How To Uninstall Dropbox From Pc,Linux And Mac;Easy Methods

How To Uninstall Dropbox From Pc,Linux And Mac.It is a simple and easy to use file hosting service that allows you to store files of any type on their cloud storage. You can share them with other people, so they never lose access again.

How To Uninstall Dropbox From Pc,Linux And Mac

How to remove Dropbox from pc

If you have decided that you no longer want to use it, you can remove it from your devices . As soon as you proceed with the deletion, the menu will no longer be displayed and your files will no longer be synchronized, but the account will remain active.

Try the MEGA service, the cloud storage and file sharing service that has the following features :

  • it is structured like an online hard drive
  • consene to keep up to 50GB of data for free, then there are paid versions
  • it uses encrypted technology that is nearly impossible to track.

To download files it is not necessary to register, however, it becomes mandatory if you want to upload data and share it with other users.MEGA offers the ability to create shared folders and keep your files by managing them from any device.There is also the MEGA Sync application that allows you to manage your files and synchronize them with ease.

How To Uninstall Dropbox From Linux

How to remove Dropbox

For the Linux operating system, it may be useful to type command characters in the Terminal window to uninstall the application from the desktop.

Just copy and paste the following lines and then press ” Enter ” after each command. If some of them report an error, don’t worry, just continue and after running the last command the app will be removed.

The commands:

dropbox stop

dropbox status # Should report “not running”

rm -rf ~ / .dropbox-dist

rm -rf / var / lib / dropbox

rm -rf ~ / .dropbox *

sudo apt-get remove nautilus-dropbox

sudo apt-get remove dropbox

rm /etc/apt/source.d/dropbox

Instead to remove files from hard drive folder: rm -rv ~ / Dropbox

How To Uninstall Dropbox From Mac

How to remove Dropbox

As for the IOS system you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Click the Dropbox icon in the menu bar
  2. Press on the profile picture and select ” Preferences
  3. Select the ” Account” tab
  4. Choose ” Unlink this Dropbox
  5. Select the icon again
  6. Click again on the profile picture and select ” Exit
  7. Open the “ Applications” folder in the Finder
  8. Drag the app file from ” Applications” to ” Trash “

To delete files from your hard drive just drag the folder to the ” Trash “.

How to remove Dropbox on Windows

As far as the Windows operating system is concerned :

  1. Open the ” Control Panel” from the Start menu
  2. Enter ” Programs” and click on ” Uninstall a program “
  3. Select the application
  4. Click on ” Uninstall
  5. Restart your computer

Even for Windows, to delete files from the hard drive, simply drag the folder to the “ Trash” .

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