How to integrate and access Dropbox from Gmail

One of the most recent and useful news from Google is the integration of Gmail with the Dropbox platform . This has allowed more space to store large files, in addition to the service offered by Google Drive.

You can still create a free Dropbox account independently, and log into it to use it. It is also possible to upload files individually without Gmail, which makes this a way to expand functions .

Here we will explain how to integrate the two platforms, Dropbox and Gmail , so that you can log in from one to the other.

Integrate and log in from Gmail to the Dropbox platform

Before these two platforms were integrated, a Dropbox extension had been placed from the Chrome browser. However, this excluded applications, and made phones and tablets unable to enjoy this collaboration.

Over time the integration of the two platforms was added, even for applications located on mobile devices. But it has an obstacle, which is that it is only available for Android , excluding other operating systems such as IOS.

This integration allows access to the Dropbox account and view the account files by entering with Gmail. To place the add-on, you have to enter the Gmail account from the browser, and enter Settings .

In See all the configuration a window is displayed where we must choose the Add-ons option that is on the right. There it will show all the plugins that are installed and if there are none there will be an empty list of them.

The Manage option is chosen and Dropbox is written in the new window with the search engine, choosing the first one. The corresponding installation is done and there the complement of this platform has already been added to the Gmail account.

Now every time we open an email that has an attachment, the Dropbox icon will appear to access. All permissions must be granted and the plugin installed for this function to respond correctly and without any inconvenience.

You can see this action from the Gmail app, but the add-on must be installed as explained previously. At the bottom of the email with attachment appears the Dropbox icon, you just have to log in .

These are all the steps to integrate the Gmail account with the Dropbox, and it is very easy.

Benefits of integrating Gmail with Dropbox

With this new function we can see all the folders and files that we have in Dropbox from Gmail, without disconnecting. We can also directly save the mail files in this app without having to download them on the devices we use.

It is also an additional storage to the well-known Google Drive, since it has a space limit to use it for free. An extra 2 GB never hurts to protect all the important and valuable data that we care about.

It is very useful when we handle large files between these applications and we need a place to save them for later use. Dropbox is characterized by its easy use and transport, in addition to being able to share the elements to the people we want.

Dropbox is one of the most used platforms in terms of studies refers , for the simple and accessible storage. It has evolved to meet new goals and satisfy users more, especially with this added accessibility.

If we work with these two platforms we can expand our handling of files and information in a very beneficial way.

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