How to fix YouTube problem with server 503

503 is a common error code. Any website can show this error when you try to access it. The error may appear due to a problem with the website, or due to a problem with your computer, router, or ISP. Error code 503 means that the connection between your system and the website server cannot be established.

Server error 503 YouTube

YouTube is like any other site. may display error 503. When this happens, you won’t be able to load the site at all. The error message may be accompanied by other error codes, but the problem is that the connection cannot be established. It’s not up to you to decide if the problem is with YouTube, your browser, computer, or router.

1. Check if YouTube is working.

If YouTube isn’t working, you might get a 503 server error. This is an easy way to check if the issue is YouTube related.

  1. Visit Down for everyone or just me .
  2. Enter the YouTube URL.
  3. The site will tell you if YouTube is down.

If YouTube isn’t working, you’ll have to wait for it to come online again.

2. Reboot the router.

Your router may have connection problems. Try restarting it.

  1. Press and hold the power button on your router.
  2. Wait 5-10 seconds.
  3. Release the button.
  4. Wait another 5-10 seconds.
  5. Press the power button again to turn on the router.

3. Clear browsing list.

Server error 503 often prevents videos from playing, but allows users to access other sections of YouTube, such as account settings, playlists, watchlist, and more. In this case, try clearing your watchlist. This helped fix the problem. If you want to keep some of the elements, consider creating bookmarks in your browser instead.

On the desktop;

  1. Visit YouTube and click Watch Later in the left column.
  2. Click the more options button next to the video and choose an uninstall option.
  3. Repeat for all videos.

On your phone;

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Go to the Library tab.
  3. Click Watch Later.
  4. Click the More Options button and select Remove from View Later.
  5. Repeat for all videos.
  6. Close the app and open it again.

4. Clear app data / browser cache.

Cached files can cause all sorts of problems, including connection problems. Clearing these files can help resolve network error 503.

In the browser on the desktop;

  1. Go to your browser settings.
  2. Find an option to clear browsing data.
  3. Restart your browser.

On your Android phone;

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Apps or Application Manager.
  3. Select YouTube.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. Click the clear cache and clear data buttons.
  6. Close YouTube and open it again.

On your iPhone;

You will have to uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app. You will lose your downloaded videos, but you can always download them again.

5. Try another connection.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, try connecting to a different 3G or 4G network. Set up a hotspot on your phone and connect to it. If you’re on a 4G or 3G network, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network instead. If switching networks makes YouTube work, the problem is with your network. This can limit YouTube traffic.

6. Try a VPN.

Try using a VPN; if your ISP is blocking YouTube, a VPN can bypass this. It is then up to you to decide why your ISP is blocking YouTube, or you can continue to use the VPN whenever you want to watch a YouTube video.


Error 503 cannot block you completely from YouTube. This often only interferes with the video playback, which when you consider the whole point of YouTube means that the problem may not be as serious as it seems. In most cases, clearing the cache should fix this.

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