How to turn on Xiaomi Mi Band screen by turning the wrist

Xiaomi, founded in 2010 with the philosophy of offering “innovation for all” and faithfully believing that it is possible to create quality products with cutting-edge technology that are accessible to all, thanks to this vision, it has become one of the favorite brands by users.

Currently its product range contains smartphones, routers, set-top boxes, smart home products, personal accessories, smart watches, TV, among others. Xiaomi takes into account the opinions of its users to improve and grow its products more and more.

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  1. What is Xiaomi Mi Band?
  2. How to turn on the Mi Band screen
  3. How to turn on the Xiaomi Mi Band screen by lifting your wrist
  4. How to configure the Xiaomi Mi Band to turn on by turning the wrist
  5. Configure the Xiaomi Mi Band settings so that it does not turn on at night
  6. How to get the most out of any Xiaomi Mi Band – Tips and tricks

What is Xiaomi Mi Band?

Xiaomi Mi Band is basically a smart watch that includes a large number of functions among which the monitoring of activities stand out, its design is really modern and minimalist, it is simply a band or strap that contains a groove in which the sensor is inserted or “Screen” has bluetooth connectivity and its latest version has a magnetic charger.

It also has a little more basic functions such as reading or receiving messages and calls, taking photos from a distance, thus facilitating the capture of unique moments, you can also see the time and set alarms.

Once the product is purchased, the user, if desired, proceeds to download the Mi Fit app which is developed by the Xiaomi company itself and can be downloaded from the play Store or App Store. Then you just have to follow the steps specified in the app to log in and link Mi Band with your Smartphone.

Once linked, Mi Fit will begin to record your physical activity , heart rates, sleep analysis, female health monitoring, stress monitoring and currently, Mi Smart Band 5 has 11 professional sports modes allowing more precise monitoring.

How to turn on the Mi Band screen

Controlling and customizing the settings of your Mi Band will be very simple, all this will be done from the app mentioned above Mi Fit, in the “my profile” section, the corresponding device is selected, when selecting it a series of options will be displayed Among them we will find “raise your wrist to see information” which by default is deactivated, by selecting this option you can configure the function as you wish either:

All day long , if you select this option, the screen of your Mi Band will turn on every time you make a movement with your wrist, you must bear in mind that this could consume a large amount of battery and even more if you keep the device on your wrist for long periods of time.

Scheduled , in this option you can select a period of time in which you prefer the function to be active, for example during your exercise sessions, you only have to specify the interval of hours and the function is deactivated once the term has expired.

 How to turn on the Xiaomi Mi Band screen by lifting your wrist

To turn on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band, all you have to do is configure the options . Since the watch is designed so that it understands the turning and lifting of the wrist as an activation signal. This is because when the wrist is raised it means that you want to see any type of information on the watch.

Although simple, this function is really useful, since it provides the user with comfort and a significant saving of time, there are other functions to discover in the Mi Fit app , as an example we can mention that through it we can set important reminders , or read your WhatsApp messages from it and receive notifications. If you want to connect your WhatsApp with Xiaomi Mi Band we can explain how to activate and receive WhatsApp notifications.

Thanks to the sale price, quality and functionality, the Mi Band has been received with open arms by users , and has become one of the best-selling products in its category.

We cannot fail to mention that the latest model was launched globally on July 15, 2020 in addition to the aforementioned magnetic charger, it also has a larger screen that facilitates the display of incoming calls and messages and an improvement of up to 50% of the accuracy of monitoring; With all this it is clear that it would be one of the favorites, you can find out in depth about its specifications by visiting its official page.

How to configure the Xiaomi Mi Band to turn on by turning the wrist

To configure the Xiaomi Mi Band and it can be turned on at the moment of turning the wrist, you have to follow some very simple steps. The first thing to do is download an application called ‘My fit’. Once installed, you have to link the application with the clock via Bluetooth to synchronize all the data.

The next step is to enter the profile of the App that we have downloaded to select our Smart Band in the ‘devices’ section. When making this selection, several options will appear, the one that must be selected is the ‘Raise wrist to view information’.

Configure the Xiaomi Mi Band settings so that it does not turn on at night

If you do not take care of configuring and personalizing the data, your Xiaomi Mi Band will turn on whenever you turn your wrist, even at night when you are sleeping. To avoid that you have to go back to the part where it says ‘Raise wrist to see information’ and select the option that says ‘ Programmed ‘. In ‘Scheduled’ you will activate during what hours your watch can be turned on with the movement of the wrist.

How to get the most out of any Xiaomi Mi Band – Tips and tricks

So that you can get a significant benefit from your Xiaomi Mi Band, you cannot limit yourself. The idea is that you explore each of the functions and utilities that the watch can offer. Learn to control Netflix , search for photos from the gallery, change spheres with a touch, activate the flashlight and many other things from the comfort of the Xiaomi Mi Band. The trick is to add different watchfaces to explore new features.


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