Don’t Starve Together: Guide to Caves and Ruins

How to find caves in Don’t Starve Together, vegetation and monsters in the caves, excursion preparation and fun facts

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Caves in Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together

  • In Don’t Starve, thecaverns were separately created worlds. In Don’t Starve Together, they represent a large, inextricable underground world with many external entrances.
  • If in Don’t Starve theruins were the second level of caves, then in Don’t Starve Together the biomes of the caves smoothly flow into the biomes of the ruins, thereby being their direct continuation.
  • In Don’t Starve Together,the dungeon entrance has been changed. Now it is not a hanging rope, but a spiral staircase.

Caves and Ruins

  • Why visit:they contain a variety of creatures and plants found only in caves.
  • You can get into the dungeon bybreaking a special boulder with a pickaxe that covers the karst funnel.

Nightmare cycle

If you find him in a cave, that’s half of the trouble. It is scarier to find a nightmarish cycle in ruins. Regardless of the character’s sanity, nightmares will begin to appear near the cracks that will haunt him until the very end of the cycle. You can only kill them if you have a Dark Sword and good armor. When you go down into the dungeon for the first time, most likely you have none of this. Run. At the end of the cycle, the nightmares will die.

The end of the nightmare


  • Cave Banana Treeis a plant on which cave bananas grow, available for collection by the player every four days. You can cut it down with an ax; it is not possible to transplant.
  • Mushroom treeis a standard type of underground trees. Cutting them down, you can get mushrooms. In DST, they are found near clusters of spiders, completely covered with cobwebs. If you cut down such a tree, in addition to the log, the hero will receive several cobwebs.
  • Stalagmitesare a type of underground boulders. Destroyed with tools (pickaxe, elite pickaxe, pickaxe). There are two types, which in turn are divided into three more subspecies. The drop when destroying a stalagmite is always different – from ordinary stones and flint to gold nuggets.
  • The Flower of Lightis a very useful flower from which one to three bulbs can be obtained. This plant can be found in caves, the mushroom tree biome, and an underground swamp.
  • Fern– Grows in large numbers in caves, ruins and various biomes. When picked up, it does not regenerate the character’s sanity. When eaten, a fern petal will restore health to the player by one point.
  • Berry bushspruce , grass , mushrooms , seedlings can also be found in the dungeon.

Cave banana tree

Mushroom tree


Flower of light


Images from left to right

Aggressive cave creatures

  • The cave spideris a monster that lives only in caves. It differs from surface spiders in its shell, which absorbs about 70% of the damage.
  • Spideris a type of spider that also lives in caves. In comparison with its brother, it attacks not only close, but also at a distance with the help of a web. The damage to the hero from melee and ranged attacks of the spit is always the same.
  • Deep Wormis a monster that moves underground. A flower-shaped scion on his head is a bait that he can periodically stick out to the surface. It only dwells in caves and ruins. It is immune to fire and cold, so the player will not be able to set it on fire or freeze it.
  • The mouseliskis a flying creature that lives in caves. At dusk, it can fly out to the surface from an open karst sinkhole. They have low damage and health, but they always attack in three to five pieces.

Cave spider


Deep worm


Images from left to right

Neutral (passive) cave creatures

  • The slugis a neutral creature that feeds on rocks and nuggets. Smelling edible items in the inventory of Chester or the hero – he will try to bite. With a successful bite, items edible for slugs will drop out of the player’s inventory.
  • Ulipakhais a rare type of “Slug” with an altered shell shape. Harmless creature – when he sees a player, he starts to run. After receiving several units of damage, it hides in a shell, after some time it crawls out and again tries to escape.
  • Giant tentacleis a passive mob, after receiving damage, it releases up to twenty-five small tentacles. Once a day, you can knock out the rare item “Tentacle Thorns” from it.
  • Stone lobsteris neutral to the player, moreover, it lends itself to taming (give him flint, saltpeter, gold or an ordinary stone). Lives exclusively in caves. It feeds on stones and other useful minerals. There are quite a lot of such individuals in caves. Tame them in sufficient quantity to protect yourself from aggressive monsters.
  • The hareis a neutral creature that lives underground. Can be tamed in the same way as “Pigs” (use carrots for taming). If you decide to tame a few, it is best to put meat and meat dishes out of your backpack. Hares, smelling the meaty smell, will begin to attack the player (you can put meat in Chester, for some reason they do not touch him). It is possible to build huts to settle tamed creatures on the surface.



Giant tentacle

Stone lobster


Images from left to right

Excursion to the cave

If you find a suitable boulder and still decide to go down into the dungeon, then stock up on the following items:

  • A miner’s helmetis an ordinary helmet with a lamp inside. Surpasses the torch in duration of illumination. The item can be found next to the skeleton of a miner, or made by yourself from the ingredients (straw hat + gold nugget + fireflies).

” Why did not torch ” – you ask? Using tools or weapons and simultaneously lighting the terrain is a huge advantage of a helmet over a torch.

  • If you took a Miner’s helmetwith you, you should also take ” batteries ” for it: collect fireflies in advance and light bulbs in the cave itself.
  • Take tools(preferably elite) Hammer and Pickaxe with you . You can take simple ones, but they will quickly break.
  • For this reason, craft armor ( wooden armorwill do) and arm yourself with a spear . One hundred and fifty blows (the strength of a spear) will undoubtedly be enough to scout the situation in the dungeon.
  • There is enough foodin the cave , but “just in case” you need to take it with you. As we said above, it is better to refuse meat dishes, as well as meat itself , due to the ardent hatred of “Vegan Zaitsev” towards them.
  • Do not forget that due to the darkness in the cave, the sanity scale isconstantly decreasing. Pre-collect blue and green mushrooms on the surface , fry them and take them with you. These mushrooms can also be obtained by cutting down mushroom trees. You should stock up on clothes that restore your sanity (a wreath , a top hat , a comfortable vest , or try to overpower MacBive to get a Tam-o-shenter headdress ).

Interesting Facts

  • Cobweb-wrapped stalagmites can be found in caves. Spidersand Spiders use them as their refuge.
  • Two adjacent cave entrances on the surface can lead to completely different places in the dungeon.
  • A purple mushroom can be found in the Don’t Starve Togethercaves that can summon the boss Toadstool .
  • If the player leaves the cave through a previously unknown entrance that closes a karst sinkhole, the boulder breaks by itself.
  • Every summer there will be a collapse of boulders, thereby destroying the structures of the caves. To prevent this, make offerings to the Ant Lion
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