How to keep apps running with the screen off on Android

Have you ever tried to listen to a YouTube video clip with the screen off ? If the answer is yes, you may have realized that this is currently impossible unless you have a YouTube Premium subscription. It is clear that both YouTube and a good number of apps stop working when we turn off the screen of our Android phone or tablet, but how can we solve it?

Can we keep an app running with the screen turned off or locked?

Although many Android applications continue to run in the background, when the screen is turned off they stop showing signs of life . Luckily it is not something that happens with all applications. For example, platforms such as Spotify or iVoox continue to play audio even with the screen out of combat.

Apps that exhibit this behavior, however, usually have a good reason for it. In the case of YouTube, not being able to watch a video with the screen off, it seems logical that the audio is also deactivated , right? Also, it is a good way to save battery life.

But developers don’t always think about all the details, and they may not have taken into account that on YouTube there is also a lot of music that deserves to be listened to, even with the screen turned off. Note: it is clear that we say this ironically, otherwise they would never have added this exclusive function for premium subscribers …

How can I not listen to Live Forever with the screen off?

Turn off the screen and keep running apps with the help of Black Me

Although today there is no application or configuration that allows us to continue running any app with the screen turned off or locked, we have a small pass called ” Black Me “.


Black Me – Screen Off for YouTube

Developer: AZ-Apps

Price: Free

Black Me is an app for Android that simulates turning off the screen

, allowing the execution of all the apps that we had in the foreground with the screen on. Although it does not turn off the screen completely, it turns completely black. It is a fairly elegant and practical passport that at least saves battery during the time it is running.

Once installed we just have to launch the application to configure it and start the service.

  • When Black Me is active, we will see a notification on the screen. We just have to click on it to “turn off the screen.”
  • To turn it back on, just tap on the screen.

The application is specially designed to work with Android devices with AMOLED screen . With the rest of the screens it also works, but the “screen off” effect is not so perfect. I have tested it on a mobile with an LCD screen, and the truth is that the result, without being surprising, is quite acceptable.

At least, until Android offers a direct solution to this type of problem. For now, Black Me is the best possible outlet.

Other alternatives: try the NewPipe app

If the Black Me app doesn’t solve your problems, you can also try the NewPipe app. It is a free and open source tool that basically allows you to access YouTube in a much lighter way, being able to search for videos from the notification bar and then leave them running in the background and with the screen off simply by pressing the «Background button. ».

The problem with NewPipe is that it requires a bit more effort to install, since it is not available in the Play Store. Instead we have to go to the official website of the application and download the APK installation package (select the version for Android 4.4+). Next we will have to enable our device to install applications from unknown sources, otherwise the system will not let us install NewPipe. It is as simple as clicking on the “settings” button when we try to open the APK that we have just downloaded (if you have doubts, take a look at the post ” How to install APK files on Android “).

The good news is that NewPipe not only works with YouTube, it is also compatible with other streaming platforms such as SoundCloud or BandCamp, among others.

You can listen to YouTube with the screen off if you access from a web browser

If the only thing you want is to listen to YouTube with the screen off and you go by installing any additional application, you can always opt for this last method.

  • Open a web browser such as Google Chrome.
  • Pull down the side options menu and activate the “Computer view” box.
  • Enter play the desired video.
  • Now lock the phone screen.

The first time you turn off the screen, the video sound will stop playing. Don’t be scared, we’re not done yet!

  • Although YouTube has stopped playing, you will see that a small media player appears on the lock screen.
  • Press the “Play” button and you will see how now we can continue listening to the YouTube video with the Android screen locked.

As you can see, it is a slightly rustic trick, but tremendously effective.

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