How to fix “Your Windows license will expire soon” error in Windows 10?

The license that your Windows has is something delicate and important so that everything in the system works correctly. So if your Windows has this error, you probably want to fix it soon.

How to Fix ‘Your Windows License Will Expire Soon’ Error in Windows 10?

Why do licenses expire?

Although in a way when you buy a license it will be available to use indefinitely or unlimitedly so to speak. Of course, keep in mind that your license can expire for two reasons. The first of them is that you have made a hardware change in your computer causing the original version to be affected.

The second reason is that the Retail license you bought has failures and generates a big problem in the system. Those licenses related to a KMS service have a limited time for their expiration.

Commonly, licenses with this service last approximately 180 days in normal operation at the end of this period and must be renewed. In this case, if your company goes through this, the manager must contact Windows and agree to renew the license.

If this last step is not fulfilled, the license will expire and will not be valid. That is why every time you turn on your computer the message “Your Windows license will expire soon” appears.

How to verify if the license we have is KMS or unlimited?

Check what type of license your computer has and see if it is a KMS service or unlimited here we show you.

For this you must first access the command processor bring your computer, you can get the section using the acronym “CMD”.

Once there, proceed to write the command “slmgr.vbs / xpr”, then a tab will appear with the information we need. This tab will show (if it is the case) when the license of the computer will expire or if this license is unlimited.

In other words, we will be given the necessary information to know if the license that our computer has is OEM or Retail and unlimited. In case your computer has a KMS license you will have to connect to the KMS server. In this way you will see the status of it and you can renew it if necessary.

How to fix “Your Windows license will expire soon” error in Windows 10?

If your computer has been presenting this message on the home screen for a long time, don’t worry, here you will learn how to solve it.

This article will focus on how to solve the problem in Windows 10. So if it is the one you are dealing with, it will help you a lot. To start the process, the first thing you should do is press the “Windows” and “Pause” keys on your keyboard simultaneously .

This will open a system window where we locate the option “Windows Activation”. In it we can see if the Windows license we have is active or not. If the solution is active, it should be done automatically, otherwise, do not turn off the computer, you just have to restart it.

Failing that, it restarts the Explorer process so that in this way the license information reloads. If the tab with the expiration warning continues to appear, it will be because you must activate your Windows 10, but how to do that?

It should be clarified that if your home computer has this warning, it is because in simple words it has an illegal Windows. In the following link we show you how to know if my Windows is original and is permanently activated?

This is why perhaps our network does not have a connection to the KMS server to obtain the validation of our license. I mean, it could expire soon.

Which means that for no apparent reason your Windows password has changed or been deleted from the computer.

So what you should do is include your password again in Windows 10. You must access the “Settings” menu and look for the option “Security Update” and then “Activation”.

Once there click on the option “Change the product key” you can distinguish it by its key symbol.

There you will have to enter the key to activate the operating system. When you finish, you must restart your computer to complete the process. By doing this, you will see that your license will be activated and with a functionality according to what your computer needs.

You may be interested in reviewing the following article that explains how to activate Windows 10 using serial or generic keys.


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