire, so try to dodge the anti-aircraft guns using maneuvers.

Once Mateo gets you where you want to go, drop the bomb and watch the blazing aircraft carrier.

Numa-Numa trail

Seriously injured in a plane crash, you will be rescued by the efforts of Mateo, who will help you get out from under the burning wreckage of the plane. Hiding you under the leaves, Mateo will hide from the enemy soldiers. Move slowly away from the plane, to another part of the jungle.

Find Mateo

Once the area is clear, you can use Jackson’s Focus, which makes it much easier to spot any potential threats lurking in the trees. Use this skill to carefully plan your next steps and find your way to safety. Moving through the jungle, you will hear cries for help from Mateo. Head to the target marker to find a buddy. As you approach Mateo, you will encounter numerous enemies hiding in the thicket. Use Jackson’s ability to highlight all opponents in yellow, making them much easier to spot and eliminate. After making your way through the jungle, you will stumble upon a small wooden hut. Perhaps this is where Mateo is being held. Go inside and examine the radio lying on the table. Use it to call for help

Advice . To silently eliminate the four soldiers exploring the hut, pay attention to the small stairs near the radio. It leads to the roof, where it will be easier to kill opponents.

After exploring the rest of the jungle and crossing the log bridge, you will find the wreckage of another plane scattered among the trees. After examining the crash site, you will find a signal flare. To call for support, you need to launch it into the air. The flare will also alert enemy soldiers to your location, so be prepared to resist before you can leave the wreckage. When the path is clear, continue your exploration of the jungle in search of Mateo. You will hear your friend, and then you will see the scene with Mateo and the Japanese soldier. Then out of nowhere will appear enemies who will take you prisoner. While the camp leader is preparing a samurai sword, Sergeant James Washington will come to your aid.

Follow the fighters of the 93rd

After destroying enemies in the jungle, you and the soldiers of the 93rd will stumble upon a wooden bridge, after which a sniper will open fire on you. Jump down and hide behind the vehicle, and then run across the bridge.

Advice . Stick to tall grass, crouch down to make it harder for snipers who are undetectable.

Climbing the hill, you will find a sniper. Shoot the enemy, after which other soldiers will crawl out of the holes in the ground. Deal with all the enemies, then continue on your way and find a small outpost with barbed wire and machine-gun bunkers that can instantly destroy you. Help the flamethrower get through this place, and then equip weapons and destroy enemies. Continue up the hill, clearing caves and destroying weapons. Once you clear the area, Washington will hand you the binoculars and point you to the plane hidden in the hangar. When tanks approach, move to the right, killing all enemies blocking the way. Continue towards the hangar and hop onto the plane, ready for takeoff.

Hijack the plane

While you are sitting in the cockpit, the rest of the squadron will push it out. Use a machine gun to fend off enemies hindering takeoff. As soon as you find yourself in the air, a cut-scene will start, which ends the chapter.

Lady Nightingale

At the beginning of the mission, you again control Polina, who received the nickname Lady Nightingale. Next to her is her brother Misha, who escaped after the Nazis captured Stalingrad. As you explore the snowy wasteland, you notice the glint of the sniper scope, forcing the heroes to take cover and come up with new ways to cross the open space. An Axis convoy, presumably led by Steiner, is visible through binoculars. Go through the barrier to catch up with Misha, but before you do that, a sniper will open fire on you.

Advice . There are a few hiding spots here, so make the most of them to regroup with Misha and plan your next move. When you are ready, ask Misha to eliminate the sniper with a knife. Eliminate one target after another.

After taking care of the snipers, move forward to the next cover line. As you move, another wave of snipers and several regular infantrymen will appear. Repeat the same process, timely eliminating snipers with the help of Misha, and then finish the remaining targets. As you move through the field, an armored soldier armed with an MG42 will emerge from the smoke screen. Aim at his head in order to knock down the helmet as soon as possible, and then finish off with an accurate shot from a sniper weapon. Moving through the ruins of the building, you will again notice Steiner’s car. Go through the trenches to follow him.

Take Misha to a safe place

Misha will notice that Steiner has left the car to talk to the senior officer. A split second later, a sniper will shoot him in the chest. Pick it up and take it to the post office. When you get closer to the post office, you will fall into a hole, and Misha will get even more serious injuries. To help Polina get out of the trap, Misha sacrifices himself.

Climb up to Steiner

Once the short cutscene is over, crawl along the rubble tunnel that leads to another destroyed building. While you are doing this, hear a loud scream from above. Steiner’s men set out to search for Polina. After a few seconds, you will run into furniture blocking your path. Crawl further to get through a narrow opening with a fence. Steiner will appear on the balcony, who will start screaming that you will not be able to hide forever. When he goes out of sight, remove the fence and silently eliminate all nearby soldiers. Anxiety is undesirable. Go to the next level by climbing onto the ledge with yellow rags and enter the bathroom.

Immediately turn right and squeeze through the crack in the wall. The next room is crawling with soldiers. Bend down instantly and hide under the counters, and then silently eliminate enemies. Hatem go up to the next floor. Climbing up the wall, you will find another column of soldiers storming the building. The search for Polina continues, but you will have enough time to crawl along the small ledge that separates one room from another. Once inside the next room filled with old furniture, you might think you are stumped. In fact, there is a gap in the corner, through which you need to squeeze further.

After passing the furniture, continue down the ledge until a Nazi soldier throws you down, away from Steiner. The annoying snipers will reappear. Kill them. Take your time, be patient and take out all the enemies, but keep in mind that Steiner sent a lot more troops armed with shotguns this time around, so try not to get close to such opponents. As soon as you clear the location from the Axis soldiers, head to the top of the building and again get close to Steiner. A row of bricks sticks out of the wall next to the central staircase. Click on X / A to start climbing. As soon as you reach the top, the sniper will knock out the rifle from Polina’s hands, and you will have a regular knife at your disposal.

Kill Steiner

Continue climbing until you reach an air vent that leads to the room with Steiner. Follow the sound of his voice to track down the man and stab him to the death. The first attack in any case will not reach the target, since Steiner will be able to brush it off, and then he will disappear.

Advice . If Steiner manages to spot you, squat down and hide from him. To hear Steiner’s footsteps and voice better, you can turn off all other sounds.

You can only successfully attack Steiner from behind, so choose your position carefully. After several attacks, Pauline will say that Steiner has nowhere to run, and now you can finish him off. Follow the bloody trail in the snow until you find Steiner leaning against a stone. Finish him to complete the mission.

Rats of Tobruk

The mission begins with Riggs, Des and Blue playing cards, after which they are interrupted by the commander and ordered to go to the ambush site. Being on the edge of the cliff, you see the convoy appearing, after which it is undermined. Throw a grenade into the open hatch of the tank. When you deal with the tank, continue to attack the convoy using bombs and the ability to set the direction of their flight. When you deal with the convoy, Hamms will ask you to check the wreckage. To your surprise, the surviving German will try to attack with a knife.

Track down a surviving German

Go down the hill to start your search. You need to find the surviving German. A bloody trail is visible on the stones. Move along it through the rocks until you hear screams and stumble upon an outpost filled with enemy soldiers. When you’re ready to attack, open fire on unsuspecting opponents. Once you’ve taken care of everyone, enter the dilapidated building and examine the maps on top of the ammo crate. Start walking along the road leading to the German camp. Transport will detect you, so take cover in the ruins and continue through the desert.

Advice . The desert is crawling with German soldiers, so if you choose to engage in combat, be prepared for a potentially lengthy battle.

Scan the area under and around the bridge to silently destroy the two soldiers standing between you and the camp. Follow the path until you come across a large, heavily armed group. Move quickly to the right to wait out their march. As soon as the patrol leaves further, enter the abandoned house. There will be a soldier who needs to be secretly eliminated in order to avoid unwanted attention from the rest. Leave the house and hide under the bridge to wait out the convoy. When he passes by, follow between the large rocky formations straight to safety.

Destroy tanks

At the end of this path, three mysterious tents will be discovered. After collecting information, head to the makeshift runway, where three tanks are located. Go to each of them and install explosives. Use charges to blow up the fuel depot and ammunition depot.

Advice . Pick up the MG42 that dropped from the dead soldier. This is the perfect weapon to take down the Stuka airplane patrolling the skies.

Battle of El Alamein

You need to deal with numerous soldiers and two half-track vehicles. To begin with, destroy the equipment using grenades, as a result of which the Axis will retreat, and you can use a sniper rifle. As soon as there are fewer opponents, deal with the mortar crews.

Advice . There will be a lot of enemies, new ones constantly appear, so periodically use the grenade launcher.

Follow Jacob

Soon, Nazi tanks are attacking allies, and you will need to turn the tide of the battle. Follow Jacobs for the line of tanks and descend into the trenches before the bombardment begins. Resupply bombs and grab the LMG Bren to quickly kill a few soldiers. As soon as you are ready to fight, sit between the tanks and attack everyone who is trying to kill you. As soon as you manage to get through the first line of tanks and trenches, the battlefield will become more spacious, there will be less cover, go left to hide behind an abandoned tank. This will not be enough to prevent injury from a mortar shell. Watch the cut-scene.

Climb the rock

Despite Hamms’ orders, you and Des prefer to disobey and try to capture the hill to give your allies some advantage. Follow Des closely along the foot of the hill, where you will encounter a machine gun point.

Advice . Use grenades to quickly eliminate machine gunners. Moreover, you have the ability to track the trajectory of thrown objects.

Make your way through the fortified defenses until you come across a huge anti-aircraft gun used by the Axis. Disable the cannon, help Des install the machine gun and deal with the troops that are suddenly attacking your friends. Hold out until the bombers appear.

Destroy all enemy mortar crews

Half-track vehicles are dangerous, so make sure you have a sniper or assault rifle with scopes on hand to kill the soldiers behind the turrets faster. Shortly after their death, a couple of tanks will suddenly appear. When it turns out that the situation is out of control, friendly bombers will appear. The screen will darken and a cut-scene will start.

Fourth reich

From your prison cell, pursue Faisinger, the inspiration for the Fourth Reich and the commander of Operation Phoenix. Get into the car to start a chase through the underground tunnels. After a short chase, leave the car to deal with the turret installed by Faisinger.

Advice . The pistol is surprisingly accurate at long distances, and with a little patience, one bullet can finish off an enemy behind a machine gun.

As soon as you deal with the protection, go deeper into the tunnel to the next platform full of infantrymen trying to stop you. A properly thrown grenade can greatly simplify the task and destroy literally all enemies. When you deal with them, go through the platform and pay attention to the soldier in armor. As always, aim for his head to knock off his helmet and finish off as soon as possible. Climb the stairs and go to the right, avoiding the civilians.

At the exit from the station, you will come across a blockage. Interact with him to remove stones from the path and continue chasing Faisinger. You will find yourself on the surface. The Russians are taking revenge with might and main for what happened in Stalingrad. Run through the park without letting Faisinger go too far. As expected, you will face some serious resistance from the Axis soldiers. Kill as many enemies as possible before dealing with the half-tracked vehicles. When you turn the corner, blow yourself up with explosives. Standing on your feet, you will control Polina using her trusty sniper rifle.

Destroy targets in the yard

Playing as Pauline, you need to get to the best position and destroy the Axis soldiers protecting Faisinger. Walk to the right and move through several openings before reaching the destroyed building. To the left of the hole, there are bright bricks with a yellow cloth on top. Climb this part of the wall and move through the building until you see the courtyard. You are in the perfect position. Open fire on all soldiers who attack your allies. Eventually, the flamenauts will appear. Shoot the canisters located behind them. As soon as you destroy the last flamethrower, you will again control Lucas using explosives.

Destroy tanks

Thanks to the accuracy of Pauline, Lucas survived and now you can demonstrate your explosive skills. Three tanks will appear. Switch to remote control explosives and attach it to destroy the tanks as soon as possible.

Destroy the fence

When you destroy all three tanks, move to the front of the building, which is fortified by a huge metal barricade. Throw a grenade into the small slot at the top of the fence to destroy it.

Get to the airfield

It was Jackson’s turn to prove himself. Move through what is left of the main entrance and eliminate all opponents controlling the balconies.

Advice . Remember to use focus to locate targets and eliminate them quickly.

After you destroy the machine gunners, the enemy forces will begin to retreat, so finish off the remaining opponents. Walk to the right to find a locked door, behind which you can hear the voices of opponents. Lucas will give you a grenade so you can quickly clear the room. After the cinematic cutscene, continue towards the airport hangar, which contains armored soldiers, snipers, and foot soldiers. Kill them as quickly as possible before going to the left side of the hangar to open the door. Freisinger will get into the car.

Capture Freisinger

As soon as the doors open, Freisinger will try to hide from you. Run across the runway dodging enemies and explosions in a final attempt to capture the founder of Operation Phoenix. As soon as you get to the fence, you will see Freisinger. Keep chasing him to get a sufficient distance. Use the tooltip to knock the villain to the ground. After a short cutscene, Polina will douse Freisinger with oil, and then you can toss the lighter. Set it on fire to see the final cutscene of the game. Once on board the plane, you will reveal the plans for Operation Phoenix, including the location of the following targets. Additional information will reveal the details of the Nova and Ether projects. Sounds familiar? In the first case, we are talking about the eighth level from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops, and in the second – to the zombie mode.

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