How to create a poll on your Facebook fanpage?

The world of social networks has changed a lot since they began to include new functions that improve their performance and the user experience . One of the things that was added frequently was polls. These are made from normal publications, thanks to them you can know what a certain group of people thinks about something specific.

Many already know how surveys are used within Facebook, but there are still users who do not know how to do it. Next, we will explain what it takes to do a survey within Facebook , how to do a Facebook survey on the web, and a few other things.

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  1. What do you need to be able to do surveys on Facebook?
  2. What is the way in which you should create your Facebook poll from the page?
    1. From your Windows PC or Mac
    2. With the Android or iOS mobile app
  3. How can you add a GIF to your survey responses?
  4. Why is the survey option not appearing on Facebook and how to fix it?

What do you need to be able to do surveys on Facebook?

Before going on to create a survey it is important that you know what things you need to have to be able to carry out it. The only things you should have are an active Facebook account , a good internet connection, and a bit of experience with creating Facebook posts.

In total, they are at least 3 simple things that are not very complicated. However, even if you did not have much experience uploading publications on Facebook, you should not worry, because we will show you how to do the whole process . It should be noted that if you frequently post publications, it is convenient that you activate monetization .

What is the way in which you should create your Facebook poll from the page?

The good thing about Facebook polls is that they can be published no matter where you access your Facebook account from. In contrast, the function to upload videos and photos with music is not enabled on the web for mobile phones and even computers. This is very unfortunate for those who use Facebook from a computer.

Now, pay attention to the instructions that will be given below for the creation of a survey within Facebook without complications from the web.

From your Windows PC or Mac

With computers, using Facebook is much better. Whenever you want to upload a survey on Facebook , you have to start by logging in from the web :

  • Upon entering, position yourself on the main window and look for the icon that has your profile photo in order to access your profile.
  • When you find that icon just press it to immediately enter the profile.
  • Once you are inside the profile, you should look for a bar that says’ What are you thinking? ‘. That bar is the one that will give you footing for the next step.
  • The moment you find the bar, you have to press it.
  • After tapping it, look for an option called ‘Survey’or ‘Question and Answer Session’.
  • Press it, place the question you want, click on ‘Next’ and finally where it says ‘Post’.

With all this, the process for creating a survey would end. In case you didn’t know, surveys can also be placed from the mobile application and from there you can also learn how to use the Facebook Marketplace .

With the Android or iOS mobile app

Earlier we mentioned how to post a survey on Facebook Web using a computer, but now we will explain how to upload a survey from a mobile.

  • First, log into your account and position yourself in the main window.
  • Click where it says ‘What are you thinking?’ in order to see all the details of Facebook when uploading a publication.
  • There, look for the icon of a microphone to select the option ‘Surveys’ or if you do not look for the option that says ‘ Organize a question session with an answer‘.
  • Add the survey question, click ‘Next’ and proceed to publish that survey.

By doing all this long process, you will be able to upload your survey without any problems. Just as there is a way to publish polls , you can also chat on Facebook without downloading Messenger . Although there is hardly any chat on Fanpages, it is good to keep this kind of thing in mind.

How can you add a GIF to your survey responses?

GIFs can be placed in surveys to make the publication and everything that it contains more fun. To place a GIF in the Facebook survey you just have to place the question, click where it says ‘Next’, click where it says ‘GIF’, section the GIF, arrange it and publish the survey.

Why is the survey option not appearing on Facebook and how to fix it?

Sometimes the option to place surveys on Facebook will not appear to you anywhere. When this happens, all you have to do is choose the questions with answers, since this function has been removed in the app and on the web. One way to fix it would be by sending a message to Facebook’s technical service .

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