How to keep the smartphone screen from turning off

Almost every user has encountered situations when the smartphone screen turns off at the most inconvenient moment. For example, you open a recipe and use it to cook or sketch a picture by opening the source on your smartphone, play a game that does not require an instant response from the player, work with navigation maps, etc. In such cases, turning off the screen is more than inappropriate, since half a minute , usually reserved for the operation of the display without the need to perform any actions, is not enough for such operations, while the device’s lack of physical participation on the part of the user is regarded as inaction. For the screen to light up again, you need to interact with your phone. But if this is not possible, you can use other methods to solve this problem.

Why does my mobile phone screen go blank?

One of the functions of smartphones, set by the manufacturer by default, is “sleep mode”, which is activated if the device is not used by the user for a while, usually 30 seconds. The same property was endowed with ordinary push-button mobile phones long before the advent of smart phones, so the automatic shutdown of the display is not news to anyone. The option allows you to significantly save the battery power of the device, since the active screen consumes a lot of energy. In addition, modern smartphones provide an option to lock the display and touch buttons when making calls, which prevents accidental presses during calls, and also prevents third parties from gaining access to the device.

Despite the great benefit of automatically turning off the screen, in some situations where the user does not physically interact with the phone, this possibility becomes a problem, preventing certain tasks from being performed. In this case, you can increase the display activity time or make it so that it does not go out at all. How to do this, we will consider further.

How to keep the screen of an Android smartphone from dimming

The device can be configured using built-in tools of the Android OS. At your own discretion, in the device settings, you can set a longer time during which the smartphone display will not go out.

How to keep the phone screen active longer or not turn off at all:

  • We go to the settings of the smartphone.
  • We are looking for the “Screen” section (in different versions of the mobile OS it can also be called “Display”, “Screen and brightness”, etc.).
  • Find the “Screen timeout” option and select the time after which the phone screen should go out when inactive. In some device models, the option is located in the “Screen and brightness” section and is called “Auto-lock”, in others, from the “Screen” section, you must go to the “Advanced” subsection, where there will be “Sleep mode”.
  • On Xiaomi smartphones, the “Sleep Mode” function will be located in the ” Lock and Protection ” section.
  • The maximum screen activity time is usually limited to a threshold of 30 minutes, but in the case of Android skins from various manufacturers that modify the system interface (MIUI, EMUI, Flyme, etc.), you can also make the phone screen never turn off. The option is located in the same place as the setting of the time for blocking the display and is called “Do not turn off” or “Never”. After its activation, the automatic blocking will no longer disturb, and you can manually block the device from the button.

Lock screen settings in Android

To keep the phone screen on while charging the device, you need to find the “For Developers” section in the smartphone settings and set the “Do not turn off the screen” or “Active mode” option.

Mobile applications that prevent turning off the phone screen

In addition to the integrated functionality of Android devices, the ability to control the sleep mode is also available using third-party software. Let’s take a look at a few applications that can help you solve the display shutdown problem. Any of the utilities can be downloaded from the Google Play Market.

Keep screen on

Simple and user-friendly software solution for Android devices that allows you to disable the timeout while running any of the pre-selected applications, as well as when charging your smartphone. The software will make it possible to leave the backlight at maximum or low brightness in order to save battery power, and an application widget is provided for quick access to the service. Keep Screen On is distributed free of charge.

Stay Alive

Free multifunctional software (there are also paid options) to control the screen timeout. Through the application, you can configure the rules for auto-off backlighting for selected programs and those that have not been marked. The utility will allow the phone’s display to be active, including when the application is running in the background, as well as while the device is charging or when it is connected to the car dock. You can switch the operating modes available in Stay Alive using the panel from the curtain. There is also the possibility of stopping the utility’s activity when a certain percentage of the battery charge is reached. In addition, there is an option to dim the screen without turning it off. Automatic start of the application and some other functions are available for a fee.

Hold screen on

Free application that allows your smartphone to stay in “sleep mode” as long as you look at the screen. The device does not fall asleep due to the use of the front camera by the software, that is, the user’s gaze is tracked by the utility. As soon as you stop looking at the display, it will go out. It is also possible to link the Hold Screen On operation to a specific application.


Another utility with which you can control the timeout of your smartphone. The backlight can be made the brightest, darkest or darkest, while the device does not go into “sleep mode”. The application can be configured to autorun when certain programs, games are opened, or to provide activity while charging the device . You can turn Wakey on and off manually by clicking on the light bulb in the program or through the widget.

Turn on the screen

The simplest application with an uncomplicated name. The program without any settings will allow you to turn the option on and off with one click.

The Google Play store has a lot of software that warns of turning off the backlight and blocking, most of the programs are available for free, so nothing prevents you from trying several options in order to choose the most successful option for yourself. For users whose smartphones do not suppose to disable the timeout in the settings, making it possible only to increase the display activity time, third-party applications are an excellent solution.

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