How to play on Steam Mac

One of the best things we can do with our PC is to find a good game that will give us hours of fun and peace of mind. The MacBook Pro or even the iMac , are excellent devices which can install some games that we can like or install.

However, what many james know is the fact that installing these games can take up a lot of space on our PCs. Therefore, it becomes an important decision whether or not we want to occupy that space with a PC game.

Given all this situation, there is an interesting alternative, with which we can play all the games we want without running the risk of endangering the space of our PC and this is what we mean by Steam.

Steam is known as the largest platform for games in the world, in which we can find different video game titles, which we can acquire with a much more attractive price and based on that, have them available at all times to be able to enjoy them from our profile. For that reason, many video game lovers already have a Steam account .

However, the problem persists and it is that we do not know the information regarding the capabilities of the SSDs that our Mac has, although this seems a situation that can limit us significantly, there is a solution for it.

How to take up less space?

Within the Steam preferences, it is possible to carry out some configurations in which our downloads become directly on an external hard drive , thereby saving the space we need.

In this way we will have a greater capacity with which we can install the games we want and in this way be able to free our SSD .

Likewise, if we want to use this option, we only have to change the direction of the downloads to the external hard drive, for which we must follow the following steps:

  1. Start by downloading Steam quickly , then enter the app and press the ” Steam ” menu , in order to access the preferences and locate ourselves on the download option
  2. Within it, we must locate ourselves in the content library, to once inside it, proceed to add the content folder and enter the volumes option
  3. It is here, where we can enter the selection of our external hard drive in order to give it the direction we want

What is the landscape of a gamer inside your Mac?

One of the best things about these devices is the arrival of the Valve platform , with which the gameplay and the appearance of them have become a worldwide sensation.

Likewise, and thanks to all these comforts, playing from a PC is still a much more satisfying feeling and experience than doing it from consoles , since both devices offer their users different experiences.

Getting ready to play

Many of the users of this platform are aware of the fact that when entering the games tab, you have the possibility of accessing the explore tab which is on the Mac OS X platform and in which you can access the list of games.

Likewise, it is recommended that the minimum requirements are effectively reviewed at all times to be able to play the games in question satisfactorily.

Likewise, there are some applications with which you can adapt some of the controls of your consoles in order to feel more comfortable with the way in which the game is executed. Everything we have discussed here is designed so that each user can have control over their gameplay mode and thus feel comfortable.


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