Don’t Starve Together: A Guide to the Seasons

Description of all seasons: what is changing, the arrival of bosses, useful tips.This guide focuses on the seasons in Don`t Starve Together , the popular survival game. As in life, all four seasons are present in it:


  • Spring: 20 days
  • Summer: 15 days
  • Autumn: 20 days
  • Winter: 16 days


Fall is usually the starting season at Don`t Starve Together (sometimes Spring is). For twenty days, the player does not need to worry about overheating or freezing (cold). It will rain occasionally and the crops available to grow will grow very efficiently.

  • Possible raid of Red Hounds(an aggressive creature that participates in raids on the protagonist) in small numbers.
  • In the fall, Red Birdsand Crows appear , which makes it possible to collect their feathers.
  • Koaloslonarrives in red form .
  • Chestnut Birchbegins to crumble during felling. In addition, self-grown trees will yield additional chestnuts when cleared.
  • When autumn begins, all seedlings, grass or berries that have wilted in summer will return to their original state.
  • What time of year comes after Autumn? You thought right. Therefore, it is better to prepare for Winter.


The boss of autumn is the Badger Bear , who comes out of his den. This creature is dangerous because it begins to eat everything that catches its eye. His priority is precisely food, but if you covet his goal, you will not have a sweet tooth. In case of an attack by such a “grizzly” on your camp, we have prepared a few tips:

  • Don’t take the food he eats from him. If this creature gets angry, it will begin to destroy plants and any structures that get in its way.
  • If he gets angry, run to any lawn where the berries grow. As soon as he starts his meal, run even faster.
  • In order for him to fall asleep, give him at least ten units of honey.
  • You can bring the Bear to Beefaloand set them against each other (here’s a free show).
  • Bring the “grizzly” into a dense forest (preferably spruce). With his inadequate actions, he will fell trees, which will cause the appearance of the Ents(and here is another show).


We will tell a little more about this season than about all the others. It is during the winter that many players lose their temper and fail.

The first winter begins on the twenty-first day and ends on the thirty-sixth. The most important thing in this time of year is the decrease in the ambient temperature, which entails a decrease in the body temperature of the protagonist. This temperature will quickly reduce the health of the protagonist.

  • Be sure to build a thermometer so that you know the temperature changes, as the seasons may change sooner or later than the set time.
  • In order to prevent your protagonist from freezing, you need to regularly return to the heat source.
  • The best way to maintain the optimum temperature is to create a Thermal Stone (Heating Stone).
  • Remember to heat it up near a fire, burning tree, or any other source of heat.
  • Create warm clothing for the longest time in the cold.
  • Grow a beard on Wilsonand Webber . The effectiveness of the beard increases as it grows.

Rains are becoming rare and are replaced by snows that stick to trees and other objects, but melt when it rains. Your farms will not be fruitful, but any crops that are still waiting to be harvested will not rot until the hero has harvested them. Berry bushes are an exception – they are not exposed to the cold and grow as usual. Inventory food spoil 25% slower than during the rest of the year.

The nights are getting much longer and the days are shorter. This has a significant effect on the character’s Sanity. The only plus is that it is on a winter night that the mind decreases very slowly, and you can easily restore it in a day. In winter, a large number of ice pieces scattered across the map are formed. Stock up on traps and bait if you’re serious about getting through the winter.


Even before the first snow falls, the player will be able to notice the arrival of winter:

  • The usual appearance of the Ravens is replaced by the Snowbirds.
  • Rabbits also change from gray to white.
  • The Red Hounds leave and are replaced by the Blue Hounds.
  • The koaloslon is now “Wintering” and is painted in the appropriate colors. By the way, a good fur coat will come out of his skin.
  • Now you can hunt for McBive. He never comes alone – McBiven Jr. and only appears in the Igloo (in the summer you can observe the Igloo base).
  • Pinchaikais a neutral animal, the killing of which can feed you for the whole day. You can also steal an egg from Pinchaika, which is useful not only for food, but also for taming Pigs.


  • Bees (homeless can be found, but rarely).
  • Mouseisks will appear, but in very small numbers.


The boss of winter is the Deer Cyclops , which can appear almost at the end of the season (or at the very beginning). Most often it comes at night and the first thing to do is to destroy the camp itself and everything that you have built.

You can wait out the cycle of its stay on the map with the following actions:

  • Pre-create a chest and cancel its location on the ground (in this case, it will remain in your menu for creating items, which you can put at any time).
  • Having spotted the boss, quickly head towards unnecessary structures (you can lead to pig houses).
  • Place the chest and move away so that it is in line of sight, but not very close. As soon as the chest is destroyed, he will stop paying attention to the player, wandering around the neighborhood.
  • If you put the chest after the hissing has died down and the earthquake has started – there will be no effect, try again.


The greenish tint of the grass tells the player about the arrival of the long-awaited spring. The first spring usually lasts from the first to the twentieth, or from the thirty-seventh to the fifty-sixth day. Spring comes with very long twilight, especially on the tenth day of the season, and is also haunted by heavy rainfall (rains) that create endless puddles on the ground. This can make survival difficult.

The incessant rainfall makes the game almost unbearable, especially at the beginning of winter, when the temperatures are not high enough:

  • Monitor the humidity level. With every ten, the ambient temperature for the protagonist decreases by three degrees. Example: if the level has reached the maximum mark, you can safely subtract 30 degrees from the ambient temperature.
  • Clothes that are completely wet begin to consume the character’s sanity.
  • Burning objects when partially wet burn worse, and when full they go out.
  • Wet instruments can slip out of your hands at the most inopportune moment.
  • Wet food spoils faster (about 20-30%).

Create a primitive umbrella to keep out the rain. You can also use trees as shelter from rainfall (sometimes it doesn’t work). Heavy rainfall has its advantages – it makes crops grow many times faster, and mushrooms can be harvested almost three times as often. Bushes with berries and grass also regenerate faster.

  • Bees become more hostile (turn red).
  • Flowers grow randomly on the map, even if there are no insects around.
  • The rabbit mink falls asleep (floods), making hunting for them impossible.
  • Beefalo have a breeding season, which is why they become more aggressive and almost impossible to tame.


The spring boss is the harmless Elk / Goose . He will be neutral as long as you do not get too close to his eggs or Lusyts in sight. Of course, it’s better not to bother him (there are few other problems in the game?).


Brighter, brighter days signify the arrival of summer. You shouldn’t rejoice – this period has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • The days are much longer.
  • Twilight and Nights pass almost imperceptibly.
  • Throughout the summer, plants will fade faster, and they constantly need pollination.
  • Some plants will grow quickly due to the longer daylight hours, but slower than in spring (this is due to the lack of abundant rainfall).
  • Food will spoil 25% faster than normal.
  • Finally the Cactus will bloom.


The scorching sun in summer will be as destructive for the hero as the cold in winter. In time, the hero, who is not protected from the heat, will inevitably overheat, which will affect his health. If your hero overheats, he will start to breathe heavily and comment on his illness.

Protection methods:

  • Carry cold items with you (ice cube, ice, ice amulet).
  • If the hero is overheated enough, you can cool down under a regular tree.
  • Create a simple straw hat, umbrella, summer vest or flower shirt to reduce the hero’s overheating rate.

In addition, in summer, various objects, plants and trees can ignite spontaneously (prepare firewood, forest fires are guaranteed). If any items from your camp were on fire, you can disassemble the remains (return some of the materials for construction). To protect the necessary buildings, construct a Snow Launcher and direct it to the desired objects. She will shoot snow and cool the necessary structures. Smoldering objects can be chilled by hand using ice, fertilizer or the player’s hands (the latter will most likely damage the hero’s health). The bottom line is that only those objects will spontaneously ignite, next to which the hero runs. If you don’t want to bother cooling down the main camp, just stay away from it until the fall .


One of the most difficult bosses is Dragon Fly . Appears around mid-summer and starts looking for items that might burn. When found, it spits on the object with lava, after which it eats the remaining ash.

We have prepared some tips to help you not to die from this creature:

  • A fly is completely neutral, if you do not come close to it (here it is unnecessary to beat).
  • When receiving damage, the fly turns red and attacks the player with melee and fire rings.
  • If she hits with her paws, it is almost impossible to dodge.
  • To put the Fly to sleep – take her to Beefalo (at least ten pieces). No, there will be no show like with the previous bosses. She will simply burn them in a few seconds, overeat ashes and fall asleep.
  • Plant a chain of trees from your camp ahead of time, which she will follow, burning and eating ash. As soon as you take her far enough, run as fast as you can and do not appear in this sector until the end of the season.


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