How to gift turkeys in Fortnite

A gift is always useful. This is a good gesture that shows your affection for another person. If you want to gift paVos to a friend or someone wants to gift them to you, keep reading because there is no way to do it right in the game , but we will provide you with several alternatives such as gift cards and in-game gifts.

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What are gift cards?

Gift cards are cards with a secret code that represents “virtual money”. When you redeem them correctly, you will receive this money in your account.

Our tip for giving paVos is to buy one of these cards and give the code to the person you want to give a gift to . It is so simple. This person will then have to redeem the code in order to receive V-Bucks. And how should you do it? This is exactly what we will explain below.

Gift paVos to your friends with a paVos card

This is the main form to give paVos to your friends and is available for any platform. First you must buy a turkey card. Once you receive it, give the code to the person and ask them to do the following:

  1. Enter the link and log into your Epic Games account
  2. click “first steps”
  3. enter paVos card code
  4. Choose where you want to log in to PaVos (PC, Mobile, PS4, Xbox, etc.)
  5. click confirm

That’s all. After a few seconds, V-bucks will be credited to your account. Please note that this is the only way to use the paVos card. Other forms use a different card.

Gift paVos with PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo cards

The process is the same as the previous one: you have to buy the card that matches the console your friend is using, give him the code, and tell him to follow these steps:

  1. sign in with your PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo account on their official pages
  2. Go to each console’s store and look for the “Redeem Codes” option.
  3. enter the card code and redeem it

The amount of money on the card will be added to the person’s account balance, and they will be able to buy not only V-Bucks, but also other items from other games that are available in the store.

Give the turkeys a map from the App Store & iTunes and Google Play

This procedure is also similar to the previous two. The difference is that the person will have to go to the App Store or Play Store and redeem the card code. The balance will be added to your account and you will be able to buy paVos and other items available in the store such as apps, movies, music, etc.

Where to buy one of these gift cards?

You can buy them in local supermarkets or online stores. For example, if you are in Spain, almost certainly Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo … and other similar markets sell them. In Latin America, they are a little more difficult to get. We recommend looking for them in the largest retail chains.

Other options you are looking at are Amazon, MercadoLibre and other similar pages. However, make sure the seller is in good standing.

Gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, App Store & iTunes and Google Play, in addition to getting them on the sites we mentioned above, you can also buy on their official sites. You can pay for it using a credit card, debit card or PayPal .

How to make gifts from skins and battle passes in Fortnite?

This is what we meant by in-game gifts. The Fortnite gift system was launched in late November 2018 and has been a success. Thanks to him, you can give your friends skins, battle passes, dances and any other items from the store.

By making a gift in this style, you are essentially giving paVos, because these items will need to be purchased with this currency. Thus, you give PaVos not directly, but indirectly. Do you understand what we mean? Just ask your friend or friend what they want and give it to them! A surprise awaits you. See what you need to do to achieve this:

give away skins

To donate a skin, you must enter the store and select the skin you want to donate. You will see two options: “Buy item” and “Buy as a gift”. Click on the second option, then choose who you want to give it to, and finally click Send. If you wish, write a special message for the other person to read.

You can give three gifts per day to up to four friends. Remember that in addition to skins, you can also send other things.

Gift Battle Passes

It’s just as easy. Enter the Battle Pass section, at the top left you will see a button that says “Gift Battle Pass”. Click on it, select a friend, pay for the Pass and send it. Ready!

Note : To make these gifts, you must add your friend for at least 48 hours.

These are ways to give paVos in Fortnite, if you know others that are legit, please leave them in the comments to improve the content. Now tell us what did you give? Is he special to you? What are we talking about? We would like to meet you ????.


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