How to insert PDF into Word

There are many ways how to insert a PDF document into Word, among which you can choose the most suitable one for your PC .

How to Insert PDF into Word – Different Methods

We present 9 options for how to insert PDF into Word:

  • applying object insertion;
  • fill pdf like a static picture;
  • using converters to insert information or a picture;
  • insertion using simple key combinations;
  • fill as a linked object;
  • copy content;
  • engaging Adobe;
  • ways for Mac;
  • google dox.

Let’s analyze each of the above methods and describe the course of action step by step.

Use the Insert Object tool

To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • open the Word program → select the “Insert” tab in the text box → click “object”;
  • if the process takes place in outlook, you need to click in the middle of the element – for example, events in the calendar, → then – the function “Create from file”;
  • Click on “review” → click on the desired PDF file and open it;
  • click “ok”.

Sometimes it can be password protected. Do not be confused by this. Unblock.

The title page of the resizable format will be highlighted in the dock and will become a part after adding. When you make any changes in the PDF file, they will not appear on the Word document, since there is no connection with the source.

If you use “Insert”, you can change the size of the document, its position, borders, and control the flow of text data around the file.

Insert PDF as static image

If you insert a PDF as a static image, the changes in the file will not be reflected in any way on the Word object.

To get started, you need a tool that can transfer the selected format type to jpg. If you need to convert only one page, you can use the built-in tool called ” Windows Snipping” or another equivalent, like Snaglt. Then you need to save the file in jpg. Then copy and transfer to Word.

  1. Launch “Word Office” and direct the mouse to the place where we will insert the image.
  2. In the menu, click “insert”, → click “picture” → load → “insert picture” into the dialog box.
  3. We are looking for where the saved object is located, and insert it into the document.

Such a life hack is suitable for outdated versions of the Word.

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Use PDF Converter to Embed PDF to Word as Image

There are several methods for inserting pdf, like pictures, using conversion programs. Consider the current life hacks.

Abbyy Finereader

The trial version takes no more than one hundred sheets for processing. And the free version only works for a month after the initial download. The program is quite versatile, as it accepts any PDF file, scanned document or image.

  1. First, select the required text or picture – you can choose automatic or manual mode.
  2. Further – we get a ready-made dock in the form of plain text.
  3. In the “launch” box that pops up at the beginning, select “picture or pdf file in Microsoft Word”.
  4. Next comes the conversion in automatic mode, page by page. All that remains is to correct the errors and save them in the desired format.

“Pros” of Abbyy Finereader on the surface: you can convert any picture into text format. Abbyy works with any object that other applications reject. It is possible to manually add blocks to each sheet.

Rediris Pro

Trial use is 10 days and processes the first hundred sheets. The program is capable of scanning a dock from a printer. Due to its close compatibility with Word, the application also recognizes various characters and hieroglyphs.

The text of the document can be in any language – this is not a hindrance. You can save in any format. True, some errors will have to be corrected manually.

Free PDF to Word Converter

Simple and fast enough program to insert pdf into Word. When converting, the original formatting does not cling. The program is designed in a foreign language, but it’s not hard to figure it out.

  1. In the first window we write “pdf”, and in the second – “dock” or “word”.
  2. Next, we poke at the folder in which we want to see the document.

Small PDF

Thanks to this program, you can not only convert pdf, but also use the functions – compress, merge, rotate, edit, convert between different formats, etc. It can be used from various platforms: Windows, Android, Linux and others.

To convert, select the required file and drag it into the program. Then we are waiting for the transformation of the new dock. All that remains is to save and voila!

Pdf converter

Provides the ability to process two pages, the rest – for a fee. The service will be able to translate pdf into any type of object, and even a picture.


Operates online with different types of formats. We just perform each step in order:

  • select a file, → choose which format we want to convert, → specify an e-mail, → start the conversion process.

It is possible to process a whole package of documents. The user receives the result of the conversion by mail.


The ability not only to remake the format, but also to compress, combine documents. To select a file, it does not have to be on your computer, you can simply provide a link. Then we download the finished required file and rejoice.


It is quite similar in functionality to the previous service.

How to use:

  • open the program;
  • go to the “convert pdf (shku)” tab;
  • then “Word in pdf”;
  • waiting for the end of the transformation;

Provides the ability to compress, merge, convert, etc.

To convert pdshki it is enough to follow simple steps:

  • open;
  • select the file that we want to remake;
  • click on the format you want to receive;
  • waiting for the transformation to end;


  1. It is necessary to start the installation of the application on the computer → after authorization, select the “download” function.
  2. Poke on the required file in pdf format, specifying the path.
  3. The PDF for conversion should pop out at the bottom on the left side.
  4. Click “download” and save it to the desired folder on your PC.


This online program does not need to be installed.

  1. We drive into the search, → find and open the site.
  2. At the very top of the menu, click on the second tab on the left side. Select the file you need to convert.
  3. Then we poke the “launch” and wait. A window should appear with the words “your document in progress”.

After conversion, you need to save the result.

First pdf

Provides the opportunity for free use for a month and take one hundred sheets into circulation. First you need to install the program on your computer.

  1. After installing and launching the version, click on the “add pdf” function → select the desired file.
  2. In the settings, you can specify how many pages require conversion and specify the numbers.
  3. After selecting the folder where the finished object will be saved, click “convert”.
  4. The process will end, and the finished dock will lie along the path indicated for saving.

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Paste text from PDF file to Word

It is possible to insert only a piece of information from a PDF file into a Word program. To do this, use the item “insert object” and place it in the Word. This will be done without original formatting or graphics. Therefore, it will change somewhat.

To insert text from PDF into Word, follow the following algorithm:

  • start the Word program → point the mouse to the place where the future transferred text info will be located;
  • select the “insert” function in the menu → go to the “text” window and poke at the object;
  • click on the function “text from file” → click on the line “insert file”, where we select the required dock, from which we will extract text information → “insert”;
  • after which the PDF file will be loaded into the Word.

For the 2013 and 2016 versions, everything is simpler. We load pdf into a program that automatically remakes for itself. All that remains is to copy and paste. Thanks to the PDF Reflow feature, these versions independently extract the content and preserve the layout data.

Insert PDF to Word as Linked Object

Let’s take a look at the difference between objects that are embedded or linked. The main difference is the place where infa and updates are stored after implementation in Word. A link to a dock or a copy is placed in the file. This makes it possible to insert files from any application that can perform the linking and embedding function.

  1. Docks that have been implemented, after processing, will become a particle of the Word program or mail message. After insertion, they may lose connection with the source.
  2. Linked docks are capable of changing if the source is updated. The data will be in the original file and will not be lost. In the Word or target dock, only the data on the location of the source remains and a representation of the associated data is shown. Objects of this type are used when size is important.

There is a special method for inserting a linked document, or embedding a ready-made object, as described in the table:

Stage Description
Preparatory stage ·                                 We go into the program, go to the dialog box under the name “object”.
·                                 Select the tab “create from file” and go to the “overview”, which will mark the required file for insertion
Link to file The next task is to link the file to the source without entering it into the Word or mail message. To do this, put a tick in front of the “Link to file” function
Change the appearance To show the dock in the form of an icon, and not the initial page, you must check the box next to the function “in the form of an icon”.
If this method has already been selected, you can automatically pick up another icon by selecting “replace icon”

To understand exactly which file you need to select and in what form it will be displayed, pay attention to the results section, which can change from the selected function – a link to a file or displayed as an icon.

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Copy PDF file to Word

To copy a PDF object and move it to Word, it is enough to use the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V key sets , but this may not always work for the following reasons:

  • Security Settings;
  • due to other permissions.

If you can’t get around the system and use the easy method, there are other options.

Before copying text from pdf, you should make sure that there are no security settings that do not allow copying. This can be reported by the following items: grayed out or darkened.

PDF can be password protected. To remove protection, open with the specified password combination and check the permission settings. Thus, permission will be confirmed to make a copy of the text information. How to do it – step by step.

  1. Hover over and click on the right side with the mouse button.
  2. We go into the properties.
  3. We are looking for the “security” function, → check the set permissions for the document. Thus, it will know for sure whether it is allowed to make a copy of the text.
  4. Open the pdf file in any program to reproduce the format and select the information for copying.

There are several life hacks on how to make a copy of the pdf content.

  1. Copy-paste method. We use the keys Ctrl + C– for the copy, hold down at the same time. To insert – the Ctrl + the V . For Mac owners, hold down Command + C and then Command + V.
  2. We poke the right mouse button or on the touch panel, and select the “selection” tool. We use the necessary symbols by dragging the mouse and click the “copy” function.
  3. We go to the menu tab – we need the “edit” function, and then “copy”. After that, start the Word and use the same method to click “insert” and “insert”.

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Use the full version of Adobe

First you need to download Adobe Reader to your PC. The full version is desirable. It is possible to download the program from the web page. To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • go to the electronic page of the service;
  • on the home page, uncheck the boxes for “McAfee utility download”, “True Key by Intel Security”;
  • click “download now”;
  • the bootloader will pop up in a new window;
  • waiting for the version to be fully uploaded to the PC;
  • at the end we press “done”;
  • the program is launched.

After opening the version, we get acquainted with the functionality. At the beginning, the program was only able to read files, after the upgrade it was open, there was a possibility of editing.

After installing Adobe, the corresponding icon should appear on the toolbar in Word. Click on the icon and get to work. We execute the following commands.

  1. In the menu, click on “load” and “object”.
  2. On a PC, click on a file in the form of a file in electronic form.
  3. The next command is “export pdf”. The action is located on the right side of the application bar.
  4. We indicate the required file type to change. It depends on which version of the Word is worth.
  5. After that we click “export”.

After saving in Word format, you will be able to edit. Adobe is able to convert not only text information from PDF, but also images. For this reason, there will be no need to insert pictures separately, Adobe will do everything on its own. It is possible to convert scanned files and texts.

If you need to convert not all text information from PDF, select the necessary fragment with the keys Ctrl + C and paste Ctrl + V – and voila!

Mac method

Mac owners can also perform similar manipulations in slightly different ways and using certain programs.

  1. Copying pdf content
    Text can be copied and pasted into a text editor. For this:
  • open the desired file in pdf format in view mode → select the text that you need →
  • press simultaneously the Command + C keys, →
  • open Word and press Command + V to insert.

If you need to copy all the text, you can use the Command + A combination. Thus, the entire contents of the pdf will be highlighted.

  1. Automator converting application
    The version will help to extract a fragment from the file, which can then be saved in Word manually.
  • We start the program and a new process appears for work.
  • In the list of tasks, select “extract pdf content” and drag the cursor to the desired location for editing.
  • After that, a window will fly out where you can independently specify the file settings for extracting and saving. At this stage, it is possible to choose the option of the saved text – formatted or simple. Drag the fragment with the cursor to the desired location and click the “run” button, which is located at the very top of the version window.
  • The specified folder will contain the file that was being processed.

Open the document and re-read. The program may not recognize and skip some letters or reproduce them incorrectly. Errors must be corrected manually.

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Let’s take a look at how Windows and Mac differ when inserting pdf into a Word.

  1. Mac provides an opportunity to view and select pages from the PDF, which it is desirable to fill in the Word. Windows allows you to insert only the first page of the file.
  2. For Mac users there is no need to select “create” to “file” and “view” as it is done in Windows. You just need to do the following: “insert an object from a file.”
  3. To copy text information, the Mac has a special tool to preview it initially.
  • It is necessary to open the pdf in the preview.
  • Select the “text” tool, → select the necessary, → copy and fill in the Word.

Google Docs method

It is possible to change the format not only through converter programs, but also through Google Docs. It should be understood that after work, the formatting will be changed and all images will be deleted.

Make sure the pdf file is not password protected. If there is protection, it will be impossible to edit the document in Google documents.

To work, you need to open the google documents website and log in. If you don’t have a Google account, you need to create – register, enter your email address and create a password to enter.

  • We click on the tab “Open the object selection window” in the form of a folder, which is located at the top on the right side. A pop-up window will pop up.
  • We poke on the download. Next, the required file on the PC is indicated – the path to it. The button will glow blue. Here we select the desired file – in our case, pdf.
  • We open and wait for the complete filling into the program.
  • We click on “open with” – to be at the very top of the page. → Click google dox. The pdf will light up in a new tab, where you can change it, like a text dock. It is possible to edit a fragment, delete. Formatting will depend on the type of pdf file selected.
  • You can save the processed PDF. We follow the algorithm:
  1. “file”;
  2. Download as;
  3. select a document of the required format – doc or word.

Editing changes for Mac owners can be made using a similar algorithm.


Heading 3

Using Word Online to complete a task

In the Word online program, there is no way to insert a pdf file. You can only make editorial changes. To do this, you need to update the contents of the file or copy, then add the document to the Word offline.

When you open the PDF in the online program, it will automatically go to the dock format without the elements of the original formatting. For example, page and line breaks will appear elsewhere. For this reason, such editing is suitable for files that contain only text information.

So, PDF files may differ from each other:

  • in the form of pictures – a photo or an image is placed on each page, there are no text fragments. In this case, it is better to use special programs that will help you transform the picture into text;
  • in text form – the file contains a fragment that is compressed in the file format and can be closed by the security function in the settings. Then you can save yourself not only with special programs, but also with online converters.

The only thing left is to choose a convenient way to turn the pdshka into a Word – and off you go.


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