How to integrate a WhatsApp Business chatbot

One of the most important things about a WhatsApp business chatbot is to be able to visualize it not only as a computer tool or a specific piece of independent technology, but as a business solution capable of automating and streamlining processes or services of a certain organization , with the in order to bring innovation and value. This business impact is due to the fact that, with the bot, it is possible to reduce the margins of error and provide high levels of efficiency and precision.

In this way, a WhatsApp bot manages to represent an optimization in the internal productivity of the company , as well as in the customer experience. And this is achieved thanks to the integration of the chatbot into the company’s customer service and marketing systems, through which it can offer support and deploy promotions throughout the day, every day. Now, so that you know the subject in more detail, we will tell you what a WhatsApp chatbot is.

What is a bot on WhatsApp?

First, it must be clarified that the term ‘bot’ comes from ‘robot’ , and it is a piece of technology whose function is to fully automate the information exchange processes between it and customers or people. In conclusion, as users, we can interact with a bot to receive information automatically based on the requests or actions we make.

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In this way, it can be said that a WhatsApp bot is a program through which we can communicate via text within this messaging platform . In a way, it works as if we were conversing with a natural person, but instead of engaging in very long conversations, it only allows us to send and receive information on specific topics, topics for which each bot is trained and programmed.

WhatsApp bots fall into the category of what are ‘chatbots’ . This covers those bots that run only through chat channels (messaging). On the other hand, the WhatsApp app also allows you to send content and information by audios, or voice messages. Thus, if we train our bot with vox-text transcription and sound skills, we could create a hybrid between chatbot and voicebot.

Rise of bots in WhatsApp Business

In recent years, certain conditions have been generated in the market both commercially and technologically , and this has led to the development and use of bots in WhatsApp. These conditions are independent of each other, but the sum of all these has driven the creation of chatbot for WhatsApp.

Some of these important factors are:

  • The official launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018, which is an application aimed at companies and which allows a greater benefit of the advantages of bots for WhatsApp.
  • The launch of the WhatsApp Web app, which is a snap and gives users a lot more resources.
  • Publication of the famous WhatsApp Business API, which is necessary for the design of bots in said application.

How to integrate the WhatsApp Business Chatbot with the WhatsApp Business API?

Thanks to the WhatsApp chatbot, you get total control of your communicative relationships with customers in general. The platform offers you a certain level of data and user space security, and it also filters spam throughout your system …

Find out how you can integrate a WhatsApp Business chatbot below

  1. WhatsApp Business API request:First, you must request the WhatsApp Business API in order to create a bot. You can present yourself as a client or as a solution provider, you will be asked to fill out a form with all your necessary information, such as the name of the company, the website address, among others. The WhatsApp platform will receive your request, review it and, if the platform approves, you will be authorized to use the chatbot.
  2. Select a chatbot platform:At this point, you must select a chatbot platform that allows you to configure and integrate the chatbot with your WhatsApp Business API. There are several bot platforms on the market that you can choose from based on your priority and service model. Commonly, a chatbot platform provides a list of services, such as:

1.                                Customer service availability around the clock and every day of the week.

2.                               Simplified delivery of bots to humans for proper handling of difficult questions.

3.                               Multiple and diverse language support.

4.                               Conversion analysis.

  1. Determine a suitable conversion flow:The WhatsApp chatbot service still has limited use due to lack of greater integration of artificial intelligence, this means that you must define a suitable dialogue flow for your business. That conversation flow will define what your customer gets when they are interacting with the bot. At this point, the business needs to consider the type of questions that its customers commonly ask and how the bot will answer questions that it does not have in its library.
  2. Evaluate the WhatsApp chatbot:As we mentioned earlier, the goal of the WhatsApp chatbot is to improve the customer experience and offer a quick flow of information about the business or company and the general problems that it may encounter. To achieve this goal and develop an effective chatbot, you need to test it by asking similar or random questions and see how the programmed bot responds. In this way, you will be able to identify problems (if they exist) and solve them before launching it on the market.

Chatbots provide much-needed and enjoyable customer convenience

Today, organizations and businesses must realize the true value of marketing and customer service. Chatbots provide much-needed and enjoyable customer convenience and allow these companies to cultivate leads , drive brand awareness, and build lasting loyalty from the aforementioned customers.

WhatsApp chatbots help companies streamline their business operations with a real-time, AI-commanded service for incoming inquiries. What gives your company an advantage over its competitors.

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