How to insert formulas into text boxes in Excel

Excel is a multifunctional application because it allows the performance of various activities through the insertion of formulas. Generally, formulas are inserted into cells, but have you ever wondered how to insert formulas into text boxes in Excel step by step? , this article offers you a practical solution.

How to insert formulas into text boxes in Excel step by step?

Excel has several functions to perform mathematical operations on the spreadsheet. In fact, it has useful keyboard shortcuts for inserting numerical data. In addition, we can design our own formulas using these functions, operators and especially references.

Next, we present relevant information about Excel formulas and a procedure to insert them into text boxes.

What are Excel formulas?

The Excel formulas are codes that can be inserted into the cells that make up a spreadsheet. These special codes run an action and output a result in the cells where the formulas were inserted.

Microsoft Excel supports the insertion of a large number of formulas since these can be designed by users according to their requirements. All the formulas that are inserted in Excel must follow a particular rule r: they must start with the “=” sign.

What are Excel formulas for?

The Excel formulas used to make any kind of mathematical, logical calculation or financial using a specific function according to the needs of the user. Therefore, we can use all the Excel formulas to increase the functionality of the application.

What are the parts of an Excel formula?

You should know that Excel formulas are made up of functions, constants or text, cell references, and operators.

  • Excel functions : Excel functions are divided into multiple categories that allow the insertion of values ​​so that an operation is executed automatically. The result can be displayed in a cell. A clear example of these are the logical functions in Excel .
  • Constants or text: The Excel formula must include numeric or alphanumeric values. The latter must be enclosed in double quotes.
  • Cell references: In some cases, it is possible to refer to a cell which contains a value that the formula can use as a constant or text .
  • Operators: Operators refer to the basic signs used in mathematics to perform operations such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/).

What is a text box in Excel?

A text box in Excel is an ActiveX control that is displayed as an empty field to enter values ​​in. You can even insert emoticons or emojis through Excel formulas using the keyboard.

How do you create a text box in Excel to insert formulas?

To create a text box in Excel, you must go to the “Developer” tab and click on “Insert”. A small window will open with several ActiveX controls from which you must select “Text Box”.

Immediately, the pointer will change so that you draw a text box on the spreadsheet. When you’ve drawn the box, right-click on it and give it a name . Then, you will see in “Properties” the name with which you identified the new tool.

How to: insert formulas into text boxes in Excel

  • Step 1. Write the formula in a specific cell that will serve as a reference.
  • Step 2. To insert the formula in a text box , you must create it as explained above. Then, place the pointer inside this box; in that position the formula will be stored.
  • Step 3. Locate the formula bar above the columns of the sheet and select the reference. This corresponds to the cell that contains the formula you created in step 1.

For example: if the formula is in cell “A3”, then place the pointer in the formula bar, type = and select cell A3. The bar will have the value = $ A $ 3 and immediately, the result of the formula will be inserted in the text box.


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