How to get machine oil in Nier Replicant

Whether it’s for a side quest or because you want to upgrade your weapons, you will eventually have to figure out how to get machine oil in Nier Replicant . The only problem is, you have no idea which enemies drop this rare substance, much less how you are supposed to make them drop it in large quantities.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you. Below are the details of which enemies drop this resource, how to trigger item drops from them, and more.

How to get machine oil in Nier Replicant

The only way to get Machine Oil in Nier Replicant is to kill the flying robotic enemies found in the Junk Pile. They are the only enemy flight variant in this dungeon, so it will be impossible to mix them up with other enemies.

While they usually drop broken batteries when they die, they will also leak machine oil as a rare item. As the designation suggests, the chances of the crash happening are pretty slim.

To that end, you’ll want to increase your chances of dropping rare items by equipping Mah Wordline on your team. These words include Mah, Mahza, and Mahzarr, and will increase the enemy’s item drop rate by up to 25%. The effect can also stack, so be sure to equip Words Mah as well depending on your magic and abilities.

This will not completely guarantee that you will get a good drop, and you will still have to kill a large number of enemies to get the required number for missions and weapon upgrades. However, this will dramatically increase the odds in your favor, and hopefully drastically reduce your time in farming.

That’s all there is to know about how to get machine oil from Nier Replicant . For more information on the game, see our wiki guide. There should also be related articles below, covering everything from the latest Nier news to our full Replicant review.

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