How to compress or reduce the size of a Word file without images

Sometimes we have a Word document or file and we want to share it on the internet. To do this task, it is recommended that the document be lightweight. For this reason, we need to know how to compress or reduce the size of a Word file without images and, in this interesting article, you will find the solution.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processor that is included in the Microsoft Office suite. This useful program allows users to write and edit any type of text intended for the academic, creative or professional field.

Word is known for being an efficient word processor. It has the DOC or DOCX format and wide compatibility with multiple applications that allow reading and editing of texts. Also, users can save text in XML, RTF or XPS format and export the document as a PDF file.

Microsoft Word tools

There is a wide variety of tools for modifying text documents . This action is based on the font size and type, inserting images and tables, inverting the colors of the images in Word , as well as the page layout. In addition, it is possible to add multimedia files and insert hyperlinks.

How to compress or reduce the size of a Word file without images

Sometimes, when we do not have a lot of space available on the storage unit or we want to share the file on the internet, we require small documents. Also, if we can reduce the size of a file in Microsoft Excel , the process is valid for Microsoft Word. Next, we explain the strategies to reduce the size of a Word file without images .

Open the Word document

First, you must access the Microsoft Word application from the start menu or through the desktop. Once you access the processor, press the start button and select the “Open” option. In the new window, locate the document you want to compress and press the “Open” button.

Check the extension to shrink a Word file without images

It is essential that you check if the file extension is .doc or .docx. A document in the .doc format will take up more disk space than a .docx one . To convert a .doc file to .docx in Microsoft Word you must click on the application’s start button and select “Save as”.

Immediately, a new window will appear to choose the type of document. In the drop-down list for “Type” choose “Word Document (.docx)”. Then press the “Save” button. This way, you will have a Word .docx document with a smaller size.

Disable embedded fonts

In Microsoft Word, embedded fonts are used to provide the program’s font list so that any user can access the document even if a specific font is not available. This option gives the text a larger size, so it is recommended to disable it.

To disable embedded fonts, go to the start button and at the bottom right of the window select “Word Options.” Then, click on the “Save” section and uncheck the “Embed fonts in file” option. In addition, you can configure the saving of files by default using the extension .docx.

Delete the extra information

You can also reduce the file size by removing the extra information . To do this, go to the start button and click on “Inspect Document”. Then, select the option “Inspect” and press “Remove all.”

Disable autosave to compress a Word file without images

Another additional option to compress the size of a file in Word, is to disable autosave ; however, this action is risky as the program will not automatically store documents when the power supply to your PC fails.

If you want to disable autosave, select the “Save” option in the “Word Options” and uncheck the “Save auto-recovery information” box.


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