How to hide or remove table borders in Word

In Microsoft Word we can create tables with a particular design that includes an automatic format. This format is modifiable by configuring a group of styles such as borders. Reason why, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to hide or remove the borders of a table in Word step by step

The importance of Microsoft Word

The practicality when customizing or creating new text styles in Word is one of the reasons that give it importance compared to other word processors. It also highlights the broad compatibility with other word processors. Microsoft Word can be used on multiple platforms and has been very relevant to office automation since its launch in 1981.

Microsoft Word is considered to be the leader among all word processors on the market . This attribute is due to the variety of powerful tools included in the software and because it allows multitasking to present information in a professional manner.

Microsoft Word tables

It is possible to make tables in Microsoft Word fast and easy . These elements are part of the tools that can be inserted into text documents. A table is a space that includes a series of data inserted in cells and separated by stripes or borders to give it a more logical organization.

Tables allow information to be presented clearly and precisely. In this sense, Word allows us to automate the creation of this tool and modify its structure manually.

How to hide or remove table borders in Word step by step

The edges of a table are part of the structure of the table. When we create a table in Microsoft Word we can set the number of rows and columns . By default, the software includes all borders. However, it is possible to remove or hide these edges using the procedure that we explain below.

Step 1: Access Microsoft Word

First, you must select “All applications” in the Windows start menu. Locate the “Microsoft Office” folder and click on “Microsoft Word . ” You can also enter the software through the system desktop or by using the “Search” tool by typing the word “Word” (without the quotation marks) in the search box on the start menu.

Step2: Open the document in Microsoft Word

If you created the table before, click on the Word start button and choose the “Open” option. Next, locate the document that includes the table you want to modify . Press the “Open” button for the program to access the content of the file. You can also choose to link Excel tables with Word if you prefer to do the process from a spreadsheet.

Step 3: Modify the table format to hide the borders of a table in Word

Later, drag the cursor to select the part of the table and remove its borders, be it a cell, a group of cells or the entire structure. Also, you can use the “Table” button to choose the section of the table by marking the ends of the cells in order to modify their format.

At the top, you will see a set of tools organized in tabs. Select “Design” and press the down arrow in the “Draw Borders” section. A new window will appear where you must select the “Borders” tab and click “None” in “Type”. Finally, press the “Accept” button.

Another alternative to hide the borders of a table in Word

You can also modify the format of the table from the option “Table styles” . In the “Design” tab, locate the “Borders” button and click the arrow pointing down. Select the last option “Borders and shading”.

A new window will open where you must choose the value “None” and press the “OK” button. In this way, you can hide or remove the borders of a table in Word.


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