12 Tricks to Improve in Fortnite

You want to rank up, right? It’s easy to say, but when you do it, everything changes. Don’t expect to become a better player overnight without following tips like the one below. Write down each piece of information that interests you. save this page in your browser favorites so as not to lose it.

We are thinking about twelve tips that will make you more professional in Fortnite.

Change the controls

We mentioned this in another post. As we said earlier, Fortnite’s default controls aren’t bad, but you can tailor them to your playstyle to improve your performance. We recommend that you place the build button in an easily accessible place.

Set sensitivity

This is related to the previous tip. Sensitivity is a key factor in landing headshots on the enemy. If the sensitivity is too high, you can miss a lot of frames, too low too.

There are players that calibrate the sensitivity to a suitable point for them. To do this, they conduct many tests and learn when they get the best results. This is exactly what we recommend.

Once you tweak the controls and find the right sensitivity setting, you will notice a change in your performance.

Falls in public places

Landing in crowded areas will reduce your chances of winning, but increase your trainability. It means to enter the fire from which only a few come out alive. In crowded places you have to be more agile, accurate, fast and safe, otherwise you won’t finish.

If you do this often (you don’t have to go to the Royal battle to keep up the rank) week after week you will become a more professional player.

try all weapons

How will you know which weapon is best for you if you don’t try them all? Our advice: in each game you play with another and learn with the one you are more comfortable with. Keep in mind that weapons have rarity :

  • purpose : general
  • green : rare
  • blue : rare
  • purple : epics

And you can also make combinations between them. So it will take a long time to individually and collectively analyze the characteristics of each weapon, however, when you complete this task, you will have knowledge that not many players have.

Improve your goal

A characteristic feature of Fortnite bullets is that they do not fly in a straight line, but are affected by gravity and curve downwards. This is more problematic at long distances. That is why you need to aim not at the enemy’s head, but above it, where there is nothing, so that the bullet hits and you make a shot in the head.

Practice this as many times as necessary until you master it. If you can aim and build, my friend, you will be in the top 20 or 15 75% of the time you play.

Play with headphones

Yes or yes, you should use headphones, preferably gamers, when you play. The difference is brutal! This benefit of hearing low sounds is critical in matchups. In fact, it’s useful anyway. Believe me, playing with headphones will help you earn more PvP .

Do finger exercises

We are sure that you did not expect such advice. What do we mean? Well, to train the mobility of the fingers, performing coordination exercises. For example, touch your thumbs to the tips of your other fingers as quickly as possible.

This will help you increase your finger movement speed and improve your coordination. In other words, it will help you build and shoot at the same time in a Fortnite match.

If you don’t believe us, start practicing now and come back in a few weeks to let us know your results. We practice this trick before and after playing Fortnite between five and ten minutes .

Watch videos of PRO players

Sometimes you can learn by watching teachers. Think these TOP players have some degree of Fortnite players and learn from them. You can watch them on YouTube, Twitch and other streamer channels.

Analyze each game, think about why they build one way or another, see how they move in matchups… That’s it! Indeed, there are players with a huge level.

record your games

We have been doing this for several months now and it has brought us very good results. Seeing you will help a lot to correct your mistakes. When you do this, you will realize that you are doing a lot of stupid things and you can avoid them.

The decisions you make are sometimes hasty, and you build where you shouldn’t or fight when you can run. Changing these things is the key to getting better at Fortnite, and by recording yourself, you can do just that.

practice breathing

Breathing will help you calm down and think smart. If you are having a losing streak, calm down, stop playing for a few minutes and start breathing. It is useless to keep trying in annoyance, because you will keep losing and become even angrier.

Listen to music that motivates you

Do you sometimes feel like you’re having fun, but you’re not fully motivated? It’s normal that this happens to you after a while of playing. To eliminate this fatigue, we suggest listening to music that motivates you. Regardless of gender, the important thing is that you both reach the heart and make you explode inside . This will give you a boost while you play and will magically improve your game.

don’t say you’re bad

Negative words are not good, especially if you say them to yourself. Self-destruction will not make you a better person. Don’t do it. If you lose or make a mistake, don’t be discouraged, keep playing, this won’t be your last game. Always think that you are one step away from becoming a better person and continue to put into practice all the tips contained in this guide.


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