How to insert a video into a Prezi presentation from my PC

Prezi is a tool that works to make effective presentations because it shows in a very dynamic way what different images , videos, titles and texts are , which allow it to be a support material for people who need to present a specific topic. This is a very complete program.

The program is presented in 9 different languages, that is, it has a fairly wide scope around the world. The people who are in charge of using these programs are mostly people who must be constantly explaining topics to specific audiences, the speaker does not always have to speak, so the help of this type of program is necessary.

Steps to insert a video into Prezi from my PC

The first thing you will notice is that you need to have a Prezi Next account , when you see that do not panic, or give up, because there are still other steps to solve this problem.

You do not need to opt in to use the free trial. You open a youtube account, what you are going to do is upload the video from your PC to the youtube account, you are going to leave the video private in case you don’t want someone else to see it.


Then we insert the video into your presentation and you’re good to go. After reading these steps you will be left with the doubt of how to place the video from your YouTube channel, so now we leave you the following.

Steps to embed a video in Prezi from YouTube

You go to a specific circle where you want your video to be seen. Then you go to the main menu, you are going to press where it says insert . Then you must go to where it says video. A bar will appear on the right hand side, and you will see that the phrase will appear, insert youtube.

You are going to enter YouTube, preferably there is the youtube tab with your video next to the prezi one, you copy the video link. Go to the presentation and now where it tells you to insert youtube you paste the link. Finally you must press the insert button.

Then you can give it the desired location and size . The idea that you know these two procedures is that you keep in mind that even if you do not have to pay your account, it does not matter, you can still place videos that are from your PC in your presentation.

Advantages of using Prezi

  • It is a website designed to make presentations, you stay on the net while you make your presentation, which means that everything is saved automatically .
  • You can put the color you want to the presentation, from the most extravagant tones to the most modest tones.
  • In case your works are in both English and Spanish, you can use both languages ​​without problems. You can add not only images, but also videos.
  • Anyone can view the contents.
  • You have your own account , the best thing about this is that you can open it for free.
  • The company has been in charge of all this time to offer its users different user manuals.
  • It can be used by anyone who needs to make a presentation.
  • On YouTube you can find countless tutorials to learn how to use it, a recommendation that we leave you here is the MiPrezi channel.
  • You drop the images and videos from the URL links .
  • You can count on the number of slides you want, no matter how long your presentation is.
  • You can accommodate each of your images or videos to the size that you need.

Disadvantages of using Prezi

  • The use of the Internet is mandatory to make the presentations, in the event that your Internet is not optimal, it will cost much more to make the presentations because the process will be very slow and tedious.
  • If you are a messy person when it comes to making your exhibitions, or you are one of those who does not like to depend on what follows in the plates, making a presentation here will seem super tiring, because one plate intertwines with another .
  • At the beginning, making the presentations becomes very complicated, because understanding the program requires dedication and time , so if you need a quick presentation this is not the best option.
  • In the case of wanting to place the video from your PC, you must have a payment account .


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