How to get pink moonflower seeds in Nier Replicant .

As well as checking out the Nier Replicant main story to access the good stories, you can also slow down to enjoy the views and even do some of the side quests on your own. However, some of these side quests are very tedious and dull, so we are here to help you with some of the more difficult ones. Here’s how to get pink moonflower seeds in Nier Replicant .

Get Pink Moonflower Seeds at Nier’s Replicator

In the second half of the game, you can accept a side quest from the NPC found near the Facade mailbox that requires you to obtain Pink Moon Flower Seeds. However, if you have followed all the flower seeds you can get from Nier Replicant, you will find that the Moonflower seeds sold are only available in red, blue and gold.

To get the pink variants, you must cross their flowers.

First of all, you need to breed Blue and Gold Moonflower for a chance to get Indigo Moonflower Seeds. Then you have to breed indigo and red moon flowers for a chance to get pink moon flower seeds.

Blue and gold seeds have a 20% chance of giving you indigo seeds, while indigo and red seeds have a 5% chance of giving you pink moonflower seeds.

To maximize your chances of getting the colors you want, you will need to use all three plots of land outside of the protagonist’s house. You will need to alternate colors to increase your chances of getting the colors you need, and then wait the actual 48 hours for the flowers to bloom and fade.

To get seeds you have to let the flowers die and then harvest them. Just harvesting the flower itself will do nothing for you, so be sure to wait until they are completely dead.

Once you have your pink variant, return it to the NPC to complete your quest.

This is all you need to know about how to get pink moonflower seeds in Nier Replicant . Be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips and information on games.


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