How to follow a page with my Facebook fanpage

Social networks were created to connect people with people and, over time, companies with companies. This is a functionality that Facebook allows through the fanpage pages .

These are company pages that serve as the right tool to manage the online presence of your business on Facebook. It is important to note that a fanpage is much better than a personal Facebook profile . Why?

Because the latter can only interact with 5000 friends while fanpages can go further with their applications , promotion tools, statistical reports, these are essential to do digital marketing and connect with customers and allies.

Here are some tips you can follow to correctly use tools like the “likes” and thus have a scope that you can not imagine.

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  1. What will happen if I like a page with my Fanpage?
  2. How should I interact with the name of my page?
  3. Why can’t I join a group with my Fanpage?
  4. For what reasons did Facebook block me from reacting with my page?
    1. Technical reasons
    2. Exchange of likes
  5. Can I appeal if the option to go to another page is blocked? How to do it?

What will happen if I like a page with my Fanpage?

Interacting with other businesses and actively promoting a fanpage is a wonderful option to make yourself known, see you and know the profile of your business, for this to happen it is necessary that your company’s page “like” another’s page company .

After you “like” a page with my fanpage you will be able to interact with said company or brand from your Facebook company page , it is important that you make sure that you are working under the name of your business, it is very simple, it is enough see the logo.

To “like” it, you must enter the page you want to follow from your company page. Select the 3 points that are under the cover photo, then select “indicate that you like your page . 

Next, this other menu will appear that selects the page you want to choose in case you manage several, then select the one you want to manage at that moment And that’s it! You will already be following your possible ally.  

How should I interact with the name of my page?

Facebook is still the largest social network in the world and every user on the Social Network is a potential customer. That is why there are many options to interact and get the most out of your fanpage, attract or captivate those who visit us, lead them to your website and convert them into your buyers and followers.

That is why it is important that you manage to optimize your presence on this platform , and to achieve this you can use tools and do things like:

  • Claim a custom URL
  • Offer your followers the Featured Fan Badgewith a “high response level”.
  • Choose a call-to-action button or create custom tabs on the page.

It is important that you always publish with a schedule that is convenient for your audience, so they will be aware of your publications. Remember that you must publish quality photos and videos , both in definition and content, since lacking this can cause you to lose followers.

Why can’t I join a group with my Fanpage?

This may be because the page has multiple administrators, it is possible that the administrators of some groups do not allow fanpages to join their groups , or that the pages cannot receive invitations to join a group, but must request to join.

For what reasons did Facebook block me from reacting with my page?

Facebook blocks customers and also disables them at its discretion , the blocks are usually temporary, that is, they only last a while, and during that time you will not be able to access some of the most important functions of this social network such as chat, send friend requests, access your wall or someone else’s, among other functions.

Technical reasons

Facebook is not a page that suffers from constant technical problems such as the one that will hang, technical problems on Facebook are not common, the best thing in these cases is to restart the device or reload the page a couple of times.

Exchange of likes

More and more companies exchange likes to increase the number of fans, that is, give one like in exchange for another to get hundreds of likes. For this it is necessary to have followed hundreds of fanpages, and although until recently Facebook allowed it, but now this is no longer the case. Today Facebook has put a limit to this situation, so if you exceed it, you will be blocked.

Can I appeal if the option to go to another page is blocked? How to do it?

If the page, advertising space, or package is blocked, it is possible to appeal that decision through the monetization administrator , if the appeal is available to you, you can do the following:

  1. Access the monetization manager.
  2. Click on the location and go to the ad space or go to the package from the notification at the top.
  3. Click on appeal or re-appeal depending on whether you’ve already appealed.
  4. Add your appeal information.
  5. Click appeal to submit appeal.

After taking these steps, you will receive an email when the decision is made in about 5 days . Be patient and everything will be solved.

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