How to install Linux and Windows 10 on the same computer together?

We explain how you can install Windows and Linux on the same computer. It is a fairly simple process and takes a few minutes to complete.

Choose a Linux distribution and create a bootable USB

Linux is an operating system that is divided into several distributions, that is, several versions of the same operating system but with different characteristics. If you want to know more about this topic, we invite you to read the following article that explains what all the versions of the Linux system are and their characteristics. There are some with less RAM and other more modern versions. Most are free and can be installed in dual boot with any version of Windows.

Once you have downloaded the version of Linux you chose to your computer, you have to create a bootable disk in order to install Linux.

Since Linux weighs almost nothing, it fits in a basic 2GB pendrive so you have no limitations when installing it. We recommend using Ubuntu GNOME as this is what this tutorial is based on. You can download it here.

Boot the computer from the USB drive

When you turn on the computer, a black screen with white letters will appear. At the bottom of the screen, a box will appear with several options, each one has an associated key, such as F2, F12 or Delete.

Depending on your computer the boot window varies. On this screen is where you will access the BIOS, that is where you will choose to have your PC run the operating system installed on the USB instead of starting with Windows as normal.

We recommend that you press the keys mentioned above more than once until a window appears with the USB devices connected. When you locate the USB whose name corresponds to the pendrive where you saved Linux, press Enter.

Proceed to install Linux

The first thing that will appear are the language options. Select Spanish , and depending on the distribution the next window that will appear varies. Any of these options may appear:

  • Try Linux without installing: Start a temporary session where you can install Linux from there.
  •  Install Linux
  • Other options

You can choose to install it at once, or try it first. We recommend that you try it before installing it so that you can clearly see what the operating system is.

Create a dual boot with Windows and Linux

When installing Linux, you have to select several options as they appear in each step. The installer guides you through the entire process.

After having configured the keyboard, you have to configure the Wi-Fi , although by default the option that you prefer not to connect to a Wi-Fi network at this time will be selected.

In the next step you will choose how you want the installation to be, the recommended is the normal installation, but you can choose the one you prefer. Then you will get the option to install Ubuntu along with Windows and the system will install it automatically.

The next time you turn on your computer, two options will appear, if you want to enter with Windows or Linux.

What can you do if you have Linux and want to install Windows?

This is not so simple but one way to do it would be to install a boot with Windows and Linux starting from Linux, it would be to create a partition and install Windows there, but by requiring this NTFS format , you may have problems during the installation and you would also have to reinstall GRUB with a rescue disk

We recommend having Windows installed and installing Linux from there as it is easier and less risky by following the steps already mentioned above. We hope it has helped you and if you want to know more about Linux, remember to read other articles such as What are Linux log files and what are they for? , as well as we also recommend how to create directories and subdirectories in Linux with the command «mkdir».



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