How to know how many people follow your Fanpage on Facebook

Many ventures and jobs are related to social networks. They provide us not only with the dissemination of our products or content, but they also provide us with different tools to improve ourselves and be able to give our brand a new twist. In order to be successful in our sales and have a good display on social networks, the Fanpage is necessary.

What is a fanpage? very simple, it is a page created by the official Facebook social network , in which we can add fans of our brand, content, cause or issue. This is one of the features that Facebook has in its wide variety.

The truth is that it is a communication space with a great scope to acquire more fans in the case of having, for example: a band, being a relevant character, celebrity, a cause or an organization; but you can acquire potential clients if you have a company, brand, institution, business.

Now, after creating a Fanpage and producing a lot of content , we need to know how many people follow my Fanpage.

This may not be visible many times, as well as being confusing. For this reason, in this article we invite you to know some tips to know the followers of your fanpage , as well as their location on different devices and how to get the followers to appear at the beginning.

See the followers on the Fanpage : We can measure this action through the statistics of our Facebook page and group, this is our best option when it comes to knowing our followers. In this sense, statistics provide us with a macro vision, a percentage, about our followers, that is, a total number of followers.

In turn, it provides us with truthful information about our page. Every time someone ‘Like’ your page they automatically become a follower, and you will receive the update which you can find in your news feed. If you want to know and inform yourself about the followers of your fanpage, you can do it with the following steps:

  • In the news section you will find ‘page’, it is an icon with a flag, located in the menu on the far left, you must select it.
  • There select the box labeled ‘statistics’.
  • In this section you will find ‘followers’. Here you can find a total percentage of your followers and information about it.

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  1. Where to locate the people who follow my page?
    1. On Mi PC
    2. my mobile app
  2. What to do so that the followers appear in the beginning of my page?

Where to locate the people who follow my page?

There is certain information that may be relevant to us when creating our content on the fanpage, that is why Facebook allows us to locate the people who follow our page, to know different information about them that can provide us with specific questions for our product. .

On Mi PC

The easiest way to locate your followers is through a pc. This is the most common way, but not the only one. Although reviewing your fan page and monitoring your followers by computer is the most common, the truth is that with a mobile device you could also do this job, so we will recommend both cases. To locate the people who follow your page by pc you must:

  • Log in to Facebookand go to your page.
  • Go to ‘ settings’, then on the far left tab look for ‘ people and other pages’ .
  • A list of your followers will appear. You can also choose by people or pages that follow you. You can also see who you have blocked.

my mobile app

As we have said before, in addition to the PC, mobile devices are also highly recommended and used to detect who and where our followers come from. Knowing where our followers come from will help us better create and optimize our content. To check this data through our mobile device we must do the following:

  • In the news section look for the ‘page’ icon, you will need to select it and then go to ‘settings’.
  • Go to ‘people and other pages’ and the list of followers and pages that follow you will appear.

What to do so that the followers appear in the beginning of my page?

Finally, for the followers of your fanpage to appear visible at the beginning, your page must be in ‘ public ‘ mode, that is, it is suitable for everyone to view it. You can do it from ‘ settings ‘ and activate the public mode.

Once you have this mode, on your page you can access information and your followers can be seen there, in the right column under your information.

Remember that in the case of followers or fans on a page it does not mean the same as followers on a profile , the difference lies in your commercial or informative profile, also in privacy. Some tips to keep in mind to increase followers:

  • Adhere to your ‘Like‘ page, we have already explained how to do it, and this is a great advantage for your business and a good way to retain visitors.
  • You can resort to raffles, as well as group raffles with different businesses and/or celebrities. This has been a permanent resource on both facebook and instagram, you will achieve greater traffic views, you will gain ‘likes’ and visits to your page.
  • Keep your page updated, this means that you must upload content on a very regular basis. Those who are dedicated to managing pages or community managers ensure that with 3 posts per day, including videos and some stories, it ensures a good performance of visits and followers.
  • Inviting them to ‘like‘ your page, when starting this is key, to circulate your page. You can also ask family and friends to share your page on their profile.

Now that we know who our fans are on our fanpage, we will be able to make content that is more optimized and targeted towards our audience. With this we will only need a good marketing strategy and we will be able to get our business off the ground. Remember that you can also create your virtual store if you make good use of your fan page.


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